Earth Under Fire: Humanity’s Survival of the Ice Age [Paul A. LaViolette Ph.D.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An investigation of the. In Earth Under Fire, Paul LaViolette investigates the connection between ancient world catastrophe myths and modern scientific evidence of a galactic. Earth Under Fire has 51 ratings and 5 reviews. David said: Astrophysicist Dr. Paul LaViolette holds a few basic premises which are thoroughly detailed in.

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Refresh and try again. Your email address will not be published. This is a book that both lafiolette and frightens. Explains the memorial significance of the Orion constellation, the Pleiadian rites, and the Minoan bull-leaping ceremony. It even has information relevant to the future. Fie following describes an experiment which I believe has successfully slowed down the flow rate of time in the laboratory. We are led to understand the intelligence and ingenuity of a people who, firs faced with extinction, found the means to communicate over the millennia to warn us that the apocalypse that destroyed their race could occur again.

Visit our eshop and find about our books and videos. Traditional Yoga Studies review by Georg Feurstein: Pellucido rated it liked it Nov 02, This swift catastrophic melting resulted from eadth of intense heat triggered in the Sun by the [invading dust]. Has numerous end notes and bibliography. The result of this dust is very major, in a number of different ways, including 1 increased flaring of the sun in the style of T Tauri stars, 2 a downshift toward the infra-red in terms of the solar radiation reaching the Earth, and 3 a significant deviation from normal in terms of the total solar fiee reaching the ground.

LaViolette is truly a Renaissance Man when it comes to knowledge. Civilizations are devastated, climate changes, magnetic poles shift, a crustal displacement or rotational pole shift may also occur, and many species die off, probably including Neanderthal Man one precessional cycle, or two superwaves back.

More Reviews of Earth Under Fire – The Sphinx Stargate

The second main idea is that this is tied to his theory of subquantum kinetics, whereby all 3D matter is created from fluctuations undr the building blocks of matter that exist in a 4D plane of ether.


This is a book that both fascinates and frightens. It is a welcome complement to other landmark studies such as G. Using ancient legends firf observations he strengthens his case for a cyclic cosmos.

Here I report some preliminary results, as research is still ongoing. The author presents one of the most amazing studies of cosmic cataclysmic cycles ever put into print.

Earth Under Fire is captivatingly written and illustrated with photos and diagrams. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. He has published many original books and papers in physics, astronomy, climatology, systems theory, and psychology.

Charles Henri rated it liked it Jun 03, Page by page and chapter by chapter, he takes us through a keen analysis of ancient myth, legend, and lore to discover the amazing lost history of our race. Tim rated it really liked it Jan 15, Armando Canales, The Critical Review As our world draws near to the yearthere is an increased interest in catastrophes, prophecies, and past civilizations as well as earth changes.

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Earth Under Fire (Book)

Back to Stargate Portal Sphinx Stargate: When the combination of an electromagnetic pulse, a gravity wave, radiation, and dust enter a star system, the effects on stars and planets are intense.

The galactic center would light up like a big blue oaviolette, bright enough to be visible even in daytime, and could have led to names like the Blue Star Kachina of the Hopi or the Eye of Ra in Egypt. In this fascinating work, Paul LaViolette brings together past legends, myths, and prophecies and blends them together with new physics, and with his unique interpretation of astronomical bodies and astrological symbols.

Modern science has missed this obvious fact and instead swims blindly in its uniformitarianism, not seeing the coming tidal waves of change. Daniel rated it it was amazing Jan 23, Douglas Clark rated it it was amazing May 09, The ice age itself may have been caused by a larger cosmic dust cloud.


Rachel Bayles rated it really liked it May 16, I fier this does indicate that ancient peoples knew its location many, many thousands of years ago, and this either indicates it was very visible to our ancestors, or that they had science and technology equal to at least our late twentieth century levels in order to detect its location.

Laviiolette have suggested that the glacial ice sheets were broken up and melted by comet impacts, with resulting meltwater torrents sweeping the boulders for hundreds of miles.

These deluges were also the likeliest cause of the mass extinction of large mammals in the late Pleistocene epoch. The melting occurred in two stages, with a brief, intervening refreezing caused by a cloud of sun-darkening cosmic dust flung [in] by the explosion. Want to Read saving….

Earth Under Fire (Book) – The Sphinx Stargate

Scientists have long been aware of apparent outflow channels on Mars, evidence of ancient floods around 2 billion years ago. They trigger intense reactions in stars on the edge of instability, and lesser reactions in stable stars. The author provides a large amount of material for further study. Jul 27, Season Henderson rated it it was amazing. Many ancient myths from around the world tell catastrophic destruction by fire and flood.

The effect of this constant blast of cosmic rays — once the shell hits our solar system which is 23, light-years from the galactic core — is to push interstellar dust into the inner solar system the lavioleette is normally kept out by the pressure of the solar wind.

Lists with This Book. David Sakmyster, writer Dear Dr. The second eartb idea is that this is tied to his theory of subquantum kinetics, whereby all 3D matter is created from fluctuations in the building blocks Astrophysicist Dr.

Rob Seimetz rated it liked it Dec 10,