Eleni [Nicholas Gage] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Like New!!!. In , as civil war ravaged Greece, children were abducted and sent to communist “camps” inside the Iron Curtain. Eleni Gatzoyiannis, forty-one. In Nicholas Gage’s memoir Eleni, a Communist guerrilla captain also announced that the residents of the small Greek village of Lia would be.

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She was one of thevictims of the Greek Civil War. Inas civil war ravaged Greece, children were abducted and sent to communist “camps” inside the Iron Curtain. Eleni, an intensely moving and compelling book, is the fruit of his search for the truth. I am hoping this book, because of it unforgettable, will finally lure me back to reading as voracious as I used to. This is especially true when it comes to the position of women.

Before the war, the banality of gave is broken occasionally by the innocuous practice of neighborhood gossip.

Eleni by Nicholas Gage – Penguin Books Australia

A movement that the villagers initially embraced, but which ultimately drove them to ruin and many to their deaths. Please enter your comment!

Greece – Chrissie recommends “Eleni” 6 35 Oct 17, Eleni Gatzoyiannis, forty-one, defied the traditions of her small village and the terror of the communist insurgents to arrange for the escape of her three daughters and her son, Nicola. I also find reading about WW2 from the Greek perspective interesting.


Eleni takes you into the heart a village destroyed in the name of ideals and into the soul of a truly heroic woman. This book is written for the most ordinary person and by the most extraordinary man.

Eleni by Nicholas Gage

Sep 29, Pages Buy. Here both are united against Eleni and her children. The history of the Greek Civil War is clearly and intimately depicted. It’s not the best written, although it is well written; and at gaeg it was difficult to keep the secondary players straight, although the author did an excellent job of reminding you who was who.

A Place for Us: Eleni’s Family in America

My son was nine, as I was on the day I had learned she was dead. He is most known for two books of autobiographical memoirs, the best-selling Eleni and A Place for Us He was a writer for the New Nichloas Times who left the paper in and traveled back to Greece to unravel the story of his mother, the woman who secured his freedom.

It is a compelling story presented in a way that resonates with a broad audience. Read this book many years ago and it was a heart rending story.

Life under Occupation: A Review of Eleni by Nicholas Gage

The story follows the author’s mother who bore the brunt of her family’s hardships to ensure their survival and who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their salvation. View all 6 comments.

A powerful, vivid and well-researched masterpiece that threads together the historical, cultural and deeply personal story of Eleni Gatzoyiannis, who during the Greek civil war of the late s, was micholas, tortured and executed in the village of Lia for attempting to save her children from the grips of communist guerrillas. Just to bring communism to the country. The work includes suspenseful, harrowing and touching stories that offer a vivid account of life under occupation, a tragic reality for many places bordering Turkey at the moment.

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It is a wrenching story of love, unfathomable hardship, and betrayal.

My older daughter, growing out of babyhood, resembled my mother more every day. An awesome, well-written book that I’m proud to say is one of the few books I’ve read more than once and plan to read over and over again.

Eleni is a Greek mother residing in a mountainous village called Lia.

Why was she executed? He gag confronts this lead communist leader, with the underlying desire to kill him. Her son, Nicholas Gage, was then eight years old.

For that act, she was imprisoned, tortured, and executed in cold blood.

This is a moving, fascinating, exploration of the German occupation, the power vacuum following the German defeat and withdrawal, warring guerrilla factions, and the subsequent civil war. Part of me – as a modern independant woman – was struck by the extreme conservatism elenk the villages.