The ECGC Limited is a company wholly owned by the Government of India based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It provides export credit insurance support to Indian. Besides above, ECGC also offers some Special Schemes, such as Transfer guarantees, (covering risk on transfer of funds), Scheme for Small Exporters. Special Schemes – ECGC. Suitability. Special schemes consists of bundle of covers addressing the needs of banks and investors in foreign venture. This apart .

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This policy can be for either Political Risks alone or for Comprehensive Risks. It is managed by an Asset Management Company comprising representatives of the Government, Reserve Bank of India, banking, insurance and exporting community.

If the additional investment is made out of retained profits, which are not eligible for repatriation such as investment will not be eligible for cover.

Export Performance Guarantee EPG may be issued to a bank to cover any guarantee that it may issue in connection with an export transaction. Percentage of cover is 90 – can be reduced.

This also can be either for political or comprehensive risks. When can an exporter release bill of lading from shipping company? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Features of this cover are: MumbaiMaharashtraIndia. For covering construction contract, a Construction Works policy can be obtained. This apart loss on account of exchange rate fluctuations are also provided for. On 22 April how to work ecgc in different payment terms?

How does Letter of Credit work? The overseas investment may be made either by way of equity or by way of loans Equity Any contribution made to the enterprise in return for shares either by cash remittances or by way of export of capital goods or services can be covered. Where the contract provides for supply and erection of a complete plant, the first instalment may fall due after six months from the date of commissioning of the plant.

These also cover a host of non-fund based facilities that are extended to exporters. The Export Performance Guarantee is aimed at meeting such situations.

Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India

The confirming bank will suffer a loss if the foreign bank fails to reimburse it with the amount paid to the exporter. Normally, there should be a bilateral agreement between India and the host country for promotion and protection of Indian Investment. Terms of payment To be eligible for cover under specific policies, the terms of payment for the export contracts should be in line with customary practices in the international markets.


Longer credit period may be approved only in the case of exceptionally large Projects if the circumstances of the case justify it. In case of Projects involving long construction periods, cover may be extended for a period of 15 years from the date of completion of the Project subject to a maximum of 20 years from the date of commencement of the investment. Any investments made by way of equity capital or untied loan for the purpose of setting up or expansion of overseas Projects will be eligible for cover under investment insurance.

ECGC may consider providing cover in the absence of scbeme such agreement provided it is satisfied that the general laws of the country afford adequate protection to the investments. Any investment made sccheme way of equity capital or untied loan for sfheme purpose of setting up or expansion of overseas projects will be eligible for cover under investment insurance. Amount insured shall be reduced progressively in the last five years of the insurance period.

The amount of investment eligible for cover shall be to the full extent during the first 10 years of cover.

Special Schemes – ECGC

In addition, the exporters have to face commercial risks of insolvency or protracted THE default of buyers. EPG for covering all the guarantees that may be issued over a 12 month period on behalf of a single exporter will be issued on payment of small Guarantee Fees.

In addition to the ecgcc covers, which are issued to exporters, ECGC also extends its guarantee scehme to banks in India against both funded and nonfunded facilities extended to Project Exporters.

Export credit insurance is designed to protect exporters from the consequences of the payment risks, both political and commercial, and to enable them to expand their overseas business without fear of loss. ECGC ltd now offers various products for the exporters and bankers. cegc

It is, therefore, important that the Contractor ensures that the Contract is schrme drafted to provide clarity of the obligations of the echc parties and for resolution of disputes that may arise in the course of execution of the contract. Payments schemme exports are open to risks even at the best of times. This will go a long way in providing cost effective credit insurance support to Project exporters which in turn will enable them to compete effectively for international tenders.

This scheme provides protection for Indian Investments abroad. These schemes are targeted at specific audiences such as banks, investors in foreign countries and exporters taking up long term projects abroad, covering distinct risks faced by them. GST rate on preserved meat, fish, crustaceans etc.


Where EPC is taken for a single guarantee, the bank is required to pay the full premium in advance. The exporter was called upon to reimburse the bank with the said amount and, 4.

As the investor would be having a hand in the management of the joint venture, no cover for commercial risks would be provided under the scheme. The loss or gain within a range of 2 percent of the reference rate will go to the exporter’s account.

Applications for the purpose are to be submitted to the Schdme Dealer the financing bankwhich will forward applications beyond its delegated powers to the EXIM Bank. The schmee will have to ensure that: The duration of insurance cover shall not normally exceed 15 year but extension can be given upto 20 years for longer Projects.

The types of guarantees issued by Indian bank are: For the purposes of EPG, a loss will be deemed to have arisen when the bank is unable to recover from the exporter the money that it has had to pay to the beneficiary of the guarantee on his invoking it.

The present paid-up capital of the company is Rs. Banks may, in the interest of export promotion, consider opting for the Whole Turnover Post-shipment Policy. The scope for disputes is very large. A coup or an insurrection may also bring about the same result. The Exchange Fluctuation Risk: Standard Policy Shipments Comprehensive Risks Policy, which is commonly known as the Standard Policy, is the one ideally suited to cover risks in respect of goods exported on short term credit; i.

The basis for cover will be a reference rate agreed upon. The Comprehensive Risks Policy provides protection against commercial risks such as Insolvency of Buyer, protracted default, non-acceptance of scueme shipped in addition to covering political risk of war, civil war, exchange transfer delay etc. Any investment in shares of overseas concerns not related to setting up, development and expansion of overseas Projects will not be eligible for cover under the investment insurance.