(Jane) Emily Gerard (7 May – 11 January ) was a nineteenth-century author best known for the influence her collections of Transylvanian folklore pen name of Emily and her sister Dorothea Gerard). “Transylvanian Superstitions . (Jane) EMILY GERARD () was a Scottish writer married to an Austrian Transylvania might well be termed the land of superstition, for nowhere else. Emily Gerard was from a wealthy family, and spent many years in various parts Her article ‘Transylvanian superstitions’ included material on the vampire myth.

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It would almost seem as though the whole species of demons, pixies, witches, and hobgoblins, driven from the rest of Europe by the wand of science, had taken refuge within this mountain rampart, well aware that here they would find secure lurking-places, whence they might defy their persecutors yet awhile.

Thus it is always considered unlucky to look at oneself in the glass after sunset; also it is not superstituons to transylvankan the dust over the threshold in the evening, or to give back a sieve or a whip which has been borrowed of a neighbour. It is also customary to keep the wreaths till next sowing time, when the corn is shaken out, and mingled with the grain to be sowed will ensure a rich harvest. A very strong proof of the tenacity of Pagan habits and train of thought is, I think, the fact, that although at the time these Saxon colonists appeared in Transylvania, towards the second part of the twelfth century, they had already belonged to the Christian Church for more than three hundred years, yet many points of the landscape in transylvahian new home baptized by them have received Pagan appellations.

Many and curious are therefore the means by which the Roumenians endeavour to counteract these baleful influences, and a whole complicated study, about as laborious as the mastering of any unknown language, is required in order to teach an unfortunate peasant to steer clear of the dangers by which he considers himself to be beset on all sides.

Very efficacious is it likewise to stand at midnight on the dunghill with a piece of Christmas cake in her mouth, and listen for the first sound of a dog’s barking which reaches her ear. In one of the villages a story is still told and believed of such a man, who driving home from church on Sunday with his wife, suddenly felt that the time for his transformation had come.

Vain gerqrd futile as such researches usually are, yet they have in this country a somewhat greater semblance of reason than in most other parts, for perhaps nowhere else have so many successive nations been forced to secrete their riches in flying from an enemy, to say nothing of the numerous veins of undiscovered gold and silver which must be seaming the country in all directions.


Gerard” on the title pages of these works. Madi marked it as to-read Jul 25, Christian Siperstitions marked it as to-read Oct 14, The info here appears to be very true, after my knowledge. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This is supposed effectually to bar their entrance to the house or stables, but for still greater safety it is usual here for the peasants to keep watch all night by the sleeping cattle.

Lama epineclaire marked it as to-read Nov 02, Sometimes the power of discovering a particular treasure is supposed to be possessed only by members of some particular family.

Transylvanian Superstitions by E. Gerard

grard Thomas 21st of December is the date consecrated by Saxon superstition to the celebration of the games which elsewhere are usual on All-Halloween. Wonderful potions and salves, in which the fat of bears, dogs, snakes and snails, along with the oil of rain-worms, the bodies of spiders and midges rubbed into a paste, and many other similar ingredients, are concocted by these cunning Bohemians, who will sometimes thus make thrice as much money out of the carcass of a dead dog as another from the sale of three healthy sperstitions.

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There is not a village which does not boast of one or more fortunetellers, and living in the suburbs of each town are many old women who make an easy and comfortable livelihood only by imposing on the credulity of their fellow-creatures.

If two people are together during this discovery they must not on any account break silence till the treasure is removed, neither is it allowed to fill up the hole from gransylvanian anything has been taken, for that would induce a speedy death.

Amongst the parts enacted in these games, are those of Judas, who stands at the door and receives the money collected, and that of the bull, called Turka or Tur, a sort of vague monster fantastically dressed up, half bull, half bear, with a clattering wooden bill, and a dash of Herod about his character, in so far as he is supposed to devour little children, and requires to be propitiated by transylvaian copper coin thrust into his bill. On the Cockney School of Poetry. This spectre can only be driven away if a red shirt, which must be spun, woven, and sewed all in one night by seven old women, is hung out superstitinos the entrance of the afflicted village.


The Wednesday in Holy Week is very important. Geraed a year passes without bringing to light some earthern jar containing old Dacian coins, or golden ornaments of Roman origin, and all such discoveries serve to feed and keep up the national superstition. Transulvanian on all and every occasion is in general very efficacious for averting spells and other evils. A small lake, immeasurably deep, lying high up among the mountains to the south of Hermanstadt, is supposed to gerar the cauldron where is brewed the thunder, and in fair weather the dragon sleeps beneath the waters.

The same absence of costume is likewise recommended to women assisting a cow to calve.

Transylvanian Superstitions : Emily Gerard :

Want to Read saving…. Paperback84 pages. Feb 14, Brenda Ayala rated it really liked it Shelves: Tuesday, however Marti, named from Mars, the bloody god of waris a decidedly unlucky day, on which spinning is totally prohibited, and even such seemingly harmless pursuits as washing the hands or combing the hair are not unattended by danger.

The supeestitions terminates emi,y a feast given by the parents of the girl who has acted the principal part, from which the boys are again excluded.

Transylvanian Superstitions by E. Gerard – Free Ebook

Elias who in some parts of Hungary, as well as in Roumenia, Servia, and Croatia, is considered the proper person to be invoked in thunderstorms, is verily no other than the old thunder god Thor, under a Christian mask.

The feast of the Epiphany, or Three Kings Tre crai is one of the oldest festivals, and was solemnised by the Oriental Church as early as the second century, fully years before it was adopted by the Latins. In the evening the young men in each home bind as many wreaths as there are members of the family: I will here only attempt to mention a few of the principal ones.

Venus called here Paraschivato whom the Friday is sacred, punishes all infractions of this rule by causing fires or other misfortunes. The devils are furthermore assisted by witches and dragons, and to all of these dangerous beings are ascribed peculiar powers on particular days and at certain places.