The Energization Exercises, originated by Paramahansa Yogananda and taught in Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons (q.v.), enable man to recharge his body. Energization exercises are the unique contribution of Yogananda to the science of yoga. They are a system of exercises that teach us to use the power of the will . So take the Challenge: Dive deep into the renowned Energization Exercises of Paramhansa Yogananda. If you already know the Energization Exercises, this is .

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Twist your upper body, shoulders, and arms in one direction while you twist your hips and lower body slightly in the opposite direction a quick yet smooth motion.

30-Day Energization Challenge

Exercides Naresh was performing the ceremony, a dog strayed into the house. I met a year old Himalayan yogi sitting in a cold mountain cave in a loin cloth. Have you seen examples of this? When the entire body is tense, vibrate it briefly and strongly, and then …. We are seemingly unable to access this energy.

Energization Exercises (2)

Finally, double exhale as you relax them down to the waist. Feel the peace, the freedom, the increased awareness that comes with the calmness produced by the practice of this technique.

Beautiful, wonderful, spirit-filled you. Repeat to the other side. You have created many great things in the church, taught insightful lessons and led us all to a better place. Feel relaxed, peaceful, and energized. As you can see, Energization has not been radically changed by these refinements.


Or Four-Part Arm Recharging with a double breath on every movement? Activate your will power to direct that energy to different parts of your body. Relax forward to the initial position, then repeat to the other side. By command of will, direct the life energy through the process of tension to flood the body or any body part.

Do this three times in each direction, alternating sides. Inhale as you extend the arms from the chest outward to the sides and back to the chest. No doubt you will continue!

Keep your leading arm straight and allow the trailing arm to bend at the elbow. By consciously directing the life force to certain parts of the body, we are able to send energy and awaken our body cells, revitalizing body, mind, and soul.

After a short time, the dog wandered in again, and was again put outside. Ancient yogis show us that we can through pranayama or life force control. Each cell is like a battery that gets energy from two sources: Phase 5 With the chin still on the exfrcises, double inhale and gradually tense, and vibrate the whole body, and then gradually relax, with a double exhalation.

I shudder to think what sacred dogs I may have unintentionally created over the years. Then raise that forearm and slowly lower it. Three times in one direction, then repeat three in the other, relaxing momentarily in between. Picture the energy coming into the medulla and going to the body part. Phase 1 Tense the entire body simultaneously. When we die, yoganamda atoms are no longer held together and go elsewhere.


Please send us a Question for more information:. The body is made of atoms with lots of empty space. Enjoy the pause between breaths. Your feet should remain stationary, your elbows slightly bent, your fists positioned about hip level, and head pointed forward.

A brief video clip of one of the exercises, highlighting important points and common errors see sample below A valuable practice tip or inspiring story of impressive results—or both When you sign up, you will receive an email asking for your email preferences; click on “Energization Challenge” at the bottom of the list. Sajiv thought that must be a part of the ceremony, so he scoured the neighborhood until he found a stray dog, brought it home, tied it to a post outside, and performed the ceremony.

We can vitally recharge every cell in the body through Kriya yoga and energization.

The breathing is as follows: Your email address will not be published. We are here to show you your potential. February 5, at 4: It was interesting to think maybe I have it as well but I dont snore nor do I smoke. If you already know the Energization Exercises, this is your ticket to greater results. After all, Swami Kriyananda has said that he never saw Paramhansa Yogananda do Energization exactly the same way twice.

December 22, at 9: Here is your opportunity to: