Title, El último elfo. Author, Silvana De Mari. Publisher, Carvajal Education, ISBN, , Length, pages. Subjects. The Last Dragon is a children’s fantasy novel by Silvana De Mari, first published in Italy in under the title L’ultimo elfo. Set in a post-apocalyptic world. Silvana De Mari was born in in Caserta, Italy. She is a writer, psychotherapist, and doctor. L’ultimo Elfo (The Last Elf, also published as The Last Dragon) was her third children’s book and the first to be translated into English. It has also.

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It was probably necessary for the silvaan, but a little more description of the events wouldn’t have hurt. O netrukus kartu nukeliauja ir link paslaptingos vietos, kur gyvena drakonas.

But I kind of liked how their lives started to slowly connect together and how it revealed something important about Robi. The dragon gave me the biggest pause, though, and if I’d managed to actively like the dragon Here’s the thing: Simplicity presents the most direct method of understanding the world, and humans have apparently lost that understanding.

On a personal level I thought the book was a good read and kind of fun, making you want to read it more to find out what will happen next. Ci sono personaggi costruiti benissimo, eroici e hltimo al tempo stesso. The book won the prestigious italian prizes Premio Bancarellino and Premio Andersen [3] [4] [5].

El último elfo

Nov 03, Book. Though he is one born lately, as he so often reminds utimo companions, he has already experienced much misery. I learned this was a translated book, so I feel a bit bad for sharing this opinion but I’m going to maintain it, as a mild warning towards people less used to reading perhaps not perfectly translated books and I rather disliked the first part.

It’s called a beard.

Some connections I could make to the world we live in today are that every once in a while we get cold and it rains but its not an ever ending rain like it is in the book. A name is a marii. Silvana De Mari was born in in Caserta, Italy.


The Last Dragon (novel) – Wikipedia

Dec 29, Eelfo rated it it was amazing Shelves: The story is well-told and some very nice touches the dog coming back ek me of Argos in “The Odyssey” and some very funny lines, but the ending was wrong.

I think the story is aimed at older elementary children, though adults will enjoy the dialogue. And it carried on for WAY too long. In part I, Yorsh is probably only five or six, and he grew up outside of human culture, leading to some hilarious mistakes in language, custom, and culture.

He is the only existing elf left and he soon discovers that he is part of a prophecy to save the world from the Dark Age. De Mari did a good job creating characteristics for elfs and dragons that are unique and quite different from human characteristics.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Then men lost writing. The story spans 2 generations and tends to drag. Fortunately, this sort of comedy is just embellishment on a book that is of great substance.

El último elfo by Silvana de Mari (4 star ratings)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When the last dragon and the last elf break the circle, the past and the future will meet, and the sun of a new summer will shine in the sky. Overall, this was a very heartwarming book and a good read. The book is beautiful. But one ultimmo detail is tossed out relatively fast with no real explanation why.

It fell short by trying to do too much in too short a space.

Paperbackpages. Erbrow is one dragon that I would have loved to meet. A friend recommended and lent this book to me, and mmari my gosh, what a good book. Paskutinis Elfas, Paskutinis Drakonas, lemtis bei atgimimas. These small details are what make me question him as a character but I think he’s a likeable protagonist with good character growth.


This is one ulimo the little books from my childhood that make me as a child to cry. The elf accidentally sees an ancient prophecy written on a wall saying that the last elf and the last dragon must meet and break the circle so that all the misery on earth may end. Incorrect narrator 2 15 May 25, Definitely ulgimo adult – the themes elfp kind of glossed-over in parts, but that’s OK because of the target audience.

As Yorsh grows, he learns about the world around him, and his eyes are opened. I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys fantasy – especially if they like simple, easy-to-read books. He must lead the beleaguered humans in a last battle for their freedom. Man mano che la storia si dipana davanti ai nostri occhi ci ritroviamo nella angosciosa storia di un piccolo elfo innocuo e smarrito, il quale riesce a trovare per fortuna due esseri umani che si prenderanno cura di lui I don’t know if I’m perfectly happy with all the time spent reading this book and the outcome, but it madi left an impression And despite the fact that I suffer like crazy in thinking about how much suffering they still have to endure my babies!

The style changes as she narrates each character, making it seem from their view without using first person. Yorsh is off on an odyssey.

Yorsh has grown somewhat older, and he goes to rescue a bunch of mistreated children from an orphanage which includes Robi,another protagonist. Around this theme, Silvana de Mari builds a world populated with characters both endearing and terrifying.

They do with help from those who rebel against the “government” and at great peril. Humans have hair on their faces.