Etheric Double has 60 ratings and 7 reviews. Ron said: This is series of 5 books edited by Colonel Arthur E. Powell. He very methodically combined inform. The Etheric Double has 2 ratings and 0 reviews. First published in This is first in the series of five books by the same author. This classic text. Powell for his orderly presentation of statements and ideas current in the ; time . It is important to notice that the dense body and the Etheric Double vary.

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In the lower clairvoyance egheric corresponding nervous disturbance is almost entirely in the sympathetic system. This is due to the fact that the etheric portion of the limb is not removed with the dense physical portion, but can still be seen in its place by clairvoyant sight, and therefore, under suitable stimulus, sensations can be aroused in this etheric limb and transmitted to the consciousness.

The vampire is not appreciably benefited by the vitality of which he has robbed others, because his own system tends to dissipate what he acquires without proper assimilation. Doible they appear and disappear rapidly, at other times they persist. On the selection made by the building elemental depends, for example, whether the body will be etehric clever or stupid, placid or irritable, energetic or lethargic, sensitive or unresponsive.

Etheric Double: The Health Aura of Man

Steiner considered the etheric reality or life principle as quite distinct from the physical material reality, being intermediate between the physical world and the astral or soul world. In addition to the orange and darker reds, there is also some dark purple poqell flowing into this centre, rather as though the spectrum bent round in a circle and the colours began again at a lower octave. We have seen already that is quite separate and distinct from light, heat, etc.

Headaches are usually caused by congestion, either of blood or of the vital fluid, sometimes called magnetism. In some modifications of the mysteries a hollow iron rod, said to contain fire, was used instead of the thyrsus. In such cases the force would usually rush up the interior of the spine, instead of following the spiral course into which the occultist is trained to guide it.

The list of the chakrams and their names is as follows: Such injury may occur in several ways. Thus a fairy naturally 12 inches high might expand himself to 6 feet high, but only with a considerable strain which he could not maintain for more than a few minutes.

The two types are readily recognisable. It may be done piwell two ways.

Etheric sight makes visible several entirely new colours, quite different from those in the spectrum, as we know it, and therefore indescribable in words we use at present. Gamboge having a C. When aroused into full activity, this centre is fiery orange-red in colour corresponding closely with the stream of dark red and orange vitality which comes to it from the spleen centre. When once this is aroused, it is by its tremendous force that the other centres are vivified in turn.


The explanation of this is that the pituitary body when fully working affords a perfect link between astral and physical consciousness. The stories told of ointments and drugs which, when applied to the eyes, enable a man to see the fairy people have a basis in truth.

The second function is to bring down into the physical consciousness opwell may be the quality inherent in the corresponding astral centre.

Many of the particles are crystalline in form and therefore appear as geometrical figures; one of the commonest is that of salt, or sodium chloride, which takes the form of cubes. The wavelengths are very minute, and probably some thousands of them are very minute, and probably some thousands of them are included in poowell undulation, though the exact proportion has not yet been determined.

Occasionally a person fortunate enough to have gained the friendship of etheric nature-spirits may be helped by these creatures to attain flashes of temporary clairvoyance, in order that the person may see them. Working with the chakras and these spiritual energies can play a big part in the psychic development and enlightenment of those sensitive enough to work etherric these levels. The first centre, or chakram, at the base of the spine, has a primary force which radiates in four spokes, making the centre appear to be divided into quadrants, with hollows between them, like a cross, a symbol which is often used to represent the centre.

There is no doubt that the psychic phenomena they described were experienced by them and, indeed, others have since confirmed some of their accounts. In sleep the etheric part of the brain is of course even more at the mercy of outside thought-currents. These three forces remain distinct, and none of them can at this level be converted into either of the others.

It follows closely the contours of the body, being sometimes a little narrower down the lower limbs. In all these cases an etheric shell may be utilised with advantage to protect oneself.

Etheric body – Wikipedia

Other editions – View all The Etheric Double: In addition, by changing matter from a grosser to a subtler kind the vast store of ethericc energy which lies dormant may be liberated and utilised, somewhat as latent heat-energy may be liberated by a change of condition of visible matter. It is one of the seven principles of the human being, according to Theosophical philosophy.

A case is recorded of a student who made this mistake, with the consequence that the physical body was left entirely unprotected, while he himself floated away in an impenetrable astral shell which permitted nothing to pass either to or from the consciousness imprisoned within.

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In the former case we have instances of delirium tremens, obsession, and certain forms of insanity. Gregg rated it it was amazing May 02, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The mastery of Kundalini has to be repeated in each incarnation, because in each life the bodies are new, but after it has once been thoroughly achieved, repetition becomes an easy podell. Mar 19, Archana doubpe it it was amazing. The reason why a physical object, after being reduced to the etheric condition, can afterwards be restored to its former shape, is that the elemental essence is retained in the same shape, and when the will-force is removed the essence acts as a mould which the solidifying particles re-aggregate.

It is known to occultists that there are at least three separate and distinct forces which emanate from the sun and reach our planet. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It is not xouble to make passes with the hands in order to mesmerise. In some abnormal cases pwell parts of the etheric body may respond as readily as, or even more readily than, the eye. Hiba added it Aug 28, Owing to the fact that during a materialisation matter may be borrowed from all the sitters present as well as from the medium, a considerable intermixture of such matter may take place, and consequently undesirable qualities or vices in any one of the sitters are liable to react upon the others and most of all upon the doubel, who is most drawn upon and is almost certainly the most sensitive person present.

Etheric body

Sometimes an poell faint haze can be seen extending outwards a very long distance beyond the Outer Aura. The chakrams are often spoken of as corresponding to certain physical organs, those organs, in fact, which are the nearest to them; but, as already mentioned, the chakrams themselves are not in the interior of the body, but on the surface of the Etheric Double.

The beneficial effects of travel are partially due to the change of the etheric and astral influences connected with each place and district. When the etheric centres are fully developed, there is full and continuous memory doub,e astral experiences in the brain.

Want to Read saving…. In the heart of that flower man will read the secrets of the controlling forces of the physical plane, and will see, written within it, the science of mystic strength. Blavatsky is greater than could ever be indicated by quotations from her monumental volumes.