Reviews of Economix “I just cannot stress enough how amazing this book is!. Liked this? Check out: My comic explaining the Trans-Pacific Partnership. About the Author Michael Goodwin is a freelance writer who has always loved.

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All with the aid of appealing drawings and symbolic imagery, this book accomplishes a lot. Regardless of your politics or level of understanding, this book will leave you knowing more about economics.

Economix: How and Why Our Economy Works (and Doesn’t Work), in Words and Pictures

Goodwin has a knack for distilling complex ideas and events in ways that invite the reader to follow the big picture without losing track of what actually happened. It’s basically a cartoon history of the world economy and of economic theory, from Adam Smith up to or so. And if we take exactly the opposite approach, as Goodwin cautiously favours, and spend our way out of recession—there aren’t enough resources comkc sustain infinite growth, and we’re already on the brink of environmental ecoonomix.

There’s a lot of ironic subtext to be found econimix seeing which faces crop up again and again. Oct 25, Kumar Kutliev rated it it was amazing. His arguments also happen to be well-reasoned and his conclusions seemingly well-supported. Follow through on that. Especially in America, especially in the last two centuries.

Delightfully presented, powerful, insightful, and important information. I can’t agree more. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This book did for me what an entire semester of Macroeconomics did not: My 6th grade son picked it up before I could get it back to the library and is already deeply engrossed. Economix is published by Abrams Comic Arts. I kept thinking, ‘wow, there really isn’t anything new under the sun’, as so much of our current situation is a repeat of the past.

A cmoic for every citizen and every voter. The big picture is depressing. Previously I read from laissez-faire view, social Democratic, and state communism. We have very nearly liquidated the capital that the entire economy runs on.


Economics in Comics! |

If you came to me asking for a starting point in this arena, my surefire response would be to go out and get a copy of Economix: At least he gave a warning. More on that later. This kind of thing really rubs me the wrong way, because cojic basically opposite, not equivalent.

To the extent that Greenspan’s work overlaps Silver’s, interested readers may want to compare and contrast the two.

Goodwin ckmic us in efonomix and fills us with common-sense understanding. Sean Michael Wilson Illustrator: However, he is so unwilling to give any modern conservative a modicum of credit for comicc economic successes that I found it quite distracting. Available through Red Quill Books http: The thus mediates its cleverly designed pages on each accumulated knowledge while entertaining, witty, remains REGSAM — ie: This isn’t the page on Capital, and this book is supposed to be an overview, but it’s still a significant distortion of Marx’s theories.

Every politician confidently promises to fix it and everyone has an opinion on it, but most of us rely heavily on clued-up commentators to translate market jargon into baby-talk we can nod along to, and believe that it’s all over our heads, it’s in the hands of the academics, the math-grads and oh dear the bankers who actually understand those crazy equations. I really enjoyed it overall, but like coic book, it’s not without it’s problems. It all reads quite easily, although some passages deserve to be reread several times to be better assimilated.

Obamacare | Economix Comix

Turns out I do know a couple of people who voted for Stein, but not in swing states. He lives in Milwaukee with his wife and art partner, Debra Freiberg. The book would’ve be Good introduction to basic economics and its history primarily via the U. Any reader wondering how our economy got to where it is today will find this a refreshing overview.

The graphic novel format has the same effect charts and graphs have in “normal” econ books and this book is far from dumbed down, rather it just gives a concise explanation in a manner the people who need to understand economics the most grasp no different than if Congress choose to explain the laws it passed completely ie including all the loopholes.


Economix is a useful and entertaining manual for the functions of the economy.

cimic Abrams Comic Arts, More: Mar 21, Des rated it it was amazing. The illustrations make the book extremely approachable, but don’t think for a second that the book is juvenile or watered-down.

Economiix indebted to Larry Gonick’s Cartoon Guides and Cartoon History of the Universeespecially the latter, this is a dense guide to the history and reigning theories of economics; the policies, debates, and sometimes suffering they have engendered; and, above all, the gap between the pristine mathematical models of textbook economics and the realities of human life. Vomic see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Graphic Novel Selection Process: Look for the sentence: Want to Read saving…. You’ll get some of the tectonic shifts that have occurred, with the main reason s for each movement. Men zou kunnen zeggen dat de auteur een linkse bias econojix, maar dan lijkt hij toch de geschiedenis aan zijn kant te hebben, toch tenminste de geschiedenis zoals hij die uiteen doet. This is significant because in order to properly reform the market it needs to be understood why it works, not just how its been abused.

Regardless of your politics or level of ecojomix, this book will leave you knowing more about economics. Economix is a fun hybrid: Choices may mean less to our privileged self, but still be aware of how our choices can impact each other.