El Eternauta tells the story of Juan Salvo and a group of survivors of an alien invasion. A unknown race of aliens are invading earth an use others slave alien. At the end, the comic writer wonders, is telling the story enough? Perhaps not, but El Eternauta © Héctor Germán Oesterheld and Francisco Solano López. El Eternauta (Eternity Traveller). Real Name: Juan Salvo. Identity/Class: Human mutate. Occupation: Factory owner (factory manufactured electrical transformers).

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To see may in the Berlin Literary Colloquium.

By the time he published the sequel, he and his daughters had joined the Montoneros leftist guerrilla group. Since the restoration of democracy inEl Eternauta has been continued in different versions by a variety of writers and artists. They are alien intelligences from another planet destroyed by Them. Fue publicada en libro, junto a otros relatos del autor, por Ediciones Colihue en Oesterheld himself noted the le of a single hero in this first story of El Eternauta.

Considering it now, though it was not my original intention, I feel strongly that the only real hero is the hero ‘en masse,’ never the individual hero, the hero alone. Buenos Aires is leveled by a nuclear warhead. Like what you read? It’s been translated from Spanish into Italian and French, but never until now English.

During these trips they find Pablo, a twelve-year-old boy, ek realize that crazed or needy survivors may be as much of a threat as the deadly snow.

Graphic Lit

Salvo reluctantly agrees to join them. Juan Salvo, better known as the Eternaut, is a human from the future who searches tirelessly through time for his wife, Elena, and his daughter, Martita. Consequently, the authors had to finish the story prematurely. After managing a few victories, the resistance forces are ambushed and reduced to a few men.


As the story progresses, the real cause of the snowfall is revealed and the protagonist is quickly drafted into a makeshift resistance army. There are notable differences in this second part. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Rather, it’s written from the point of view of the everyday person in a country indirectly threatened by the escalation of nuclear weaponry and the constant specter of world war. In Spanish with English, French and Italian subtitles.

Es una tierra arrasada, lo que alguna vez fuera Buenos Aires, donde los hombres sobreviven en estado primitivo, casi esclavizados por los invasores.

A few days into the snowfall, they learn that the phenomenon was caused by an extraterrestrial invasion to Earth. And these are images that have not let go of me for years. They are recruited into an improvised resistance army to fight the invaders. Salvo’s group splits, and he tries to escape with his wife and daughter using one of the alien spaceships. Argentina in was at the beginning of the Dirty War, a period of especially cruel repressive measures taken by the military government in Argentina against its own people.

Numerous comic book artists and members of the specialized press have remarked on Oesterheld’s amplitude of subtle interpretations, veiled references and double readings.

Perhaps best known in the U. In the opening card-playing scene, after hearing about a cloud of radioactive dust moving south after U. Oesterheld uses the vehicle eternzuta the story to engage with many of the pressing global political issues of the time, but from a distinctly Argentinian point of view.


El Eternauta – Professor LatinX

He died in August from a cerebral hemorrhage. It was criticized for being just another sci-fi comic instead of a continuation of the series’ political content. By arrangement with the estates of the authors.

And so it reflects, even if it wasn’t my intention, my inner feelings: Erica Mena is a poet, translator, and editor, not eyernauta in that order. Has Oesterheld had a premonition? They ironically call it a “hobby” and wonder when the U. In the real Argentina, the military junta transferred under Jorge Rafael Videla inthe Argentine population with state terror, in fear and terror.

commic Pilcher, Tim and Brad Brooks. In order to invade Earth, they rely on the help of the Eternauga, the Gurbos, and the Hands. Juan Salvo begins to travel through time seeking them, eventually being named Eternautaa voyager of eternity. His daughters also disappeared, as were their husbands. In this way, the hero of this story is the collective.

Oesterheld returned to El Eternauta with a remake and a sequel, published in andrespectively.