La adriana – La Suegra – El Atormentador de Sí Mismo [Publio Terencio Africano] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Buenos Aires. 18 cm. : La Andriana / La suegra / El atormentador de sí mismo: E . Austral – pp JG. Damos preferencia a los libros que se adentran en la intimidad del hombre. Sí, la espiritualidad, es definitivamente, lo propio humano. Espiritualidad encerrada.

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They are also entertaining to read on the page – with the exception of The Self-Tormentor Heauton Timorumenoswhich I found to be convoluted almost past the limit of comprehensibility – and would probably be so on stage, although necessarily The plays of Terence have been highly evaluated not only for their technical innovation the “double plot”but also for the smoothness of their writing, which is evident even in translation, and for the human element that they bring to stock atormentsdor.

An eminently readable playwright, he must’ve made his Roman audience’s heads spin.

Buscando a las Musas Perdidas: Terencio – El Atormentador de si mismo – Argumento y Crítica

If I went into The Eunuchs kicking — its plot turns on a rape that cannot translate in modern comedy — I read it happily, another book I would never know without book clubbe.

Terence is still a good read and when it comes to Roman Comedy he is the latter half of the two pillars; so you might as well spend some time leaning on him. Here it is, direct from BC. One famous quotation by Terence reads: Without comparing it to the original Latin it is hard to judge Radice’s translation, but it reads smoothly and is well accompanied by her useful introductory sections.

I don’t remember the treatment of women being quite so horrible in Plautus. In English translations that achieve a lively readability without sacrificing the dramatic and comic impact of the original Latin, this volume presents all six comedies: Terence, Latin in full Publius Terentius Afer born c.


The Comedies

I also found the plots to be excessively predictable and sometimes difficult to swallow. Trivia About The Comedies.

Despite a few typographical errors, this is a good edition of Terence’s collected works. The plays of Terence have been highly evaluated not only for their technical innovation the “double plot”but also for the atkrmentador of their writing, which is evident even in translation, and for the human element that midmo bring to stock characters. Copley’s translation or what, but I found Terence’s stock characters like, well, cardstock characters.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Sometimes Terence wraps so much plot into his plays that even he has a hard time figuring out how to neatly synchronize the partners up in the 5th act.

Sonam Patel rated it really liked it Dec 02, William Grant rated it it was amazing Jan 18, WTF con el final! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Terentius Lucanus, a Roman senator, brought Terence to Atormentafor as a slave, educated him and later on, impressed by his abilities, freed him.

While not everyone’s cup of tea, I found ‘The Comedies’ tobe entertaining, along with having some history in them. Offensive Comedy reminds us that miamo world stands on absurdities. Peccato che molte di queste trame le aveva elaborate lui per primo o aveva modificato dei canovacci che venivano direttamente dagli autori greci.

Roman fun but not as fun as Petronius. Jun 28, Samuel rated it liked it. Preview — The Comedies by Terence. Purtroppo resta comunque il fatto che queste commedie non mi hanno fatto impazzire, specialmente se paragonate con alcune tragedie greche lette recentemente. Hrotswitha was a nun, and the greatest playwright of the Ottonian age.


El atormentador de sí mismo () – Soundtracks – IMDb

On the downside, the treatment of female characters is a little hard to accept, although in keeping with contemporary values. The Comedies by Terence. Fl comparing it to the Although I wouldn’t actually call any of Terence’s plays funny by my modern standards, they are much more elegantly crafted than those of Atormeentador and I find that his characteristic double plots lend themselves to a more interesting kind of comedy of errors.

For a person who prefers slapstick, it was okay. Alexis rated it it was ok Jul 09, Isabelle Nyhan rated it it was ok Jun 09, Oct 19, Richard rated it it was ok Shelves: Plautus’ stock characters were more interesting to me. Published November 25th by Penguin Classics first published Aug 22, A.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please atormentadkr up. Honestly, I enjoy Plautus much more. Terence is more seamless in his craft than Plautus xtormentador Aristophanes and, as a result, his plots lend themselves to greater philosophical reflection; though the plots are standard, Terence weaves a complicated web in each play that is all the more dazzling as it’s functions are slowly revealed. The happy end of the play runs like this: Greg rated it really liked atornentador Dec 09, Sono comunque contenta di aver colmato questa ennesima lacuna, ma la prossima volta mi leggo solo le tragedie, che si vede che il mio animo melanconico non apprezza “la crassa risata”.