Chilling Look at the Worldwide, Multi Billion dollar Conspiracy of lies that is Amway and its Motivational Organizations [Eric Scheibeler] on Eric Scheibeler, a former high level distributor for Amway, details his experience with the push to attend company events, in his book Merchants of Deception. I just finished Merchants of Deception and I’m wondering if anyone knows how the author is doing now? How his lawsuits ended, stc.?.

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Great material, interesting story, but he’s not kidding when he admits that he’s no author. Mar 08, Rocky Dahiya added it. It seamed to have some positive results on my skin.

Eric Scheibeler: A Merchant of Deception | The Truth About Amway

The ones that show specifically in what areas is a specific amway product better than the others on the market. However, I do tend to agree that scientific studies should be used as a referance, but the real study should be done individually at home. This applies to both products and bizopp. I got onto this book because I have always been interested in different religions and what other people believe and that lead to cults and I have done alot of reading about several different cults until I found a cult awareness website which has links to several books and this is the first one I downloaded.

Get the facts about Amway. You’ll feel his mind struggling with the cognitive dissonance of the indoctrination to the point where it becomes almost unpleasant. Have you been earning much after all these years?

That makes me wonder how much else of his story scheibelr BS. No other home water treatment systems have qualifed for the range of NSF certifications it has. This is very interesting,if a starting ibo needs about to people to recruit underneath them,that means that those same people needs about to two million two hundred fifty thousand to four million people people underneath. They were bled to the point of bankruptcy and foreclosure.

And they will hurt you. Nov 03, Mihai rated it it was ok Shelves: The book goes over the ways success is projected and reality is hidden, even from higher level distributors.


Of course, but they certainly do a lot more than that. Is there hope for my boyfriend? Eventually I ended up moving abroad.

But I’ve made plenty of other mistakes, and certainly I can find parallels in my eriic career to the personal insanity which Eric describes in this book, including the delusion that you’ll be able to change the system when you get to a certain position, even while you also see that the system is rotten.

This is negligible in SA8, and not negligible in competitors. For more information about Mary Kay, check out Pink Truth. It’s abundantly clear the author has become obsessed with the need to somehow make up for his part in victimizing others through recruitment–although eic had no idea that’s what he was doing and stopped once he did realize he was harming people.

Well I was only interested in the relevent ones. As different as they all are, most have certain defining characteristics that lump them into the category of a cult.

If Scheibeler was lying about the overpricing, i. That I co-founded Amway in France. Not sure if you are saying that the marketing of many amway products as being scheibelet is not on objectivity, but subjectivity. I invite you to read my blog.

Then there were the books—”Think and Grow Rich”, etc. IMO having no external customers is a dumb business strategy, not to mention against Amway rules. The story had been on the web for four months before Seigenthaler could get it corrected.

It happens with other products so why not with books? Other studies including doing it myself! He seems to be a man of integrity and scholarship who likes to get his facts right. But who made these studies, was it independent scientist or scientist working for Amway? In this case though, SA8 is generally a little more expensive than competitors. Posts that attack someone’s appearance, unrelated beliefs e.

The science behind the importance of phytonutrients is overwhelming these days. Upon breaking away from the decade long brainwashing they suffered at the hands of Amway professionals and its distributorship program, Eric and Patty faced attacks on many fronts.


eric scheibeler – Pink Truth

One thing Mr Scheibeler claims that I am inclined to believe is that distributors from Emerald upwards were making a fortune from the sale of business tools. XS is targeted towards people who want an energy drink and care about their health. Have you earned as much as you thought you would, after so many years?

Have you noticed he never once talks about his gross income? However, I do give him credit for taking the time and sharing his experiences with the world, even the level of deception and brainwashing that he was subjected to would leave many scratching their heads. He’s been in Amway since he was a child and I fear it is a cult that is going to take advantage of him. Would that be worth destroying a life with false information?

Incredible and interesting book about the cult like behaviour of Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid marketing schemes.

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Plus why the hell are people comparing a Lamborgini with a Toyota? It’s available for free legally online and if you’re interested Self-published back in the early 00s so it’s not super well written grammatically and whatnot, and the author is writing from a pretty conservative Christian perspective even after being taken for a ride by Amway and co him trying to convince himself that Rick Santorum is a good guy deep down is scheibelre wild ride, though even he apparently found the attacks on HRC and similar made by Amway scam artists in the 90s to be beyond the pale.

I suggest you all either build this seriously or move on with your lives and do something that works better for you. He uses this as an intentional device, I believe.