Ekadasi is a wonderful opportunity for all spiritual practitioners to intensify their devotional service and eka dasyam na bhunjita vratam etad dhih vaisnavam. ‘Ekādaśī’ (ekāhdaśī, “Eleven”) (Sanskrit: एकादशी, Kannada: ಏಕಾದಶಿ, Tamil: ஏகாதசி, Bengali: একাদশী, Telugu: ఏకాదశి, Malayalam: ഏകാദശി) also. Vaikunta Ekadasi vrata puja procedure or pooja vidhanam is explained here. Similar to other Ekadasi vratham, observing fast (upavasam), Mauna Vratham ( remain how to perform ekadasi vratham procedure in telugu.

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Instead, only fruit, vegetables, and milk products are eaten.

Sri Aditya Vaibhavamu Parvathi Kalyanam 12 parts. Sri Raamuni Visishtatha 1 part. Srila Prabhupada would often perform half-day fasts simply breakfasting at noon-time. Aquarius Traits and Personality Prediction.

There are two Ekadasi days each month and they are astronomically calculated according to the Moon. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Introduction to Ekadashi Ekadashi.

Aranya Parvamu 81 parts. If one becomes too fat, it is to be assumed that he is not advancing spiritually.

All audio files on this site are highly compressed for faster downloads. In the Padma Purana, Lord Vishnu says: Sleeping breaks the fast! Introduction Ekadasi is a wonderful opportunity for all spiritual practitioners to intensify their devotional service and come closer to Krishna. Hare Krishna maha-mantra to chant times: People do this mostly for Vaikunta Ekadasi, ekaddasi one can do for every Ekadasi.

Ekadasi Vratham – Bhagavath Geetha Prachara Yagnam – Mathaji Talk Telugu

The latter one on which he woke up from sleep came to be called as Prabodhini Ekadashi. On Prabodhini Ekadashi, the devotee needs to engage in the worship of Lord Vishnu and observe fasting as per his capacity.


While the Ekadasi day can be seen ekaxasi an austerity — not eating grains or not using your favourite spices; it is like the poison which turns out to be nectar. On Upavasam day, wake up early in the morning. NetAll rights reserved. How to relax mind before sleep. On Dwadasi day, we have to take head bath, do pooja, make fresh food, offer all the fresh food you made to God and eat immediately. In order to better facilitate increased Bhakti, Ekadasi is a day of reduced worldly affairs.

Also during the time when he was sleeping for a long time, the demons troubled the worlds and gods. SriMaata Vaibhavamu Vijayawada, Ttelugu Mata Vaibhavam 6 parts. Upon returning from the war, Lord Vishnu assured that he shall set up a regular and organized sleep pattern going to sleep for four months continuously in a year.

Ardhanareeswara Stotram 15 parts.

Sri Lalita Sahasra Namam. Ekadashi day is meant for fasting and people observe a complete fast on this day, to please Lord Maha Vishnu. Where full fasting is possible then that is very nice but for practical purposes Srila Prabhupada established an user friendly system that all can follow.

Kanaka Dhara Stotram 19 parts. Also it burns excessive fat we have without our knoledge, and makes body lighter. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Introduction to Ekadashi

Do not apply oil on the day, and no haircut, nails cut. He resolves to observe the vrat and sets up the altar with the picture or idol of Lord Vishnu in any one of the forms he likes. Please visit video section Added on: If the day starts after the Arunodaya Viddhi it is considered impure and the fast is observed the following day Dwadasi, when this happens the two days are sort of synergised and the Dwadasi is called Mahadwadasi.


Sri Devi Bhagavatham And the prasadam should not be taken by anyone. Although there are sometimes exceptions to the rule. Sri Mahalakshmi Vaibyavamu Devotees used to go to forests, high hills or mountains on pilgrimages, but such severe austerities are not possible in these days. Although all types of food grains are to be given up on the day of the Ekadashiit is believed that eating rice is particularly prohibited on the day.

As a result, he was never able to observe the Ekadashi fast and except him, all the rest of the Pandavas as well as their wife Draupadi used to observe Ekadashi fasts. Adi Sankaracharya 5 parts.

The main Upavasam every one has to do is Ekadasi Vratha Upavasam. The science of calculating when Ekadasi begins is complicated and obviously only a very slight insight is given here.

Ekadasi Vratha Mahatyam – Brahmasri Chaganti Koteswara Rao

According to the Vaisnava calendar, there are many fasts, such as Ekadasi and the appearance and disappearance days of God and His devotees. Subramanya Vaibhavam 4 parts. Part 1 of 1. Devotees also believe in donating various food items and other things like milk, fruits, tulsi leaves, clothes, etc. The reason Rushis invented Upavasam is, when you are in vrafham stages in age or death.