Socal Studies, Hindi English, India, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Allahabad, Kolkata, Banglore, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Story of Ekalavya Near his house, under a tree Eklavya installed a clay idol of Dronacharya that he worshiped as his Guru!. The story of Eklavya and Guru Dronacharya from Mahabharata is recounted as an example of a loyalty and dedication. Read the complete story. Do you want to teach your kids about the stories of gurus and disciples? If yes, then the story of Eklavya is the perfect choice!.

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Once you have finalized your project, please send me an email with the project name for further instructions. Sahil Mir January 7, – 1: He carved a statue of Drona on a tree trunk in the forest and started practising in front of it.

Arjun had the luxury of getting personal instructions from Dronacharya all the time while Eklavya only had the inspiration and determination with him. His name was Eklavya. All the project related communication will be open to everyone through project blog. However, if the earlier work was of poor quality, you might need to start afresh.

Then, without the slightest hesitation, Eklavya enflish out his knife and cut his thumb! But while doing your project, remember the above points which may help you keep going in case of difficulties.

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About Eklavya

I bless you that you will be remembered forever for your loyalty to your guru,” Drona declared and left the forests. Thus roaming, the dog reached the Pandavas, who were practicing in the forest along with Guru Dronacharya. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. The Pandavas stood watching the exchange. No letters of recommendation will be provided. Ranjeet Kumar June 19, – 9: There was the man standing near a tree busy instructing a boy, who was none else than the third Pandava prince Arjuna, as Eklavya came to know later.

Mytholgical Story : Eklavya

They waited with bated breath. As they were busy practicing, they suddenly chanced upon the “stuffed” dog, and wonder who could have pulled off such a feat of archery. Ask me anything and I will offer it to you as my guru dhakshina “he said. It was futile to dream of ih a privilege.

Without Drona, all his purpose of coming here would be meaningless. How dare you expect to be taught by him! However due to various reasons, Dronacharya refused to mentor him. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Stor. How could he do so? I’ll never refuse anything you ask, Dronacharya,” promised the unsuspecting boy. He was moved and grieved at his own action.


Eklavya did this because he faithfully believed that if he practiced before his Guru, he would become an able archer.

Once, a Cock lost his way and went inside a stable. Eklavya was overwhelmed to see Dronacharya had accepted him as his disciple!

The Story of Eklavya – Short Stories

This made Arjun envious who immediately ran to his master Drona and reminded him of his promise to make Arjuna the best in the world. Gods in the heaven silently praised the greatness of Eklavya’s sacrifice. Please allow me to become his disciple.

Dronacharya i pleased with the dedication of Eklavya, and said, “I bless you my son. I may also look at these from time to time and respond. Eklavya Project Rules of Engagement You will need to work without any stipend.

He was interested in archery for engpish love of archery not for fame or his ego. He, along with the Pandavas, set out to look for the archer. This blog is an experiment in this direction.