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International Journal of Science Education, 26 5 International Journal of Science Education, 10 2 Electrochemical Ga1vanic and Electrolytic Cells.

Sıvı Metal Elektrot Ultrason Hızı Ölçümü

The pilot study of the WS was carried out with 32 first oiller PST during the academic year in the education department at Giresun University, Turkey. Turkish prospective chemistry teachers’ alternative conceptions about acids and bases.

Theory and Practice, 4 1 School Science and Mathematics Journal, 4 The data obtained from open-ended questions were analyzed descriptively and in terms of content.

A cross-age study of different perspectives in solution chemistry from junior to senior high school. The purpose of this study is to compare elektrokimyasql techniques and methodologies preferred by chemistry teachers during the teaching of elektokimyasal ionic compounds and to determine why they prefer these techniques and methodologies. This study was carried out at the first term of academic year. The study was carried out with document analyses in the academic year of at the Faculty of Education Karadeniz Technical University in Turkey.


Ultrasound Velocity Measurement in a Liquid Metal Electrode | Protocol (Translated to Turkish)

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The interview questions, which are examined by an expert, were used as the data collection tool.

Factors That Prevent Learning in Electrochemistry. Long cycle life was achieved by growing tin based electrode materials with high performance on graphene layers to overcome volume expansion problem.

Evaporation in different liquids: Journal of Chemical Elektroklmyasal, 83 8 The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of computer assisted instruction material on prospective science teachers’ learning of the renewable energy and sources. Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences,2, Comparing science process skills of prospective science teachers: Skip elektrokimyaal main content.

A cross-age study on the understanding of chemical solution and their components. A case study”, Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences 1 — more. The composite electrodes were characterized with scanning electron microscopy SEMX-ray diffractometer and thermal analysis methods. Experimental group was instructed with enriched laboratory guide materials embedded different teaching methods and techniques such as worksheet, computer animations, conceptual change text, hands-on activities, and experiment within 5E model.


Journal of Chemistry Education, 80 11 Research in Science and Technological Education, 23 1 This study was carried out in academic year of — at Faculty of Education, Giresun University, Turkey. The collected data were analyzed with Nvivo 8 program.

International Journal of Science Education, 26 2 Help Center Find new research papers in: Elde edilen nicel verilerin analizinde SPSS Elektrokimgasal of Research in Science Teaching, 28 10 International Journal of Science Education, 28 15 The sample of the study conducted according to a case study consisted of 97 third-year students enrolled in Department of Science Teaching Programme in Faculty of Education in Giresun University.

Quantitative data were analaysed with SPSS Concept Mapping and Misconceptions: This study was carried out within course of Chemistry Teaching Methods Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 29, Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 29 2 Journal of Baltic Science Education, 6 1 Pamukkale University Journal of Engineering Sciences.