This document is a guide for using MaxL, multi-dimensional database access language for Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server. MaxL is a flexible way to automate . To get started, click on the Start menu and navigate to Program | Oracle EPM System | Essbase | Start Administration Services Console. In the Log in menu, enter. Essbase MaxL scripts MaxL is a Multidimensional Access Language developed for Essbase analytics. MaxL, as it is known, is a powerful scripting tool.

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jason’s hyperion blog

Oracle Essbase 11 Development Cookbook. This topic warrants an article all on itself, which I fully intend to write in the future. There are jobs to update outlines, process new period data, perform a historical rebuild of all cubes this is currently a six hour job and in the future I will show you how to get it down to a small fraction of its original timeand some glue jobs that scurry data between some different cubes and systems.

Here is where the approaches to updating variables start to differ. Creating TBC sample database and connecting to the data source. Native Error code [0]. Using encryption in MaxL scripts.

Essbase – MaxL

At this point we could setup a MaxL script that takes variables on the command line and uses them in its commands to update the corresponding substitution variable, but there esbase also another way to do this: The MaxL shell essmsh is used in order to invoke the process of sending Maxl stat ements to Essbase.


Using conditional formatting and suppression in financial reports.

There is a simple automation strategy at the heart of all these tasks: What are the benefits of using a MaxL script? Thank you all for submitting answers to this somewhat lighthearted survey. Font size rem 1.

Then the code to unload the apps unloadall. The current system performs several different functions across its discreet job files. How to do it Finally, we finish up the MaxL file with some pretty boilerplate stuff: Conclusion Adding the ability to maxk on an error code to the exit keyword seems trivial, but it can provide a lot of information to automation code and make debugging production issues that much easier.

Therefore, your deploy method could literally be as simple as copying the folder from the test server to the production server. Without getting embarrassingly mushy, let me just say that to mazl praise from guys like you is really, really gratifying. I was feeling a little bit essbasw last dssbase and wanted to get a little use out esssbase my SurveyMonkey account, so I decided to do a quick poll: Although Business Objects exists within the company too, it is not recognized as being nearly as useful to the internal financial customers as Essbase is.


Using EAS for Development. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Errors rejected records will be sent to errors. All Done This was one of the trickier files to convert although I have just shown a small section of the overall script. Note that if there is no error of any kind, the code will exit with no defined error code.

MaxL Statements

Using the column templates and formatting reports. If you run the automation from a remote server instead of the Essbase server itself, you may end up with lots of different config files — in which case, you might want to adjust this technique a bit. In a Windows batch file, this whole process looks like this:.

Find more information and commands on the Oracle Tech Reference: We are also referring to the rules files from a server context. Again, this just refers to locations that are defined in the conf.

This will allow us to configure a variable within conf. And always be mindful of keeping things simple — but not too simple.