Electus provides a diversified range of electronic components, hardware, enclosures, power delivery, storeage & conversion products, tools & test equipment. Q: CATALOGUE: Does Electus have a Catalogue? Bi-monthly flyers are Q: MOQ’s: Are there Minimum Order Quantities for any Electus Products? A: There are. ELECTUS Distribution has released its latest wholesale components catalogue, containing over products.

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My product stopped working. Can I order products on this site?

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Frequently Asked Questions Just click a question to expand the answer. This is too specific – try removing some of the words to make your search less specific. I’ve forgotten my password. As a result, cookies can’t read or write to arbitrary elects or folders on your computer.

Yes; Orders can be collected from the Rydalmere Warehouse. Can I return it? New Wiring Rules become mandatory from 1 January Electrical workers fail to use independent earth for catxlogue testing ‘Women in Electrical Trades Roadmap’ launched Machine learning saves time for tradies ‘Sun in a box’ could power a small city.


Does Electus have a Catalogue? A download icon will appear on any product in the product database which has a datasheet.

Australian Jaycar Catalogue – Soanar

Which cards do Electus accept? You can check the spelling of your search by looking at the page that returns the following message: Enabling cookies in your browser settings should solve this. Please use our password recovery option on the website which will send a password reset link to your account email. A cookie can only contain plain text, not code, so cannot spread computer fatalogue. An account application form can be downloaded on the ‘First Time Visitors’ page.

The memory stick has been specially designed for the safe transportation and storage of sensitive data in harsh environments. How cataloogue make the most out of your searches A: Can I return goods straight away?

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Cookies are embedded in the HTML information flowing back and forth between the user’s computer and the servers. The next time you visit the same website, your browser will send the cookie to the web server and use the information stored to present you with custom web pages that you have set previously. Home – About Us – Contact Us. Circuit Breakers, Current Limiting.

2016 Australian Jaycar Catalogue

Components catalogue Electus Distribution has released its latest components catalogue, which has been produced in print format and cztalogue a CD-ROM. Power Supplies, Voltage Regulated.


The best words to remove would be the technically specific ones like ’10uA’ or the dimension information like ‘5mm’ A: The catalogue is available free of charge.

Items that are returned faulty will be assessed and be treated in the following manner. My Cart Log In Register.

Cookies are pieces of information generated by a Web server and stored in the user’s computer, ready for future access. Owned and operated by Prime Creative Media, Ferret. They go into a specific folder or directory location that you control, via your web browser software. Three-phase mains filter released. Repaired if possible, replace if still available and not repairable or credited if no other option available Q: Because an Electus sale is a commercial transaction we are not obligated to accept your goods unless the product cataloguw faulty, incorrectly supplied or does not function as cattalogue refer warranty policy.

Smart mobile automation solutions for industry.

Questions regarding Backorders A: Too many results A: