Semantic Scholar extracted view of “Entropic elasticity of lambda-phage DNA.” by C. Bustamante et al. Entropic elasticity of λ-phage DNA. C. Bustamante, J. F. Fingerprint. Bacteriophage lambda. Viral DNA. Elasticity. Least-Squares Analysis. scientific article (publication date: 9 September ).

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The advent of metagenomics revealed engropic to be widespread in global environmental samples. Importantly, our method is readily applicable to other phage -bacterium systems. We also describe how the incorporation of EGFP into the allele replacement vector can facilitate the selection of the desired cross-over recombinant BACs when the allele replacement reaction is a viral gene deletion.

Specialized nucleoprotein structures at the origin of replication of bacteriophage lambda: Furthermore, vaccination generated antigen specific Th1 and Th2 cytokine secretion by immune cells. UV irradiation experiments under simulated martian surface conditions: Studies with infections fragments of phage DNA.

These results suggest that repair of lambda on unirradiated cells in the presence of rifampin is an excision-dependent, error-free phenomenon.

The gene for an unknown protein shares weak homology with the bifunctional primase-polymerases prim-pols from archaeal plasmids but is missing the zinc-binding domain typically found in primases.

DNA translocation is thought to be initiated by the strong pressure due to DNA packing inside the capsid. Phage release and cell lysis already occur during early stages of static incubation. Both spool models fill an assumed spherical cavity with DNA wrapped in cylindrical or quasi-cylindrical layers composed of adjacent circular turns.

Electrostatic interactions play an important role in both packaging of DNA inside bacteriophages and its release into bacterial cells. Once DNA helicase unwinding is initiated at ori lambdahowever, later steps in lambda DNA replication proceed efficiently in the absence of superhelical tension. The method can be used from either liquid or plate lysates and on a small scale or a large scale.


Therefore, it is likely that somatic mechanisms operating prior to specific triggering by antigen play a major role in the generation of antibody diversity in chicken.

O 6 -MeG 2-fold more efficiently than C: So far, a great number of studies have focused on the components and mechanisms of this system, however, a direct visualization of CRISPR-Cas degrading invading DNA in real-time has not yet been studied at the single-cell level.

The lambda O initiator protein binds specifically to ori lambda. The phage morphology resembles other members of Myoviridae-infecting Halobacterium species. One hypothesis is that although endolysin action is the key to lysis some preliminary steps are required to release the enzyme so that it may contact its substrate in the cell wall.

After digestion with proteinase k, the DNA fragments previously crosslinked to protein are identified by size after agarose gel electrophoresis. This suggests similar mechanisms of DNA ejection control.

Whether the observed diversity is being driven by environmental factors or host-binding interactions remains an open question. Oligopeptide m13 phage display in pathogen research. Nonetheless, since elasitcity time the ongoing study of lambda and its relatives have continued to give important new insights. Subsequent works by others have established that interaction between phage particles and bacterial cells is a diffusion-limited process in that, statistically speaking, each collision results in an irreversible infection.

Computational aspects of Worm-Like-Chain interpolation formulas – Enlighten: Publications

Inhibition is also observed if binding protein is added at various times after initiation of RNA synthesis. From NMR and limited proteolysis we show that about 15 C-terminal residues of CII are phqge flexible, and may act as a target for proteolysis in vivo. Functional display has elasticoty achieved with all five M13 coat proteins, with both N- and C-terminal fusions. The minute, virulent and structurally intricate Bacillus subtilis bacteriophage phi 29 was utilized to study in vivo viral development.


The system can’t perform the operation now. Aggregating this data elastticity into a phylogenetic framework, many gokushovirus MCP clades contained samples from multiple environments, although distinct clades dominated the different samples. The concept of P-lethality relates to the hypothesis that P can sequester Dna B and in turn prevent cellular replication initiation from oriC.

Entropic elasticity of λ-phage DNA

The termination defect of all of the base substitution mutations was relieved by increasing the level of Nun protein; in contrast, the deletions and a multiple-base substitution did not regain full Nun responsiveness at elevated Nun concentrations. Presumably, tetramerization is necessary for the latter functions. Nineteen Vibrio anguillarum-specific temperate bacteriophages isolated across Europe and Chile from aquaculture and environmental sites were genome sequenced and analyzed for host range, morphology and life cycle characteristics.

In recent years, specific lytic phages of V. A speculative model is presented in which thioredoxin reductase, thioredoxin, and the gene I protein interact to entrkpic an engine ohage filamentous phage assembly.

Entropic elasticity of lambda-phage DNA – Wikidata

To isolate and identify Streptococcus agalactiae phages and screen candidate phages to control infection caused by bovine S. A second ATPase catalytic site associated with the DNA maturation activities of the protein has been proposed; however, direct demonstration of this putative second site is lacking.

Lambda Red recombinase-mediated integration of the lambd molecular weight DNA into the Escherichia coli chromosome.