Integrierte Optoelektronik: Wellenleiteroptik, Photonik, Halbleiter (German Edition ) [Karl Joachim Ebeling] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Integrierte Optoelektronik: Wellenleiteroptik, Photonik, Halbleiter. Author / Creator: Ebeling, Karl Joachim. Publisher: Springer. Place of publication: Berlin [ u.a.]. Press, Cambridge () H. Schaumburg, Halbleiter, B.G. Teubner, Stuttgart ( ) K.J. Ebeling, Integrierte Optoelektronik, 2nd ed., Springer, Berlin () R.

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Integrierte Optoelektronik, Springer Verlag Original literature according indication during course. Contents Introduction into ray- and quantum optics Optoeoektronik index, polarization, interference, diffraction, coherence Material properties of glass: Laser, Teubner Verlag, O. Examples for Fourier paires, properties of the FT: The students acquire skills in working with lasers and optoelectronic components.

DBR mirrors Introduction to lasers, LEDs, photo diodes and solar cells The course includes a visit of the Institute of Nanostructure Technology and Analytics INA demonstrating design tools for optoelectronic components and showing the clean room facilities as well as the characterization and technological laboratories. Photonik, Teubner Verlag, Stuttgart H.


Fluiddynamik Fouriertechniken in der Physik The students know the definition itnegrierte the Fourier-Transformation FT and learn about explicit examples. Hillmer This lecture is only given in English. Data on Some Direct Semiconductors. Photonics Fundamentals of lasers optical gain, optical resonator, laser beamslaser types, laser safety; electronic bandstructures in matter, semiconductor junctions, radiation laws, light emitting diodes, photodetectors, solar cells.

University of Oldenburg Start. Optische Telekommunikationssysteme, DammVerlag, W. Optical Communication Systems, 2nd Ed. Optics and lasers, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, P.

DE4330987B4 – Halbleiterlaser mit Strom- und Lichteingrenzstruktur – Google Patents

Halbleiter-Optoelektronik, Hanser Verlag, T. An introduction to turbulent flow.

These optical communi- cations engineering devices are becoming increasingly important for optical disk storage systems, for optical chip-chip interconnections and of course for optical fiber transmission and exchange. Photonics Starting from basics, the module yields advanced knowledge of the physics of lasers, of optical radiation with matter, optoelectronic principles and components as, e.

Fluiddynamics I Base equations: Ebeling Preface to the First German Edition This book is a comprehensive introduction to waveguide optics and photonics in semiconductor crystals.

Integrated Optoelectronics – Karl J Ebeling – Häftad () | Bokus

Course targets To learn basic principles of optoelectronic devices and systems, structure and operating principles of optoelectronic components. Discrete FT, sampling theorem. Springer- Verlag has generously supported the project and cooperating with them has been a great pleasure. They gain deep insights about physical processes analyzing the frequency domain and are able to utilize Fourier techniques solving physical problems, e. Distributed Feedback Laser Diodes: Applications of the FT in physics.


Ulm, April K. Clarendon Press, Oxford, G.


The engineer should learn to solve basic problems in optoelectronics. Intdgrierte concerning the convolution theorem: The English edition is based upon the second edition of the German version of the book. The author would like to thank Mr. They know the properties and theorems of the FT, are able to apply these and describe physical processes both in time and frequency domain. An introduction to fluid dynamics.

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, J.