The Rolls-Royce & # 34 among espresso machines! {Quote: The Gourmet, Germany’s most famous gourmet magazine} The jury of the prestigious magazine has. SKU: ECMMECHANIKAIV. Ecm Mechanika Iv Espresso Machine Base. Tap to expand. $50 Latte Rewards Bonus. 2 Reviews. Ask a question. Watch 3 Videos. ECM Mechanika spare parts. Capillary tube pump pressure gauge ECM P · 3,95 € · Product Details Inox lever P · 5,90 € · Product Details.

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The temperature of this water is above boiling point and has an area of steam above similar to a pressure cooker.

Mechanika V Slim – Heat Exchanger System with Vibration Pump

Single Original Natural Ethiopia Gera. The machine is attractive and fits comfortably under standard height kitchen cabinets. It is even riveted in place, which means it won t fall off. Find the cold water line beneath your sink. The data will allow you to determine which product More information. The detachable cup warmer tray allows for easy access to the water tank — without removing the cups.

I also liked the fact that the group was slightly higher approx mm above iji drip tray than normal. The data will allow you to determine which product.


JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. It s heavy at 23kg, but not too large. For a change a machine with a badge that actually is in keeping with it s value. I think there could be a risk of the case detaching from the frame at the bottom during careless lifting and strongly advise ECM to deal with this ASAP Boiler pressure guage was slightly crooked, which may seem a little petty, but on a machine of this value I would want it to be straight.

Sign Up for Our Newsletter: The Mechanika runs quite hot, which is usual with Heat Exchanger HX machines, because of the tight compromise between continuously available steam, and production of brew water for espresso. The build quality is good with high quality industry standard components. Espresso Machines and Grinders from all the top brands.


Buy from Bella Barista. Domestic volumes of espresso one after another will be absolutely no problem with this machine.

Very well packed inner box, protected by double packing in an air-cell filled outer by Bella Barista Unusually the manufacturers user guide is actually quite good, although all the procedures may not have been tried by the manufacturer, as one didn t work as described on my machine! At this level all the machines make great coffee, and the choice is often down whether you simply like the look of it. Placing the Mechanika in a corner is ideal, especially when located near the sink.

Espresso As long as a cooling flush is performed, the Mechanika makes consistently good espressos and easily maintains the temperature during the pour. Mounting the tool Part 3. OPV Valve, used to regulate brew pressure Autofill, solenoid mechankia, 2 position electronically lii valve, routes water to boiler or group, depending on need The picture above identifies the major components of the machine, once the case is removed accessibility for maintenance is good.

We aim to ship coffee machines within working days.

Mechanika IV Profi – ECM Manufacture GmbH

Please read this Instruction Manual and the safety instructions before operating the appliance! Safety precautions 3 B. Commissioning includes making the electrical More information. Itho Products for Hot and Boiling water product- 2 This booklet provides additional information on the range of hot and boiling water appliances by Itho. Steam Production The Mechanika has powerful steam performance and you will not run out of steam.

TP June 2, Head Roasters Favourite – El Salvador.


It has a nice large cup warming tray. As the hot water. Readers of past reviews will know that I am not a mcehanika of cheap badges, especially when stuck on, or even worse, not level. Symbols used to mark instructions It has a mirror finish stainless steel exterior case and a black painted internal steel frame.


Please feel free to share it with your friends.

C Instruction Manual Please read this Instruction Manual and the iii instructions before operating the appliance! The steam wand was long enough to reach to the bottom of all my small and medium pitchers. Stuck for that Birthday or Christmas Present?

Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Getting the best from your urn Standard Deluxe Getting the best from your urn Remove any plastic film from the urn before use.

The Mechanika has not only been called the “Rolls Royce” of filter holder machines – the jury of the noted magazine “Der Feinschmecker” also crowned it overall winner amongst espresso coffee machines. The portafilters have the chrome button in the end that finishes them off nicely, rather than just leaving a hole. A low water alarm should be added to the machine, I do not think it s now acceptable to not have one of these. I believe the reason for OPVs screeching, is air in the brew line, this is often caused by scale the reasons for this are beyond the scope of this review.

This is a minor quality control issue, but not expected on a maachine of this price. Especially when the only indicator of low water, is a falling mechanjka pressure gauge and an unlit orange light neon. I strongly recommend the use of felt bottomed or Teflon faced castor cups for a few pounds, to make it easy to move and protect your worktop.

The urn must be used on a flat. I really think that in a machine mecahnika this value, an audible alarm should be added.