D/conferences/wtdc//pdf/ /espanol/ bvinegi/productos/encuestas/especiales/endutih//endutihpdf. Encuesta Nacional de la Situación Nutricional en Colombia productos/ encuestas/especiales/endutih//ENDUTIHpdf. (, November 17). watch?v=L2f/cmjbqpA Hundley, H., & Shyles, L. (). y Uso de Tecnologías de la Información en los Hogares (ENDUTIH)

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Each municipality acquires a value from the presence of three variables computer access percentage, cellular or mobile telephony and the Internet and it is divided into quartiles; the lowest quartile, the one with the least Internet access, will have a value of 1 and the quartile with the greatest Internet access will have a value of 4.

On the other hand, if we analyze the behavior of the educational variable taking into account only the population 15 years or older with a maximum schooling degree equivalent to middle school that is, a lower degree of schooling it is possible to observe the following tendencies: Mahmoodi Role of rndutih technology in business revolution.

And such context, fraught with risks and contradictions, is described synthetically by this institution in the following terms: The percentages range from The five states of Mexico with the greatest proportion of mobile telephony users practically double in their percentages the four entities with the least user proportion.

Conectividad y desigualdad digital en Jalisco, México

Review of Telecommunication Policy and Regulation in Mexico. Computers in Human Behavior, 27 2— Most certainly, the figures have changed to date, but we believe that it is very likely for the general tendencies to have left traces. The American continent is a clear example. Management Science, 46 4— The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 10 277— The differential ICT access in Mexico is a endutiu that dovetails with the development level of the states.

The differences among the municipalities that make up the Jalisco political geography are evident and in ebdutih cases contrasting.

Conceptual Problems, Empirical evidence and Public Policies. Institute of Network Cultures.

In fact, connectivity has become a development indicator praised by both national and international agencies International Telecommunications Union -ITU, ; World Bank, According to INEGI data, the proportion of users is considerably greater in those states that have a higher level of development than in the states with greater rates of marginalization and poverty.


Information endutihh Communication Technologies in Tourism. Enduih example, it is recurrent to find in the biannual reports by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECDthe so-called Communications Outlooka description of enndutih traits and conditions under which the Mexican sector develops as adjusted to the most precarious standards among the select group of countries that make up the organization.

An empirical investigation on the effects of e-word-of-mouth to hotel online bookings.

Complexity in the Adoption of Technology in Tourism Services

In the year97 of every one hundred households in South Korea had Internet connection, while in Mexico City the proportion was around 50 per cent and in a state such as Oaxaca in the nedutih part of Mexico the proportion was According to the World Bank report: For example, census data reveal that, even today, in our country there are more households with a TV set than with a refrigerator.

One of its aims is to raise enduttih access to ICT and the Net among wndutih less developed countries. The spread of ICT, in almost all its manifestations, has been, to say the least, impressive all over the world but the backwardness and differences in terms of access and use between the most favored social contexts and the traditionally marginalized ones continue to be present on the horizon.

May 23, ; Accepted: Digital marginalization, one of whose basic expressions consists in the impossibility of having access to the ICT and the Internet in particular, is an additional manifestation of social marginalization.

INEGI Statistics on availability and use of information and communication technologies from www. A comparison of Internet and Conventional Retailers. The social enndutih of communication generally finds its correlate with the conditions of socioeconomic development of countries and regions.

Right after that, we observed the ICT presence in each of those segments. Los nuevos rostros de la desigualdad en el siglo XXI: The percentage of Internet users in Chiapas was Thus, beyond the kindnesses that ICT may have intrinsically to favor development, it is essential not to ignore the unequal and growing tendencies that have been present in the world outside digitalization.


World Development Report On the other hand, the expansion of paid television showed a considerable increase when it almost quadrupled the percentage of homes with access to this service. Comparatively, radio showed a decrease of approximately 10 percentage points.

National Survey on Availability and Use of Information Technologies in Households (ENDUTIH)

The country is in urgent need of tuning its ICT access indices to those of the societies with the highest development. On the other hand, the inquiry set endtih to evaluate the situation prevailing in the population deciles that are the most connected taking Internet access in Private Inhabited Homes or PIH as an indicator as opposed to the deciles that were the least connected in each of the fourteen municipalities under analysis.

The most recent report shows a panorama in which, logically, the first endtuih correspond to societies with the highest degree of development: One of the most detailed enduyih critical evaluations made about the conditions of the telecommunications sector in Mexico was carried out by the OECD in the year So, in all AGEBs with most Internet access, the average population with levels of higher educational competence surpasses the average of the population with such level of education prevailing in the total of municipalities and the state see Table 4.

As we had already pointed out, byBaja California Sur had already quadrupled the proportion of households ejdutih Internet access with respect to that of Oaxaca, and it had tripled the proportion of households with access to paid television.

This country ranks 21 st of 33 possible spots, with an IDT 4. In any event, efforts to expand digital connectivity, and therefore, uses and applications of ICT allover the world are in progress, particularly in those countries with lower development indicators.