The flanker task (Eriksen & Eriksen, ) requires (spatial) selective attention and executive control. In this task, irrelevant stimuli have to be inhibited in order to. In the flanker task, the subject is required to move a lever in a particular direction. Which direction is required in condition B? a) Left b) Right. Besides the Stroop and Simon paradigm, the Eriksen Flanker paradigm is one of the three popular tasks to study effects of conflicting stimulus.

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While subjects with chronic schizophrenia performed similarly to control subjects on flanker efiksen of both conditions, acute schizophrenics have a significantly greater RT with incongruent flanker conditions.

Eriksen flanker task – Wikipedia

A variety of factors have been shown to affect subject’s performance on flanker tasks. There are three different types of conflict tasks that research has been largely focused on, one of these being the Eriksen Flanker Task.

In this task, the stimulus, either a word, letter, or symbol, is shown on the right or left side of the computer screen.

You need this information for your data analysis. British Journal of Psychiatry. The arrow version of the flanker test has also been evaluated as a method of detecting impairment due to alcohol and drugs in drivers at the roadside, [14] demonstrating the importance of selective attention skills to spatial abilities such as vehicle flankeg. Evaluation of a two-choice tester using ethanol”.

Cognitive tests: Eriksen flanker test

All three of these tasks have mainly been viewed as identical in terms of the control processes that are involved. A Group-Randomized Controlled Trial. Various forms of the task are used to measure information processing and selective attention.

In this task, you need to respond with the A or L key of your keyboard. If you want to upload the zipfile into your PsyToolkit flankee, make sure the file is not automatically uncompressed some browsers, especially Mac Safari, by default uncompress zip files.


Read here how to easily deal with this. They proposed a continuous flow model of perception in which information is processed in parallel for different stimulus elements, and accumulates over time until sufficient information is available to determine a response.

Watch a video on how to do that.

Various psychiatric and neurological conditions also affect performance on flanker tasks. Transportation Research Part F: Eriksrn Polski Edit links. Eevaluation of a small group intervention in prekindergarten and kindergarten children. The flanker task here is slightly different from the original flanker task from Eriksen and Eriksen for various practical reasons this version is just a bit easier.

About this implementation The flanker task here is slightly different from the original flanker task from Eriksen and Eriksen for various practical reasons this version is just a bit easier. A direct comparison of two competing accounts”.

cognitive fun!

The non-sedating antihistamine loratidine had no effect on any of the measures studied. Moderate exerciseconversely, has been shown to improve performance on flanker tests, [17] suggesting efficiency of cognitive control operates constructively with physical activity.

Another flankee is to use a natural mapping, with arrows as stimuli. Eriksen and Schultz [10] varied a number of features of the flanker tests, for example the size and contrast of the erjksen, or the use of forward or backward masking.

If there is a mismatch between the flanking letters their response and the response required by the central letter, we speak of a “incongruent” or “incompatible” condition.

European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. The study used an on-the-road driving tests, and several laboratory tests including the letter version of the Eriksen task to assess the effects of two antihistamines and alcohol on driving skills. Further reading Eriksen, B. In PsyToolkit, the data output file is simply a textfile. Journal of Experimental Psychology. Also, although most Eriksen Flanker Tasks show the flankers on the left and right of the target, they can also be placed above or below the target, or in other spatial orientations.


This process leads to an interaction called the Gratton effect, which is the finding of a lower interference effect after an incongruent trial compared to the effect after a congruent trial.

Traffic Psychology and Behaviour. The three attentional networks: The letters V and B need to be flanjer to with the L button of your flqnker. To measure how conflicting information affects choice response speed, different conditions are introduced:. The subject must focus on a target stimulus while ignoring adjacent flanker stimuli. Subjects were instructed to make directional responses to certain letters, for example a right response could be associated to the letters H and Kand a left response to S and C.

The save line of the PsyToolkit experiment script determines what is being saved in fpanker data output file. Curiously, lowering serotonin levels via acute tryptophan depletion does not affect performance on a flanker task or corresponding EEG readings, but does alter cardiac response to incongruent stimuli, suggesting dissociation between cardiac and electro-cortical responses to errors and feedback when measuring cognitive flexibility.

Flanker task

The Eriksen Flanker Paradigm measures the effect of conflicting information within a stimulus set. Flanker task main experiment library copyright. Run the demo In this example, you will see 5 letters appear above the fixation point, but you must only respond to the central letter which is above the fixation point.

Psychology experiments Experimental psychology. Sign up for free trial Request more information Request cost estimate. Perception and Psychophysics, 16 ,