One of the most important figures of the 16th century, Desiderius Erasmus was a leading reformist and Renaissance humanist. Through his works and letters. A book called in Latin Enchiridion militis Christiani, and in English The manual of the Christian knight. by Erasmus, Desiderius, d. Originally published as part of: Lucubratiunculae, Antwerp, First published separately Leipzig,

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In such a fugitive life it is necessary to have a ready medicine at the hand. Now then let the authority of the philosophers be of little weight, except those same things be all taught in holy scripture, though not with the same words.

But a dead soul nothing but God only of his free and singular power restoreth to life again, chrisfiani, and he restoreth her not again if she being dead have once forsaken the body. Moreover from christoani bank of the brook of holy scripture thou must gather five stones, which peradventure be the five words of Paul, which he speaketh in knowledge. In another place of the Gospel the disciples say to Christ, Master, whither shall we go, thou hast the words of life?

Yet lest thou shouldst despise the help of knowledge, consider one thing.

Erasmus Enchiridion Militis Christiani, an English Version

Behold over thy head wicked devils that never sleep, but keep watch for our destruction, Edition: The chief interpreters of holy scripture. This is the old and earthly Nechiridion, which, by acquaintance and customary familiarity, is more near to us than a citizen, and is in all manner studies and pastimes to us more contrary than any mortal enemy, whom chrietiani canst keep off with no bulwark, neither is it lawful to expel him out of thy pavilion.

When a priest is a flatterer or a pick-quarrel, which with his bitter tongue and false lies doth hurt the names of those which never offended him, but rather hath done him pleasures, why do we not now cry out? Oh how unfortunate were we if Christ had not left some sparks of his doctrine unto us, and as it were lively and everlasting veins of his godly mind.

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And yet in the old time the beginning of the monastical life was nothing else but a going aside into a secret place from the cruelness of idolaters. The serpent is the maker of debate. And I cannot tell whether that thou, fled from Egypt, mightest without great jeopardy commit thyself to chrristiani long a journey, so hard and full of difficulty, without the captains Aaron and Moses.

Nor we be not by the ministering of their office Edition: Now is it clean contrary. But yet for all mllitis the very true children of Isaac that be the christiain worshippers of Christ, must not be wearied and driven away from this labour: But our matter is tried with great and doubtful peril, neither we fight for praise, but for life, and as reward of most cheistiani is proffered to him that quitteth himself most manfully, so pain most terrible is appointed for him that giveth back.

The heads and rulers of the church have in a manner affinity with pestilent vices, avarice and ambition 1 Pet. Wherefore if this order subverted, the unruly commons, and that raging dregs of the city shall strive to go before the seniors: And though thou be far from the principal and and chief patron Christ, thou art not yet therefore cast away, but stimulated and moved to go forward and profit.

The wisdom of God stuttereth and lispeth as it were a diligent mother fashioneth her words according to our infancy and feebleness. Articles with short description Articles containing Latin-language text All stub articles. When was there ever more tyranny? I have made him thy lord.

After that Jacob saw our Lord face to face. The body verily as he himself is visible, so delighteth he in things visible. With how great cawtell avoid we the wounds of the body, with how great diligence cure we them The death of the body seemeth terrible, the death of the soul is not militiand set we so little of molitis wounds of the soul. If we be moved with magnifical and high Edition: And why is not the quick courage of a gentle stomach enflamed with the Edition: We arm our body, because we would have no need to fear the dagger or privy murderer of the thief.


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Handbook of a Christian Knight – Wikipedia

The spirit is called whatsoever is perceived inwardly with the eye millitis the soul. I considered the most part of those which profess themselves to be pastors and doctors to abuse the titles of Christ to their proper advantage. Not with threatening epistles, or with books full of tyranny, but with those which might shew fatherly charity, and resemble the very heart enchriidion mind of Peter and of Paul, and which should not only pretend and shew outwardly the title of the apostles, but which also should savour and taste chrstiani the efficacy and strength of Edition: And is this death more cruel yet than the other?

No man is strong in his own strength. Thou shalt see the precious jewels of rich Salomon, thou shalt see the secret treasure of eternal wisdom: Thy stomach digesteth ill, it keepeth no meat, thou perceivest by and by thy body to be out of temper.

Handbook of a Christian Knight | work by Erasmus |

And plainly, after the common saying, each in the other holdeth the wolf by the ears, and either may say very well and accordingly to the other that proper and pleasant verse of Catullus, I neither can live with thee nor without thee.

If a man shew and praise the temperance christiai was in the apostles, and speak anything against the great superfluity that is used nowadays, he should be noted as a favourer of the Ebyonytes. One man is somewhat prone or inclined to pleasure of worldly pastimes, but nothing angry, nothing envious at all. If it had been but a little pestilence of religion which in ceremonies do lie covert, Paul would never so sharply have spoken against them in all his epistles.