The eThekwini Declaration continues the trend of successively widening and deepening cooperation between the BRICS. The 5th BRICS. The Second African Conference on Sanitation and Hygiene—AfricaSan+5—was heldin Durban, South Africa from February 18–21, , with. 5th BRICS Summit – eThekwini Declaration and Action Plan. 1. We, the leaders of the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Russian Federation, the.

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We have agreed to establish the New Development Bank. As a result, uncertainty about strength and durability of the recovery and the direction of policy in some major economies remains high. We support the reform and improvement of the international monetary system, with deckaration broad-based international reserve currency system providing stability and certainty.

eThekwini Declaration and AfricaSan Action Plan

We welcome the twentieth Anniversary of the World Conference on Human Rights and of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action and agree to explore cooperation in the field of human rights.

We believe there is no alternative to a negotiated solution efhekwini the Iranian nuclear issue. We also underscore the need for appropriate action to be taken by advanced economies in order to rebuild confidence, foster growth and secure a strong recovery. We commend the efforts of the international community and acknowledge decladation central role of the African Union AU and its Peace and Security Council in conflict resolution in Africa.

This may point to an emerging “BRICS Consensus” – symbolized by the pursuit of a state-led economic growth declafation sustained by strong development banks. Many LICs are currently in a weaker position to deal with exogenous shocks given the more declaratiom fiscal buffers and the constrained aid envelopes, which will affect their ability to sustain progress towards achieving the MDGs.

BRICS cooperation towards more productive use of global financial resources can make a positive contribution to addressing this problem.

We believe that the UN has a central role in coordinating international action against terrorism within the framework of the UN Charter and in accordance with principles and norms of international declaeation.


We are committed to building a harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity and reaffirm that the 21stcentury should be marked by peace, security, development, and cooperation. We direct our Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors to continue working towards its establishment.

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This is a major step towards institutionalizing cooperation: We are concerned at the lack of progress in the Middle East Peace Process and call on the international community to assist both Israel and Palestine to work towards a two-state solution with a contiguous and economicallyviable Palestinian state, existing side by side in peace with Israel, within internationally recognized borders, based on those existing on 4 Junewith East Jerusalem as its capital.

In this regard, we will explore opportunities for cooperating in the field of SMEs and recognise the need for promoting dialogue among the respective Ministries and Agencies in charge of the theme, particularly with a view to promoting their international exchange and cooperation and fostering innovation, research and development.

We support the IMF to make its surveillance framework more integrated and even-handed. We are concerned about threats of military action as well as unilateral sanctions.

The leadership selection of IFIs should be through an open, transparent and merit-based process and truly open to candidates from the emerging market economies and developing countries.

The eThekwini declaration and AfricaSan action plan :: IRC

We will review progress made in these two initiatives at our next meeting in September The affirmation that “next Director-General of the WTO should be a representative of a developing country” is a success of sorts for Brazil, which fields a strong contender. Afghanistan needs time, development assistance and cooperation, preferential access to world markets, foreign investment and a clear end-state strategy to attain lasting peace and stability.

Finally, the eThekwini Action Plan is quite similar to last year’s Delhi Action plan which was largely fulfilled – listing an impressive number of ministerial meetings during most of We are fully committed to a coordinated inter-governmental process for the elaboration of the UN development agenda.


We welcome the core objectives of the Russian Presidency in the G20 inin particular the efforts to increased financing for investment and ensure public debt sustainability aimed at ensuring strong, sustainable, inclusive and balanced growth and job creation around the world.

We also remain concerned about reports of deterioration in humanitarian conditions in some countries. We also considered our role in the international system as based on an inclusive approach of shared solidarity and cooperation towards all nations and peoples.

Paragraph 20 states that “China and Russia reiterate the importance they attach to the status of Brazil, India and South Declararion in international affairs and support their aspiration to play a greater role in the UN. He is the author of IBSA: An analysis 28 Mar.

Furthermore, this requires the honouring of all commitments made in the outcome documents of previous major international conferences. Progress in rebuilding macro-economic buffers has been relatively slow, partly due to measures adopted to mitigate the social impact of exogenous shocks.

In some key countries unemployment stays unusually elevated, while high levels of private and public indebtedness inhibit growth. We support the efforts of the UN, AU and sub-regional organisations to bring about peace, security and stability in the country.

The eThekwini declaration and AfricaSan action plan

Our discussions reflected our growing intra-BRICS solidarity as well as our shared goal to contribute positively to global peace, stability, development and cooperation. Ten Predictions under EnglishFeatured.

Significant risks remain and the performance of the global economy still falls behind our expectations.