Priority And Related Applications. Priority Applications (2). Application Priority date Filing date Title. FRA Emulsion de bitume a. Les enduits à l’émulsion de bitume sont fréquemment multicouches, c’est-à-dire que le cycle des opérations de réalisation (répandage, gravillonnage et. L’invention porte sur un additif pour une émulsion de bitume, qui est un mélange particulier de composés alcoxylés comprenant de faibles quantités et de.

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Road users satisfaction due to increased comfort and better visual aspect; Prevents loss of aggregates as well as oxidation; Protects against weathering, water infiltrations as well as damages caused by snow-removal operations; Cost-efficient treatment with an excellent quality-price ratio; Extension of life expectancy when applied at the right time; Better visibility of road markings.

Some uses of asphalt emulsions: The proven advantages are: Fortunately, certain recycled materials are just as precious as the raw materials they replace. Asphalt emulsions are part of all roadworks and play an essential role in the quality and lifetime of a new pavement.

Road – Summer Products

Contaminated materials may be stabilized with the addition of an asphalt or hydraulic cement binder. Bourget Industrial Sealer is the adequate option for pavements with stripping problems as it cures the surface with a thin layer of asphalt, covering the surface aggregates.

Our efficient and performing equipment can be used in various domains, including: Creative approaches to the use of alternative materials—formerly considered wastes—have become increasingly more important nowadays. Tack coat; Impregnation binder; In-place pavement reprocessing; Cold in-place recycling; Surface treatment.


Upon contact with aggregates, the emulsion breaks, water evaporates, and there remains an instantly rigid binder The asphalt emulsion type is chosen ds to the roadwork to be done and it must comply with certain criteria as regards composition, viscosity, and rupture rate. By providing a permanent solution that is much more cost-efficient and eco-friendly than asphalt, surface treatment is a very interesting alternative for surfacing rural roads, shoulders, as emmulsion as bicycle paths.

Upon contact with aggregates, the emulsion breaks, water evaporates, and there remains an instantly rigid binder.

Société Algérienne d’Emulsion de Bitume Cut Back et Travaux Publics,Sarl

With the proper preparation and adequate granular foundation, the life expectancy of surface treatment compares with that of conventional asphalt. Eco-friendly without the greenhouse gasses produced by the hot-mix process; Offers the best quality-price ratio and allows treatment of more kilometres for a lower cost; Enviable life expectancy, proven resistance, and safer roads improved adherence ; Pavement waterproofing; Suppression of dust and reduced loss of granular materials; Traffic can resume soon after treatment completion; Minimal yearly maintenance; Fabricated on site with local aggregates.

The emulzion emulsion type is chosen according to the roadwork to be done and it must comply with certain criteria as regards composition, viscosity, and dmulsion rate.

Commonly known as economical paving, surface treatment is a road-surfacing method that uses crushed aggregates and asphalt emulsions. Road maintenance — in deicing salts with our CMH; Treating reserves of road abrasives and sand with our ABL; Paving industry — for cold-mix bituminous coated materials; Agriculture — for the mixing of seeds and fertilizers; Animal feeding; Mixing chemical products; Mixing mining products; Mixing contaminated wastes.

Les Entreprises Bourget inc. Work providers as well as engineering firms are encouraged to refer to and use this model.


We call this a preventive treatment because it reinforces and preserves the integrity of the pavement. Our efficient and bitime equipment can be used in various domains, including:. Our portable high-capacity pugmill unit makes it possible to mix and homogenize several types of materials in a matter of seconds.

EPA1 – Emulsion de bitume à pH tamponné – Google Patents

They can be reused in the foundations of various construction structures or as filler material. The great advantage of asphalt emulsion is that it can be used without heat.

We can also apply an asphalt sealer after the treatment to protect the surface and give it the appearance of a new pavement. In addition, in can be applied on gravel roads, existing surfacing materials, or aging asphalt pavement. To ensure compliance of the emulsions produced, a strict quality control is required, which includes several lab tests. See detailed technical specifications here PDF. This binding agent, fabricated at our plant, entirely made in Quebec, is applied with standard spreading trucks, which allows a fast and efficient operation.

It can be applied in one, two or even three coats, depending of the load-bearing structures and traffic flow. This is a technique that consists in spreading a diluted cationic polymer-enriched asphalt emulsion especially formulated to act as a protective screen.