Epidemiología básica. Front Cover. Robert Beaglehole, Ruth Bonita, Tord Kjellström. Organización Panamericana de la QR code for Epidemiología básica. Bonita, Ruth, Beaglehole, Robert & Kjellström, Tord. ( ) . Epidemiología básica. OPS. Bonita, Ruth. Basic epidemiology / R. Bonita, R. Beaglehole, T. Kjellström. 2nd edition. iology. s. hole, Robert. tröm, Tord. III.

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For cancer incidence, tobacco use is one of the main avoidable risk factors. The growing number of gastric cancers together with improved survival resulted in an increasing population of survivors at risk of multiple primary cancers.

People who report better subjective well-being tend to be healthier in their daily behaviours. The objective of this study is to assess whether different components of subjective well-being are prospectively associated with different healthy lifestyle behaviours and to assess whether these associations differ by age. Systematic review to identify studies including at least 50 healthy individuals tested for oral HPV infection. There is growing evidence of the protective role of the Mediterranean diet MD on cancer.

However, no prospective study has yet investigated its influence on lymphoma. In a world that is increasingly technological and interconnected, but also more violent, overexploited and polluted, Paediatric Environmental Health PEH is one of the best contributions to improve global health. The investments and actions of the PEH in pre- and postnatal periods during the first two decades of life will generate countless benefits in the health and well-being during the human life span.

Psoriasis is a chronic immunoinflammatory skin disease very frequent in the western world. Several authors have tried to calculate its prevalence in different regions, although most of them obtained the data from surveys and there are few publications from Mediterranean areas.

The objective of our study was to analyze the prevalence and severity of psoriasis in Lleida a northeastern region in Spainidentify age and sex specific differences and compare our results with other European series.

Epidemiología básica

We evaluated the patient profile and outcomes of first heart failure HF related hospital admission patients in the period. Retrospective, single-centre, cohort study. We used administrative data from a tertiary care hospital Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge, Barcelona, Spain. The availability of methotrexate and the introduction epidemiloogia multiple biological agents have revolutionized the treatment of juvenile idiopathic arthritis JIA.

Neuropsychiatric Systemic Lupus Epidemiologiw NPSLE has multiple pathogenic mechanisms that cause diverse manifestations and whose diagnosis is challenging because of the absence of appropriate diagnostic tests. The gels obtained were digitalized and analyzed with the PDQuest software. To assess the influence that alcohol outlet density, off- and on-alcohol premises, and alcohol consumption wield on the consumption patterns of young pre-university students in Galicia Spain.

A cross-sectional analysis of a cohort of students of the University of Santiago de Compostela Compostela Cohort was carried out. Consumption prevalence were calculated for each of the municipalities from the first-cycle students’ home residence during the year prior to admission. Understanding the origin and referral routes of patients seen in teledermatology and in-person dermatology consultations in Spain is of interest from the perspective of health care management.

The objective of this study was to describe the referral routes and the frequency and characteristics of teledermatology consultations in Spain. We performed a descriptive cross-sectional study of data collected over 6 days from the DIADERM study sample, which included the epidemiilogia diagnosed by 80 Spanish dermatologists, selected epidmeiologia means of stratified random sampling.

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease caused by herpes simplex virus type1 HSV-1 and type2 HSV-2 belonging to the alphaherpesvirus family, that includes the varicella zoster virus. HSV infection continues to be the most common cause of vulvar ulcers among the sexually active population. Its incidence increases every year. Epigenetic mechanisms, including methylation, bssica contribute to childhood asthma. Identifying DNA methylation profiles in asthma may inform disease pathogenesis.


To identify differential DNA tuth in newborns and children related to childhood asthma. However, as the directions of these associations are still unclear, we examined them prospectively using community-based data. However, their rurh is likely to be influenced by intervention-specific characteristics.

This study aimed to assess the acceptability, actual usage, and feasibility of a complex PA telecoaching intervention from both patient and coach perspectives and link these to the effectiveness of the intervention. To quantify the magnitude of the association between the type of vehicle and the probability of being responsible for a collision between two bnoita more vehicles.

From the registry of road crashes with victims maintained by the Spanish Traffic General Directorate anda matched case-control study was designed. Cases were offending drivers involved in the 27, collisions between two or more vehicles in which only one of the drivers had committed a driving mistake or offence.

The objective of this study was to describe and analyze the demographic, clinical, and histopathologic characteristics of CM in patients who visited 2 hospitals in the Santiago de Chile metropolitan region. We conducted a systematic search of multiple databases to identify systematic reviews and meta-analyses published between 1 January and 30 May presenting evidence on diagnostic and treatment efficacy and cost-effectiveness.

We conducted additional systematic search for individual studies published between and National School of Public Health. Zinc is a key trace element in normal prostate cell metabolism, and is decreased in neoplastic epidemoilogia. However, the association between dietary zinc and prostate cancer PC in epidemiologic studies is a conflicting one.

Our aim was to explore this association in an MCC-Spain case-control study, considering tumor aggressiveness and extension, as well as genetic susceptibility rufh PC. The aim of this study was to evaluate the ability of the MELD-XI score to predict outcomes badica daily clinical practice. Despite advances in technology development for precision medicine, obstacles remain as barriers to progress and change.

In this context simple questions arise: We tried to address this question with a survey whose objective was baeica explore the perception and understanding of precision medicine. A questionnaire was administered to a sample made of oncologists, clinical and hospital pharmacists, pharmacologists and infectiologists in the context of epicemiologia different Epidemuologia national congresses. Exposure to moisture-damaged indoor environments is associated with adverse respiratory health effects, but responsible factors remain unidentified.

Oxidative capacity was determined with plasmid scission assay, and haemolytic activity by assessing the damage to isolated human red blood cells. To analyze the population-based survival of breast cancer CM diagnosed in early stages estimating the time trends of excess mortality EM in bqsica long term in annual and five-year time intervals, and to determine, if possible, a proportion of patients who can be considered cured. The observed OS and relative survival RS were calculated up to 20 years of follow-up.

Economic crises affect a population’s health, particularly among rutj most deprived. The increase in health inequalities in the latest recession may have influenced the incidence of tuberculosis TB.

We analysed the effect of socio-economic inequities and recession on TB incidence in Barcelona, Spain. Epizootic rabbit enteropathy ERE represents one of the most devastating diseases affecting rabbit farms. Previous studies showing transmissibility of disease symptoms through oral inoculation of intestinal contents from sick animals suggested a bacterial infectious origin for ERE.

Index Translationum

However, no etiological agent has been identified yet. Little is known about the comparative risk of death with atypical or conventional antipsychotics Aps among persons with cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease CCD.

Research Design And Methods: A cohort study was conducted using five Italian claims databases. A moderately high-fat Mediterranean diet does not promote weight gain. This study aimed to investigate the association between dietary intake of specific types of fat and obesity and body weight.

A prospective cohort study was performed using data of participants in the PREDIMED trial, with yearly repeated validated food-frequency questionnaires, and anthropometric outcomes median follow-up: While several previous meta-analyses have documented the short-term efficacy of cognitive-behavioral therapy CBTits long-term efficacy remains unknown.


Posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD is a serious, debilitating, often chronic and disabling disease. To estimate the long-term efficacy of CBT in the treatment of PTSD by assessing the maintenance of the effect after one year of follow-up. To determine the frequency of paroxetine use in adolescent patients under 20 years of age enrolled in the Colombian Health System.

Cross-sectional study, based on a population database of people enrolled in the Colombian Health System between January 1, and December 31, The sample included patients under 20 years of age who had received any presentation of paroxetine.

To establish the correlation between hypothyroidism and blood pesticide levels. Cross-sectional study in agricultural workers and their permanent partners in plantain and coffee producing municipalities as reference population.

To determine the prevalence and factors associated with overweight and obesity in Peruvian schoolchildren. Cross-sectional study carried out between and The probabilistic, multistage stratified sampling included 1 conglomerates with 7 dwellings 4 in the urban area and 3 in the rural area of Peru.

Pharmacists are trusted health professionals. Many patients use over-the-counter OTC medications and are seen by pharmacists who are the initial point of contact of allergic rhinitis management in most countries.

The role of pharmacists in integrated care pathways ICPs for allergic diseases is important. The aim of this study is to examine the psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Oxford Cognitive Screen in a subacute stroke population.

Fifty-seven subacute stroke outpatients and 54 healthy individuals were recruited in Alicante province, Spain. The Oxford Cognitive Screen.

One of the beneficial effects of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines PCVs has been a decrease in the incidence of non-invasive infections, such as otitis media OM caused by vaccine serotypes. In this study, we analyzed the epidemiology of pneumococcal OM before and after PCV13 introduction in Between andthe middle ear exudates from children under 14 years of age with OM were studied in two Spanish provinces Gipuzkoa and Barcelonaand S.

Biomedical information dissemination has expanded exponentially, and this can represent a challenge for those health professionals who wish to obtain high quality and relevant integrated information. Reviews, in their different formats, are tools that can address this problem. This article describes the main types of syntheses of biomedical information, their structures, their usefulness, and presents the latest information synthesis formats that were developed by different organizations committed to this purpose.

Ovarian cancer risk factors differ by histotype; however, within subtype there is substantial variability in outcomes. We hypothesized that risk factor profiles may influence tumor aggressiveness, defined by time between diagnosis and death, independent of histology. This study aimed to estimate the association between second-hand smoke SHS exposure in children and asthma, wheezing and perceived health. A cross-sectional study based on a telephone survey was performed on a representative sample of children under 12 years old in Spain.

Exposure to SHS in private and public settings, and the prevalence of asthma, wheezing and perceived poor health were described. Proton pump inhibitors PPI are among the most frequently used drugs in the developed countries.

In recent years, their use among children and adolescents has been on the increase. Guidelines recommend use for a period no longer than weeks. Conversely, the European Community has been waiting for further evidence. A cross-sectional study was performed in order to assess the reproducibility of the aDS using a test-retest. Its internal consistency was evaluated using Cronbach’s alpha, and reliability of the measurements using the intraclass correlation coefficient ICC.

The socio-cultural setting influences youth smoking and its prevalence presumibly has decreased.