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It evident to say their satisfaction to have discovered our earth whose residents are physically very similar to mitserio Ummits. The ummits establish contact with, general liberal professions, ecclesiastics, journalists, members of the great public services, etc The Ummits great explorer of the ” Milky Way ” decided after several months of observation to send on Earth an expeditionary corps of some individuals whose spacial vessel will land, for the first time on March the 28th of at 4h17 GMT in the vicinity of Digne in the Alpes of Misteri Provence.

This affair has been evoked in several books, articles of reviews and an emission of radio whose here is some french characteristics: This affair has been evoked in several books, articles of reviews and an emission of radio whose here is some french characteristics:. We have learnt that top-secret military manoeuvresbecause municipal administrations have not even been warned of this opportunity, have taken place justly in the mountain of the Cheval-Blanc and that curious were mercilessly keeping away from this place at this moment.

Back to the index page. They assert having ” dug in the ground to eight meters of depth a ” mini base ” whose access is perfectly camouflaged and that is in form of a gallery of 4 meter length, supported by extensible modular hangers formed with an alloy of magnesium and being found in one of the mountainous buttresses of the region on the proximity of the Peak of the Cheval-Blanc whose summit culminates to meters.

III Continuations being able to be revealing. What can we, modest citizens, make then, in order for brusting this incredible truth out in the wash? They assert equally, that they have got very rapid engines that, to transcend the speed of the light, use a physical trick that we have not still discovered and that allows them to join the Earth in approximately 6 months while the light itself would put Why these Ummits act they then so?

SESMA, the ummits assert to have explored near by systems and to have found only xe alone civilization having the same degree of furtherance as themselves: They explain it to us very well by giving us a lesson of good manners: In an extraordinary of a d of 50 pages in possession of the writer Antonio Ribera, the Ummites give very meticulous details on their landing on the 28th of March between Digne and la Javie, in the french department of the Basse-Alpes.


But close to 50 years after, we hoping that these recluses, well excusable at kmmo periodwill be rapidly swept and we urge from one edall person, having known the ” Pere Violat “, still alive, or his close relatives and who possesses any information, even insignificant about this complaint deposited at the police office by this farmer to write us on the Web or to run at the closest journalist home Apart those of “Science et Vie” because they have riculoused this affair in the N of Nov 91 to burst out the incredible truth.

They have themselves spacial vessels recognizable by a sort of “H” mark, whose central bar is cutted in its middle by a short vertical line and that is registered on the inferior part of each engine.

Let us specify, finally, this affair that the Ummites also confess to misetrio largely compensated this proprietor that had therefore no interest to the period to shout it on the roofs. In this country, inthey took contact with a certain Fernando SESMAtoday deceased, and who was interested, at this time, in the phenomenon of ufos. Tel 01 42 08 45 Yet these peoples receive each, hundreds of pages referring to the intimate structure of the Cosmos, to the technology of the ummit spacial navesto the fundamental logic, to the structure of the matter.

El Misterio De Ummo/Mystery of the Planet Ummo : Antonio Ribera :

The French astrophysicien J. They also reveal us, according to their inquiries in ufo circles, that the Earth is apparently visited by many extra-terrestrial civilizations who circulate in the Cosmos. The Ummits have then put themselves to dispatch by mail to different persons, thousands of dee technical documents describing their language, their vessels, their life on their planet of origin, etc.

II The genesis of the affair.

The addressees of the multiple documents sent by the Ummits to the earthlings are in general peoples having a big enough high culture levelbut they are rarely scientists. People having consulted this article: A Freedom of Information Actthat would oblige the government to open the ” now non secret ” police files and therefore to force it, to disclose its underhand game in this fantastic Ummites’affair.

Antoni Ribera i Jordà – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

It is mlsterio unthinkable that the farmer has not lodged a complaint against person the next day or the days after at the nearest police office of its domicile? Do you think that it arrives very often that one steals the electricity meter of a house?

That proves without any doubt that ” one ” researched this famous gallery that has been probably discovered d the sophisticateed ways and other radars that possesses the Army. Here is the summary in very few words, of the most extraordinary ufo current affair, misterii it is still up to day, as a lot of others, to be finally discussed openly on the public place, in order, if it is proven authentic,that we could to pull off from it some fantastic consequences that are required.


El Misterio De Ummo/Mystery of the Planet Ummo

In these documents, they assert to belong of a Kisterio Club and confess modestly to have been themselves visited during a very long period by some extremely evolved peoples whom they have sometimes never succeeded in the determination of their identification.

A message emitted in by the Earth at the beginning of the radio would have been received inso 15 years later by residents of the planet UMMO. They possess some morphological differences with us, as the absence of glottis, but these differences are sufficiently minor for allowing them to pass entirely unseen on our planet. From there the Ummits will be able to spread a bit everywhere especially in West Germany, in Australia, in Canada and especially in Spain.

On the other hand, we ask to all the professional of the French Jurisprudence and of the articles of lawto research if, in France, we have not a ” hidden Law ” as in the United States, the Law on the Liberty of the information F.

Indeed, the ummites have in this same report of 50 pages, confess to have, in the night of 24 to 25 Aprilorganized a fantastic unmo raid ” on a farm of the region, where, about 3 o’clock and, after having put in full sleep all occupants, mistterio have stolen on the miisterio, multiple objects: Why this is-it again be keep very hidden, while the National Security is no longer rl in causeafter 50 years of muteness and that such a discovery makes part indisputably of the Humanity patrimony?

Albin Michel Aout It remains us, however a possibility. It is therefore totally inadmissible that some representative civil servant of the Francehomeland of human rights, could act by this manner. Small msterio with a large head and an other planet was resided by prehistoric men.

PETIT has elsewhere, in a book appeared in Novembermade shattering revelations of it, on this subject. In a letter send to Mr F.

Albin Michel Novembre ou Ed. In that way they compensate us of the stream of information that they extractwithout our knowledge, of the context of our civilization. This transfer well dosed of ummit knowledge is a sort of compensation for their parasistic presence on the Earth. These documents will remain a long time unexploited untilwhere was organized in Madrid the first symposium, followed by one more important in May of in Barcelone which itself, have made the object of an report of pages of great format.