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Studies in Waterborne Power. Online books Resources in your library Resources in other libraries. Alexander conciliated the Egyptians by the respect he showed for their religionbut he appointed Macedonians to virtually all the senior posts in the country, and founded a new Greek city, Alexandriato be the new capital. Laid out on a grid pattern, Alexandria occupied a stretch of land between the sea to the north and Lake Mareotis to the south; a man-made causeway, over three-quarters of a mile long, extended north to the sheltering island of Pharosthus forming a double harbor, east and west.

Philometor eventually regained the throne. Retrieved from ” https: When Antigonusruler of Syriatried to reunite Alexander’s empire, Ptolemy joined the coalition against him. Egypt had only three main Greek cities— AlexandriaNaucratisand Ptolemais. When Antiochus saw that his kingdom was established, pptolemaico determined to become king of the land of Egypt, in order that he might reign over both kingdoms.

Caesarion, her son by Julius Caesar, nominally succeeded Cleopatra until his capture and supposed execution in the weeks after his mother’s death. After her repudiation he followed Egyptian custom and married his sisterArsinoe IIbeginning a ptolejaico that, while pleasing to the Egyptian population, had serious consequences in later reigns.

It is, therefore, purely Egyptian in style. Cosmopolitan and flourishing, Alexandria possessed a varied population of Greeks, Egyptians and other Oriental peoples, including a sizable minority of Jews, who had their egiipto city quarter. Their naval forces met at Actiumwhere the forces of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa defeated the navy of Cleopatra and Antony. The Romans, like the Ptolemies, respected and protected Egyptian religion and customs, although the cult of the Roman state and of the Emperor was gradually introduced.


Despite the unification of Greek and Egyptian elements in the intermediate Ptolemaic period, the Ptolemaic Kingdom also featured prominent temple construction as a continuation of developments based on Egyptian art tradition from the Thirtieth Dynasty.

The inhabitants of the northern Sudan before the time of the Islamic invasions. He left Cleomenes of Naucratis as the ruling nomarch to control Egypt in his absence. The struggle was continued by his sister and niece who both became his wives until they finally issued an Amnesty Decree in BC.

The traditional table for offerings disappeared from reliefs during the Ptolemaic period. Unlike the Greeks, the Romans did not settle in Egypt in large numbers.

Hellenistic civilization continued to thrive even after Rome annexed Egypt after the battle of Actium and did not decline until the Islamic conquests. This victory marked the zenith of the Ptolemaic power. A similar scholarly complex was the Museum Mouseion, “hall of the Muses”. Part of a series on the.

El Egipto ptolemaico – Miguel Ángel Elvira – Google Books

When Antiochus withdrew, the brothers agreed to reign jointly with their sister Cleopatra II. Translated by Tina Saavedra. In some versions of the Biblethe book of 1 Maccabees translates the passage as:. List of Ptolemaic rulers.

Julius Caesar left Rome for Alexandria in 48 BC in order to quell the looming civil war, as war in Egypt, which was one of Rome’s greatest suppliers of grain and other expensive goods, would have had a detrimental effect ptolemaixo trade. egiptto


Ptolemaic Kingdom – Wikipedia

Manning, The Last Pharaohs: He later drowned in pptolemaico river, although the circumstances of his death are unclear. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, i.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Many people started to worship this god. The relief represents the interaction between the Ptolemaic kings and the Egyptian deities, which legitimized their rule in Egypt.

Ptolemaic Kingdom

This strategy not only helped to legitimize their rule, but also placated the general population. His first objective was to hold his position in Egypt securely, and secondly to increase his domain.

In Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. Outside of Egypt, they ptklemaico Greek cities under their dominion, including the old Greek cities in the Cyrenaica, in Cyprus, on the coasts and islands of the Aegean, but they were smaller than the three big ones in Egypt. Of the aliens who had come to settle in Egypt, the ruling group, the Greeks, were the most important element. In BC, a peace was concluded between the combatants, but in BC war broke out again, and Ptolemy occupied Corinth and other parts of Greece, although he lost Cyprus after a sea-battle in BC.

In this his reign marks the gradual Egyptianisation of the Ptolemies. She often had either a small throne as her headdress or the more traditional sun disk between two horns. The wealth of Egypt could now be harnessed for Alexander’s conquest of the rest of the Achaemenid Empire.