Encyclopaedia Arcane – Star Magic is presented under the Open Game and D20 Licences. See page 64 for the text of these licences. All game stats and pages. Encyclopaedia Arcane Star Magic – Mortals look up at the midnight sky and see the stars, eternal and changeless. They have worshipped them. Continuing the Encyclopaedia Arcane series, Star Magic shows wizards, bards and sorcerers alike how to harness the power of the stars themselves.

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Crossbreeding – Flesh and Blood by Alejandro Melchor. In any case Star Magic makes it possible to return to the roots of fictional magic, drawn from the most distant and mysterious realm known to man even today. Rather than learning spells as such the magi learn and study stars. The class is well thought out and seems completely balanced, seamlessly combining combat and magic.

Sovereign Magic

Don’t miss these posts. This is just the first level though and after this Star Magic really does become different from the usual routine of assigning magical effects to spell slots.

Lenses offer a small bonus to the character’s casting level while channelling a particular star or constellation. The external cover art and the colour piece on the inside cover make interesting use of light and shadow. Familiars – Crouching Monkey, Hidden Toad. Star Magic manages to teach the rules while envyclopaedia inspiring images of skvereign mechanics that become sapient and almost liquid.

Strangely, and quite out of left field, I was reminded of this movie as I read parts of Star Magic. The term Magus is put forward by Star Magic for the name of the spell caster who specialises in Star Qrcane and rather strangely the Magus prestige mayic is only five levels. Encyclopaedia Arcane – Star Magic. This is the eleventh book from the collection already. Shamans but is a fair class nonetheless. Focusing Places are a form of artefact being as no Magi knows how to create themspecific places that offer the benefits of a lens at particular times of the year, although the bonus can be must higher than a normal lens.


The introduction of and a complete guide to Blood… More. Minuses – Slow advancement to reach equivalent levels of power with standard wizards and sorcerers; not recommended for bard players seeking power over role-playing opportunities.

Designed for easy integration with any fantasy-based D20 games system, the Encyclopaedia Arcane series does The abilities the class presents are unbalanced and “bland”, making it a strangely poor addition to an otherwise engaging book.

Components and Foci by August Hahn. Sovereign Magic – Mastery of the Land is another volume in the Encyclopaedia Arcane series, focusing on the powers of those legendary wizards and sorcerers who overshadow whole tracts of land.

Within these s… More.

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Star Magic

When you create a new school of magic it needs to be tied into the balance mechanism encyclpoaedia regulates specialist mages. The importance of recording star movements over generations is impressed upon the reader – therefore, long-lived races are more suited to the use of star magic.

The point is that embodied in this work are classic ideas reborn in a new system of magic that is sure to enhance any campaign. The cover has a luminescent quality more than appropriate to the subject.

Encyclopaedia Arcane – Star Magic

The conversion from the non-d20 system seems surprisingly well integrated into the d20 rules, but it does take a little getting used to some of the concepts introduced in the encyclopafdia. There is a short discussion of the effects of metamagic feats on star magic. Magi can channel different stars together and create greater magical effects which are known as a Constellations.


This is just the first level though and after this Star Magic really does become different from the usual routine of assigning encyclopaedka effects to spell slots. The Magus, according to encycopaedia designer’s notes in the back of the book, began development as the principle user of Star Magic. The term Magus is put forward by Star Magic for the name of the spell caster who specialises in Star Magic and rather strangely the Magus prestige class is only five levels.

Shamans the Call of the Wild by Alejandro Melchor. Again, the class is balanced with a diverse selection of class abilities spread throughout the ten levels but a little more information on how to use them in a roleplaying sense might have been useful.

The Star Magic Mechanics section is the core of the supplement and contains terminology and information particular to the star magic channeling system. Demonology – The Encycloapedia Road.

This volume of the Encyclopaedia Arcane series gi… More. A sourcebook for gaining magic from Libraries and… More. The class is described as the master of the Star Magic, the pinnacle of an education in this form of magic. The utility of the system is increased by allowing any arcane magic user access to star magic above and beyond her own standard arcane class abilities.

The Guardian of the Secret Path is a mahic level prestige class that offers svereign wide array of abilities some combat orientated, some magical useful for combating outsiders.