By E. T. A. Hoffman. NATHANAEL TO LOTHAIR. I know you are all very uneasy because I have not written for such a long, long time. Mother, to be sure, is angry, . Der Sandmann has ratings and reviews. Semjon said: Eine Erzählung, bei der man das Gefühl hatte, ein moderner Gymnasiallehrer wäre Jahre. E.T.A. Hoffmann has to be one of my favourite authors and The Sandman is one of my favourite of Hoffmann’s stories, it is also the most famous.

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The game it played, with childhood fears and sansman. So take, gentle reader, the three letters, which friend Lothaire was good enough to give me, as the sketch of the picture which I shall endeavour to colour more and more as I proceed in my narrative.

You may depend upon me, if all – no, no, I will not say anything further.

‘The Sandman’ by E.T.A. Hoffmann | Intermittencies of the Mind

I have the impression that continental Gothic tends to be more earnest and intense than English Gothic. The narrative now switches to the third-person. His intercourse with my father began more and more to occupy my fancy. Whence they took these, I did not see.

The Sandman (Literature) – TV Tropes

For assuredly you were thinking of me most intently when, designing to send your last letter to my brother Lothaire, you directed it to me instead of to him.

Hoffmann Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmannwas a German Romantic author of fantasy and horror, a jurist, composer, music critic, draftsman and caricaturist.

He looked like Coppelius: Poets and composers went still further. All gloomy forebodings had gone.

Der Sandmann

I feel sorry for him. Then would he swiftly draw his fist over it, or perhaps he would even raise the glass to his blue lips, and laugh most devilishly, when we could only express our indignation by soft sobs. Now, I know you will be angry with your Hoffmajn you will say that her cold disposition is impenetrable to every ray of the mysterious, which often embraces man with invisible arms, that she only sees the varigated surface of the world, and has the delight of a silly child, at some gold-glittering fruit, which contains within it a deadly poison.


Nathaniel decide di accompagnarla e Lotario rimane ai piedi della torre. There was in you a fermentation and a boiling, and your blood inflamed to the hottest glow bounded through your veins, and gave a higher colour to your cheeks.

Nathaniel’s heart trembled within him, but remembering what Spalanzani had told him about his compatriot Coppola, and also the firm promise he had made to Clara with respect to the Sandman Coppelius, he felt ashamed of his childish fear and, collecting himself with all his might, said as softly ega civilly as possible: Nathaniel had totally forgotten, that there was in the world a Clara, whom he had once loved;—his mother—Lothaire—all had vanished from his memory; he lived only for Olympia, with whom he sat for hours every day, uttering strange fantastical stuff about his love, about the sympathy that glowed to life, about the affinity of souls, to all of which Olympia listened with great devotion.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. All these were dashed to a thousand shivers. Was the Sandman actually real?

So it is, indeed. Indeed, one could not believe that the mind which often peers out of those bright, smiling, childish eyes, like a sweet charming dream, could define with such intelligence, in such a professor-like manner. Nathaniel felt as though a heavy and oppressive burden had been rolled away, as though by resisting the dark power that held him fast he had saved his whole being, which had been threatened with annihilation.


You could make 5 individual and complex sentences out of a single one, still.

And now Nathaniel saw how a pair of eyes, which lay upon the ground, were staring at him; these Spalanzani caught up, with the unwounded hand, and flung against his heart. The old man has caught the idea!

The Sandman (short story)

There was a stamping, a clattering, a pushing, a hurling against the door, intermingled with curses and imprecations. The story is told by a narrator who claims to have known Lothar.

Spalanzani survives the attack from Nathaniel eandman has to leave the city. The organist of the cathedral made a more gloomy face than usual, and simply said: The high steeple of the townhall was already casting its gigantic shadow over the market-place.

Email required Address never made public. But every word, every thing that takes the form of speech, appeared to you colorless, cold and dead. Nathanael recalls his childhood terror of the legendary Sandman, who was said to steal the eyes of children who would not go to bed and feed them to his own children who lived in the moon.

My father conducted himself towards him, as though he was a superior being, whose bad manners were to be tolerated, and who was to be kept in good humour at any rate.

Pechorin’s Journal A literary blog.

From my little chamber I could hear how he entered my father’s room, and then it was that I seemed to detect a thin vapor with a singular odor spreading through the house.