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In an interview in Socialist Review he claimed he did this after he “abandoned the idea of crashing my Land Rover through the gates of Fife dockyard, after spotting the guys armed with machine guns.

Aidan is already begrudging the work on the house he has avoided for nearly twenty years. He is promised an ally against his wife Indu, whom he regards with varying degrees of irritation, when his mother comes to visit.

Doing the Business

He has been described, accurately, as looking like a polytechnic lecturer: Both parents came from large families, so although Iain was an only child he grew up among crowds of cousins and second cousins, many of whom lived on and off abroad as naval pilots and the like more exotic than a conventional quiet Scottish town upbringing might normally suggest.

Banks carries the mood off perfectly though, as the second half kicks into gear, while developing a character that has flaws, but also one who cares for those around him while also recognising his own shortcomings. It was an enjoyable book, took me a while to get through strdet I kept putting it down and picking it up again but this was more my state atreet mind than the writing.

Perhaps it’s right that the plot should weaken under a spotlight And then it went something like this. I love Iain Banks’ books.


Much better than I expected.

Brad Simkulet’s review of Espedair Street

Surely he spends the rest of the year churning stories over in his mind, patching bits of plot together, noting odd ideas? Banks keeps a diary, rather like the one a character in Crow Road keeps, with its own private shorthand.

Want to Read saving…. As the consequences of an impossible choice threaten to devastate them both, nothing will ever be the same again. However, he announced in early that, after 25 years together, they had separated. Can a house heal heartache? It seems to me that esspedair in Paisley, Glasgow with its wall’s held up by graffiti, Irvine Welsh could easily have drawn inspiration.

After a trip home from Australia, Ellen is keen to bring the neglected property back to its former glory and enlists the help of her dear friend and one of Ireland’s top interior designers, Colette Barry.

Return to Book Page. Typically, he emerged from the wreckage beaming, with cuts and bruises, to tell a horrified Italian couple who had stopped to help: But it’s not a writers’ diary: They’ll say, ‘what were you thinking of? Arthur can’t say yes – it would be too awkward; he can’t say no – it would look like defeat.

The story is an enjoyable ride, from excessive parties and friends flying private aeroplanes in a ludicrous race between factory chimneys, to his relationships and failures with women.

He lit it, started to walk back, and then you could see the mounting panic on his face thinking he wouldn’t get away in time, and then he broke into a run Also, stteet is not that much of twist here that his novels are famed for, as I mentioned above, and the book ends happily and positively for the protagonist returning to his roots after experiencing over a streey as a famous Rock Star, finding his old girlfriend.

Espedair Street is about the emptiness that can come to fill the life of someone who has realised all his dreams on a massive scale. A wedding invitation arrives in the post: This year it is to be held in the gardens beneath the city’s medieval wall. From France to India, Germany to Japan, Arthur almost falls in espedait, almost falls to his death, espedaair puts miles between him and the plight he refuses to face.


Welcome to Night Vale: This was my first foray into Iain Banks after meaning to read him for a long time.

Espedair Street by Iain Banks

When Dan Weir, the main character, appears before us in his unkempt, unwashed, awkward, clumsy, misshapen manner, the last thing I was expecting was the story of a 70’s rock star coming to terms with the end of a stellar career. He ended up working in a Chancery Lane law firm as a costing clerk inwhere he met Annie.

If you’re in a society where everyone’s spending their time zonked in a corner, then you’ll know very quickly whether that society’s worth living in. Banks had always insisted that he wouldn’t let Espedair Street be filmed unless the songs used in the film were his own he’s been writing rock songs for as long as he’s been writing novels.

The truth is, genre distinctions blur all across Banks’ work, which has been compared to Robert Louis Stevenson’s, and anyone who ducks the sci-fi is missing large tranches of his best stuff Excession, the last full-blown Culture novel, is one of the funniest and cleverest SF books ever.