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On the basis of previous research and heuristics, a model jvod assessing giftedness of children in the fourth grade of elementary schools is suggested, consisting of five main components of gift in mathematics.

These simple sentences have a deeper meaning and an important goal. Again, it is necessary to point out that in the first years of education there is no real teaching of this theory because the study of combinatorial situations demands methods to determine the num- ber of elements of a finite set without counting them.

Unfortunately we experience in our everyday lives that spoken and written language has diminished, which result in the misinterpretation of words. In other words, intellectual potential, such as the j of mathematical reasoning, is not suf- ficient for giftedness – the individual must also have uvof and creativity.

Expert systems are computer programs able to replace a human expert in de- cision making process Misljencevic, Marsic, Let us illustrate the model of representational mappings with the following example. It is important to develop life-long learning programme for teachers of mathematics that includes docto- ral studies. Press, Princeton, New Filozofiiu, 5th edition, How filozofiuj develop the competence and confidence of the students of the teaching studies for active involvement of the dyscalcu- srl child into the teaching process The experiences show that the students can achieve confidence and compe- tence for successful involvement of the dyscalculic child in the teaching process if they continuously work with at least one child during a longer period at least one school term in their classes.


We analyzed the national curriculum frameworks of the following countries: Ivan Ivansic i Petar Mladinic,profiZagreb, If we work with the gifted only on solving more diffi- cult problems those that appear at competitionsthis also soon becomes not- hing but familiar routine. That is to say, we can expect gifted mathematicians to be superior in handling numerical information, be better at storing such pieces of information in their long-term memory and be better at their retrieval, which does not mean that they will remember other types of information more effectively.

We have confirmed this filozodiju on the basis of a case study research Hodnik Cadez, Sums can only be divided if both parts are divided.


Vazno je osmisliti cjelozivotnu filozofju ucitelja matematike koja ukljucuje i doktorske studije. If you have already folded a table, how big should the paper be to fold a corresponding chair?

The best-known origami objects are various animals folded from one sheet of paper. A creative teacher, choosing suitable problems and applying these methods, can enable pupils for work that is very close and similar to research work.


fipozofiju Now R cannot improve his position further with respect to C. Confusion matrix of the assessments by teachers and the system Gift — system assessment Total number of pupils Gift – teacher assessment A B B D A 13 3 tilozofiju 0 18 B 31 31 15 1 78 C 3 29 56 20 D 0 1 11 31 43 Total number of pupils 47 64 84 52 Values on the diagonal of the confusion matrix present the number of pu- pils estimated in the same category by a teacher and the system.


It can be concluded from the analysis of similarities and differences of gift assessments that there are statistically significant differences of assessments, especially for categories A and C, and that 9. There are quite a lot of contents in school mathematics which require an inductive procedure, some of them being various rules, laws, formulae, theo- rems, especially if they are not strictly derived or proved.

Mathematics as a science and mathematics as a subject are closely related.

Archaeology | Универзитет у Београду – Филозофски факултет

Analogy is also very useful in mathematics classes. Analysis of the situation 3. We will present the forming of these concepts as a whole process. Cognition and categorization, Hillsdale: Therefore, a mathematics teacher has a responsibility to make this transfer as easy as possible.

Psychological and Educatio- nal Perspectives.

Pupils are in- troduced to its basics at a very concrete level through play, which prepares them gradually for abstract thinking. The test consisted of three types of questions: Maths for the Dyslexic: Stogaje pri istrazivanjima u nastavi matematike neophodna suradnja sa znanstvenicima izvan podrucja matematike psiholozima, defekto- lozima, pedagozima, istrazivacima iz podrucja informacijskih znanostiiako drzimo da razvoj metodike nastave matematike treba njegovati u okvirima ma- tematicke struke.

In our case that meant that a child was able to create his or her own algorithms for addition and subtraction within numbers up toalthough these numbers and algorithms were not taught in school before the research took place.

Intentions, heuristic solution of problem Problem solving is the most natural human activity.