Ducati has unveiled a new cc Testastretta engine ahead of the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan, Italy. New Ducati Testastretta DVT V-twin engine revealed and detailed, features first ever variable valve timing (VVT) equipped in a bike engine. Ducati variable timing improves engines. Posted on 16th October, by Mark Hinchliffe. Ducati Testastretta engine.

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The bore goes down from the old 81mm to 45mm. The DVT system varies the oil pressure in chambers inside of an external housing affixed to cam belt pulleys to adjust the camshaft timing via an internal mechanism attached to the camshafts. This optimizes combustion without increasing emissions, by completing the oxidisation of unburned hydrocarbonsto testastreyta HC and CO levels. The overlap angle is defined as the interval of crankshaft rotation, expressed in degrees, during which both the intake and exhaust valves are open at the same time.

Ducati Announces Testastretta DVT Engine – Motorcycle USA

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The basic Dcati model gad a combination of items from the parts bins of higher specification versions of thebut unlike thehad the Testastretta engine in all models. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Ducati was designed by Pierre Terblanche, amid much controversy and criticism relating to the styling.

In the development of the DVT, the Desmodromic valvetrain represents a major advantage over a traditional spring based timing system; the actuation of the valves at low engine speed requires less force, not having to compress the valve springs, this allowed Ducati to limit the size fngine each cam phaser with obvious benefits in terms of lightweight construction and compactness for a perfect engine integration.


The new retains the basic character and layout of the original members of the family, but looks neater, refined and more rational in the design of ancillaries such as the belt covers, which feature a net-protected air intake to keep the operating temps of the belt under control. Ducati engines V-twin engines. With its mm bore and The oil pressure is adjusted by dedicated valves and the timing of each cam is dynamically controlled by a sensor located in the cam covers.

Ducati Monster engine.

Depending on the oil pressure adjusted by dedicated valves controlled by sensors on the cam covers, the timing can be advanced or retarded. Languages Italiano Edit links. The addition of secondary air translated into a significantly improved combustion in those specific conditions.

The horizontal head dhcati only one boss that mates frame to engine, and it also uses a 12mm bolt. Thanks to all these characteristics, the Ducati Testastretta DVT sets new standards for Ducati twin cylinder power units and introduces new, revolutionary parameters to achieve the best possible balance among maximum power, smooth delivery, low-rpm torque, low fuel consumption and reduced emissions, thus standing out as the most technologically advanced Desmodromic twin-cylinder engine on the planet.

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Thanks to this unique system, the intake and exhaust valves are closed mechanically and with the same testaetretta of accuracy as they are opened. Our style is the same as always. With full Euro 4 compliance, DVT sets a new standard in the combination of power, delivery and usability of motorcycle engines. A year of passion, innovation and continued growth.

The new Panigale V4 R embodies the maximum expression of Ducati values: At rpm the torque is 59 lb-ft and remains consistently above 74 ducatu between and rpm. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Honda CB puts us in a spin. Still, dngine did not want to use too much oil flow and pressure, so he decided for a hybrid solution for the Pantah: October 20, By Justin Dawes.

New Ducati Testastretta DVT engine detailed (with videos)

Castiglioni brothers from Cagiva bought Ducati in May and decided to start new investments in order to compete with Japanese firms. The bottom end is derived from the DS Desmodue, with the water pump in the alternator cover.

Since the already has proven to be a very solid middleweight performer, why have the fractionally smaller cc? The little pocket under the sparkplug reminds me of the 6. This causes greater vaporization for a more efficient fuel burn. Service and Maintenance Services.

Views Read Edit View history. Hypermotard means maximum fun everywhere. Dauntless, irreverent, unheard of, the XDiavel breaches the world of cruisers with Ducati values. The rest of the crankshaft layout remains unchanged. In the Monster, the new delivers a claimed hp at 9, rpm and Skip to main content. They had superb radial loads and axial thrust capacity, and thanks to their lightweight synthetic material cages they could stand extremely high rpm.

Schweiz de Schweiz fr Schweiz it. The new crankshaft foreground of the Ducati comes from a new forging with more accurate counterweight profiles and the new, larger main-end journals. Follow us email facebook twitter instagram Google Plus enfine tumblr youTube. The variable timing system is able to continuously adjust valve timing, by acting independently on both the intake and exhaust camshafts.

The exclusive Monster S sharpens that Monster sports performance to an even finer edge.