[email protected] IDM RBS Modules DXU IFB PSU-DC Ericsson RBS V2 MHz DRU DCCU FAN CONTROL BOARD . ericsson rbs manual повідомлень: ACER ALW не включается светодиод не горит. Компонентов, магазины, datasheet, pdf, размещение. is ericsson 6 sector rbs is available in india. I would like to know the maximum sectors of ericsson RBS Is it possible to configure that.

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I will go through the different ericsson starting with the battery fuse unit, then the CPU, then the power supply and at last, which also have a long teardown video, the power amplifier.

Ericsson RBS 2216

Earthquake Requirements If the RBS cabinet is to fulfil the requirements for earthquake protection, then the space between the wall and cabinet must be at least mm, and the space erkcsson cabinets at least mm. Full RBS performance requires no on-site manual intervention as soon as the environmental conditions return to within normal operating limits. Functions automatically return to specified levels as soon as the environmental conditions return to within normal operating limits.

However, expansion to the right is recommended in order to follow the same standard globally.

Remember me on this computer. All the files seems to be written in some high level machine code as I can not interpret it. Refers to a period of no more than 96 consecutive hours and a maximum of 5. The 221 of the cylinder is the antenna height plus equal distances above and below the antenna.

The Ericsson RBS is a MHz GSM base station that would have been installed at the base of a antenna somewhere out in the field of mobile telecommunication networks. The contents of this document are subject to revision without notice due to continued progress in methodology, design and manufacturing.


The CF card contains 91 files and 2 sub folders with a total of Proudly powered by WordPress. There is not much to tell about the power supply unit. Optional Ericssln Equipment The cabinet can be connected to optional transmission equipment that is mounted externally in a BBS cabinet.

Ericsson RBS 2216 900 MHz base station teardown

The figures show test points and the tables show the noise dispersion generated by a free-standing RBS with three fans and by an RBS mounted against a 2261. There is some trimpots in the middle of the PSU when you have the plate and heat sink removed, the one sitting closest to the middle of the group of three is ericson to adjust the output voltage, so it is possible to set it up to just about This enables the radio system to continue operating during an AC power failure.

The cabinet is tested for seismic exposure with a test frequency of 1—35 Hz.

It is the interface between the transceivers and the antenna system. Outside equipment is listed under optional units.

The compliance boundary is defined as a cylinder around the antenna. The exact figure dependents on configuration, equipment, and site-specific conditions. The transmission equipment is then provided with power longer than the RBS. Enter the email address ericsaon signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

The RBS is designed to be transported as a fully assembled cabinet to the site.

RBS Product Description RBS DESCRIPTION | Phạm Hoàng –

Their estimated lifetime is at least 10 years. The DRU can be configured as either combined mode or uncombined mode.

The external alarm device can set the alarm using either an open or a closed condition. The alarm device rbe to the screw terminals should be isolated relay contacts.

Ericsson has performed a free-space near-field RF exposure assessment of typical configurations of the RBS with a recommended antenna. It is available in an external cabinet.


The long green connector has external alarm options from malfunction in the fuse unit. Overvoltage protection for external alarm cables. Click here to sign up.

RBS on | Alibaba Group

All units in the cabinet are easily accessible from the front of the cabinet, which means that the cabinets can be mounted side by side or with their backs against a wall. It improves the receiver sensitivity.

Leave a Reply Ericson reply Your email address will not be published. A failed unit can easily be replaced by a new one.

About Mads Barnkob Electrician, programmer, experimenter and amateur scientist with experience in industry automation, programming and all kinds of high voltage generating electronics. For dimensions, see Figure 1 on page 5. Number of units per cabinet per cabinet: Your email address will not be published.

Refers to a period of no more than 72 consecutive hours and a maximum of 15 days in a year. This site uses cookies. The following preventive maintenance conditions must be fulfilled to guarantee the availability of the RBS: External transmission equipment can be supplied from the battery cabinet. The external alarms are defined at the installation. The voltage between terminals with an open contact is 24 V DC.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Skip to main content. Learn how your comment data is processed. Saattvik December 25, at Vandal Resistance If cover is used, unauthorized access is not possible without damaging the unit.

A closed contact logic zero is required to be below 2 kand an open contact logic one above k.