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While he covered many spiritual and esoteric topics, his central mission was unveiling what he termed the path to liberation. The sign of Pisces shows two fish swimming in opposite directions, one above the other: From that point on, the esoteric side of the organization is their responsibility. ComiXology Matrimonjo of Digital Comics.

This path is reputed to involve a set series of tests and initiations that candidates must pass through. In time, more holistic approaches to spirituality were popularized that drew upon many traditions, and from this the New Age movement emerged.

For example, tantric schools arose in Hindu and Buddhist societies, emphasizing secrecy, esotericism, and the need for initiation to obtain knowledge and liberation. Under his innovative direction, the organization grew rapidly over the next ten years, becoming an international organization once moresuccessfully bringing the teachings of Gnosticism established by Samael Aun Weor to tens of thousands of people.

Yet, in a pattern that has repeated for thousands of years, the inability of the multitudes—and the religious authorities who led them—to comprehend those practicing esoteric spirituality often led to misunderstanding, hostility, and persecution. Revised and expanded in Consciousness, Subconsciousness, Supraconsciousness, Clairvoyant Consciousness. When Samael Aun Weor publicly revealed the true teachings, the outraged church had him imprisoned in an effort to repress what he revealed.

Samael Aun Weor attested that esoteric sun of the path, however, are not given in or by the esoteric school itself, but are conferred in out-of-body experiences in higher dimensions by spiritual beings—they cannot be conferred by people here.

In modern times, however, any references had become too fragmented and arcane to be accessible. Read more Read less.

The Perfect Matrimony Quotes

Without a doubt He and She are our very Real Being beyond the self of psychology. Books to get you or a friend started with the study eo Gnosis. The world is believed to cycle through astrological ages consecutively governed by a particular zodiac sign and its corresponding planet.


El Matrimonio Perfecto, first edition revised edition ], The Revolution of the Dialectic Samael Aun Weor was among those samadl believed this. In the artwork of the medieval alchemists, people are depicted bathing in waters of purification, and couples are shown in coitus while some metaphysical liquid is purified.

Samael Aun Weor specified this shift occurred on February 4 th Such knowledge has always been preserved in secret, held safely for those who demonstrated their ability to use it properly.

It is the Intimate Christ, our profound innermost Saviour. The movement was said to run by the same principles of initiatic schools of the past, which were laid down in its constitution.

In the past, esoteric schools were usually secret and hidden, and people came by samaeel only.

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Samael taught that each initiation has requirements to be met, which become more stringent as the path progresses. With the Age of Aquarius approaching, in the s Samael Aun Weor publicly revealed an esoteric practice he said was the most secret and guarded of all—sexual alchemy—by which a husband and wife could direct their creative energy inwardly during sexual union for inner spiritual growth and development, which he maintained was essential to reach enlightenment.

Although it operated publicly, its standards and influences were held to be the same as esoteric schools of the past. Enabled Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Get the book direct from the publisher: Each Yuga is said to be successively less spiritual.

El Matrimonio Perfecto (spanish Edition) by Samael Aun Weor | eBay

Default Title Date Random. Reveals the true meaning of the genuine documents and symbols used by the medieval alchemists, such as Paracelsus, Basil Valentine, Francis Bacon, and more, by showing how those teachings are hidden in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Judeo-Christian Bible.

People only came by invitation, if they were sufficiently serious, committed, and considered trustworthy enough to keep strict vows of silence. Perfectk 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. In those dens of the black lodge it is not unusual to find terms, sciences, and rituals similar to those used in weof initiatic schools.

Beside every temple of light there is another one of darkness, and where the light shines the brightest the darkness becomes more dense. However, Mark attests that expulsion was not even raised at that meeting matrlmonio it was conferred to discuss sending Spanish teachers to go and work with Mark in Australia, which later occurred.


Throughout the preceding Piscean Age, esoteric knowledge was an undercurrent through history, sometimes veiled in religious symbology and parables—but rarely disclosed openly. While the influence of spiritual beings upon an esoteric school cannot be seen with the naked eye, it could be glimpsed in out-of-body experiences.

Kali Yuga is so named after the evil demon Kali as distinct from the Goddess Kali and is seor known as a dark age or the age of vice, because it is a time of spiritual degeneration. Weor explained that the conjoining of matri,onio and female energies during union unleashed the powers of creation. Just the same, the soul is created through sex, but not the sex of the common person. Ds the Piscean Age, spiritual traditions in other regions also had esoteric components that faced varying levels of marginalization.

Back About Books Messages Lectures. The Mother Goddess, in our own intimacy, is the female aspect of our Father who is in secret.

The symbol of Aquarius is a man pouring out water from a vessel he carries. If you only want one book about real spiritual practice, The Perfect Matrimony has everything you need.

Matrimonio Perfecto, El : Samael Aun Weor :

Before he passed away inSamael Aun Weor instructed Rabolu to take back the Gnostic Movement from the hands of the renegades, so it could once again serve its role as an esoteric school, with a connection to the other side, and under the direction of one who carried the esoteric flag. Indeed, this very dilemna is referenced in the opening passages of the Gospel of John.

However the movement existed before this time: He stated this new era radically changed the way esoteric knowledge could be presented—for the first time in thousands of years, it could be given openly—and that it was his task to disclose it. Then when the person is asleep at night, spiritual beings would place them in a realistic dream scenario where they would not know they are dreaming, and a situation would arise where their anger is provoked.

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