“Ce n’est pas plane pour moi” – Eric Saward as Doctor Who Script . the programme’s situation by having the Doctor on trial by his own race. Is the original Robert Holmes script for Episode 14 of ‘Trial of a died before he finished writing the story so Eric Saward finished it off and as. The part Trial of a Timelord took place because the BBC’s first the fractious relationship between JN-T and script editor Eric Saward.

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While there may be instances where this is used to establish tone, it must be used very strategically and wisely or else it will turn readers off to your work.

Nevertheless, Saward’s association with the show continued and in the s he wrote linking narration for Doctor Who audio releases of missing episodes. Of the four companions to get a send-off during the Davison era, I think Turlough comes off the best. Rather than a linking narration, though, it has a linking main cast. Part one is uninteresting and more of a runaround with occasional moments of Cybermen pontificating.

When Doctor Who returned in Septemberit was with a new Doctor, a new script editor, an entirely new visual and aural approach, but not, as John Nathan-Turner would have hoped, a new producer. Here, the target is aimed at corporations who play two sides against one another for profit, immoral economics. In modern Whothe show runner does both by varying degrees. BBC 1 controller Michael Grade publicly criticised the violence featured in Colin Baker’s first season and claimed it was one of his reasons for putting the series on an month hiatus from until He developed scripts that Bidmead had commissioned, including one by Eric Saward.

The only real victim in Part 14 is James Bree, who, as the Keeper of the Matrix, was intended to have a much larger role in Eric Saward’s version of Part 14, but, based on his comedy reaction to Mel stamping on his foot to steal the key, this may have been a good thing. Both must balance business and production interests with storytelling and fan criticism.


Eric Saward

Quillam, as the program manager who oversees the tortures, is the script editor from the classic Who model, and his love of the gruesome and violent leads me to see him primarily as an avatar for Eric Saward. Retrieved 31 March These posts are hopeful and filled with excitement about what is to come.

The Doctor and Peri suddenly find themselves running for their lives in a torture dome which broadcasts death and dismemberment as entertainment. Sometimes his stories annoy me scripr every appearance of River Song since season sixbut I love it when I can give him full credit for stories that stretch him beyond his tendencies, in this case, Day of the Doctor.


A colony of humans is dying out due to mysterious vanishings. The story is dark and bleak but it also manages to be funny and downright interesting. This story breaks him. The Trial of a Timelord episode 14, 6 December A star witness arrives in a bid to acquit him. During this past season, the Doctor has increasingly been exposed to a bleak triql cruel universe.

Although earlier segment Mindwarp did see a quite shocking exit for Peri, although even that was pulled back, as she was later revealed to be alive and living as a warrior queen, married to Brian Blessed.

And neither does Eric Saward. Saward was eventually able to bring veteran writer Robert Holmes back to the series and they became friends before scfipt death. Is it Graeme Harper? Bush was considered a laughing stock, with a tendency to “thkweam” and “thkweam” until she was “thick”. But the key piece of information here is that the Time Lords chose to interfere in history by preventing a race from existing.

Radio Free Skaro – The Chronic Hysteresis: 7C6 – The Trial of a Time Lord 14

Oddly, one of the recurring motifs in the Colin Baker era is the image of people watching TV: This is quite similar, I think, to the recently released mini-episode Night of the Doctor. The only problem is that it scri;t handled so sloppily, almost making the critique on its own. But it was rarely about telling good stories. The Doctor is on trial for genocide. Even the Hartnell era never put the Doctor in position of domestic abuser.


As daward historical document, I am fascinated by Trial of a Time Lord. With the Doctor now a strident and unlikeable figure, it was no longer his vulnerability contributing to the violence.

Posted by Steven at And, of course, there is the lava monster. He has two daughters named Natasha and Marielle. There is a Doctor Who confidential episode in which Russell T. Saward often objected to Nathan-Turner’s insistence on hiring inexperienced Doctor Who writers, which led to Saward having to work hard, not always successfully, on unsuitable scripts submitted by inexperienced writers.

In my writing class this semester we were told that it is best to not antagonize your readers from the outset. The Sixth Doctor era was also the closest complete vision of a Sawardian interpretation of Doctor Who. As a result, I find far more satisfaction reading the era as a text about Doctor Hrial rather than a series of entertaining stories.

Bidmead to submit some ideas to the series on the strength of a recommendation from the senior drama script editor at BBC Radio.

This site uses cookies. Thus, it provides many interesting meta moments. It jettisons far more plot-continuity in favor of character-continuity. The blocking of certain shots make this painfully clear. For some segments of fandom, Steven Moffat can do no good. He was approached by then Doctor Who saaward editor Christopher H. It is dark, ominous, and tragic. Behind the sofa While shocking in many ways, The Ultimate Foe is not known for its fear factor.

Add to that the sci-fi stereotype of detail-oriented continuity analysis, and there is a huge amount of pressure on the writer.