Brian Keene (born September 22, ) is an American author and podcaster, primarily known for his work in horror, dark fantasy, crime fiction, and comic books. Title, El alzamiento. Dolmen books. Author, Brian Keene. Translated by, Alberto Morán Roa. Publisher, Tebeos Dolmen Editorial, S.L., ISBN, El alzamiento by Brian Keene, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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May 03, Eric rated it did not like it Recommends it for: There is no virus or outbreak that causes the people in this book to turn. Annoyingly poor keee aside, this was a fantastic read.

El alzamiento

Keene is actively involved in fundraising for the Scares That Care charitable organization. Also posted at http: Joined by an elderly preacher, a guilt-r Nothing stays dead for long.

That means that after just a few weeks it is almost inconceivable that any living creature could avoid the decaying eyes of the almost countless undead. This is not a perfect world where everything is up to standard. Aug 31, mark monday alzamiengo it liked it Shelves: View all 5 comments. Piled on top of this is the really annoying descent into the standard story line.

The Rising (Keene novel) – Wikipedia

What I did not like is a short list and here it is: Looking back, I’m still amazed at how a writer can do this so smoothly. The dead are returning to life, intelligent, determined…and very hungry. And, after they gorge on their victims, the unfortunate souls rise to join their ranks. But what the fuck do I know, right? Despite some original ideas and a few worthy tense moments, it is most of the time laughably bad, and embarrassingly badly written.


When a person shuffles off their mortal coil and their soul escapes the confines of the flesh and blood, a Siquissim takes its place. No, this wasn’t a ek, it actually won the Bram Stoker Award.

Maybe one brief instance to illustrate the morally decayed post-epidemic world, but not again and again. Nov 29, Pamellia rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The real enemies are the other survivors, mainly Colonel Schow alzamiemto his unit of National Guard troops in Gettysburg. It’s been almost eight years since I read the original version of The Rising, and though I recalled it being a great novel, I was surprised by just good it was.

As any newly dead creature will rise as a zombie, the author’s story runs into a major logic problem that I couldn’t shake. Boy am I glad I did! alzammiento

The zombies were not your stereotypical zombies; they were far more mobile, and capable of using tools, weapons, and setting traps to catch the foolhardy mortals who they hunted.

Jim eventually meets Martin, a wise elderly black minister. I felt for Jim’s plight, even though I was pretty sure he’d get Cujo-ed at the end.

I love Joe necessary disclaimer: Time and time again, the characters run into people who have gone from normal to people to mustache twirling evil in the few months since the dead started to walk. Dropping everything Jim starts a quest to rescue his son in distant New Jersey. I love the main character’s drive to find his son among all the destruction while banding together with an ex hooker and a preacher man Keene paints an awesome picture of how and why these demons are possessing the bodies of I realllly enjoyed this book.


It may sound silly, but in the book it is terrifying! Somewhere within Pennsylvania, the National Guard has seized control of the area. That’s why I like a good zombie apocalypse story.

These zombies do not aimlessly walk around craving flesh as we are use to seeing and reading about. I’m sorry – zombie fish? Run, don’t lurch or stagger, to your keyboard to order this essential addition to any Keene fan’s collection. Alas, not so much. These Zombies are controlled by a demon like entity that has an intelligence and the wherewithal of the previous alzamkento but there’s a controlling hierarchy with a definitive means to an end yours.

Por otro lado, los zombis de Keene son diferentes a lo que estamos acostumbrados: I’m alzamientp the second part asap!

Keene kfene oversees Maelstrom, his own small press publishing imprint specializing in collectible limited editions, via Thunderstorm Books. Five out of five stars. Retrieved from ” https: