And to the DSI crew: Bob Coover, Carson Day, Chris Hector, Tony Karavidas, . In particular, check out the Global Settings section of the manual. Read. Weight, 1 lbs. Dimensions, 10 x 6 x 1 in. Related Products. Poly Evolver Keyboard PE Knob Kit. $ Add to cart. Poly Evolver Keyboard Knob Kit. $ DSI has released a new operating system for Tempest. It adds The new features are covered in the Tempest Manual Addendum, which is.

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The tempest had sooo much potential, and had soo many die-hard MPC and Linn fans expecting something very different than what was delivered. Lastly, I would think that it takes a long time to come out with OS updates due to having to recreate the problem, then fix it, then test it, all while designing and manufacturing new and other existing instruments in order to keep the company alive so that there is a DSI to fix the bugs.

You can do all of that with a cheap laptop and a drum controller for euros. Are just bad business?

Why would you feel bad. I can think of at least 2 hybrid products that arguably do it better: However, Glide does work for the analog oscillators. Well i believe the good people here got you covered with their answers. Now all files within each folder are automatically alphabetized, and newly saved or imported files always appear in the correct alphabetized position. Few instruments made are used live without going through some sort of effects after the main outs, why is it so very important that the Tempest not be able to be routed through some of these to get the exact sound you want.

Keep comments on topic and constructive. Also, the following bugs are fixed that were not on the petition: They are both great in their own way. The tempest is still full of issues, and in no way does it resemble the Roger Linn stuff of old. When saving a file, the Dssi Folder always defaults to temlest first folder of the file type, which is cumbersome.

All this is just my take on all the whining that goes on in between asking nicely to fix bugs that are significant to most of the users, not just one or two who have done things with their machines that most will never do. This may have been reported when using earlier software versions than 1. It may be that such files were created with beta versions that may contain undiscovered bugs. I am sure they could have put in more memory and some shark chips to do the digital stuff, but those chips are at the highest rsi of digital for the most part and this is an analog drum machine with digital capabilities thrown in it seems.


Well, yer pays yer money and you make yer informed choice. Or… They should have paid the first batch of owners for beta testing and doing their work for them.

New Tempest Drum Machine OS Addresses Bugs & User Requests

Congratulations, DSI and Tempest owners! The flash memory file system has two annoying problems: He still has customers and he made promises to them. The release is now available as a beta release via the DSI forum.

However, this parameter was never implemented. The tempest is a bit different.

Now held ADSR sounds—whether playing from beats or played live—should never terminate before release. Would I try to make due with just manuql Tempest? Enjoyed making music with the Tempest since it came out.

Thats why there is so much, literally ,Lame music out there even though there are more possibilities than ever. All shine in there own way. Te,pest, with only 6 voices, there will still be cases where a sound will be terminated.

Wont be getting one of these. Go to your local music store or a nearby studio with REAL gear or some modular synths and drums,find some adults to demo them for you,compare with tempest! Tempest does this by stealing the playing voice with the lowest VCA level, but this can result in recorded Dai sounds with long durations being terminated before their recorded duration ends.

16 levels | Dave Smith Instruments TEMPEST User Manual | Page 19 / 90

You would bet your life for example that you can distinguish an analog sound from a sampled one? Loved the feel of the pads, the layout was nice as well and it was easy to get a simple pattern going. Just one of the examples, temppest the Tempest. If you use the Delete File function and delete a file, a blank space will appear in manhal file list within the Delete File screen where the deleted file existed, through re-entering the screen will remove the blank and display it correctly.


Between this and the Tetra I was burned twice. From our tests and feedback from user tests on the forum, there is no drift when Tempest slaves to external MIDI clock.

New Tempest Drum Machine OS Addresses Bugs & User Requests – Synthtopia

I guess you can feel bad for people that expected this to be the next MPC, which by the way you can compose entire songs on it. If you have a file saved from a released OS version that demonstrates such a bug when loaded into this beta version or 1. I have this an the analog rythm. I will never place my trust or hard cash in any DSI product after this debacle. Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce this and believe it may have been fixed by fixing bug So full of bugs, yet so expensive…. I recently did an ad spot where I sampled the recorder I played for my third grade recital… And it was dope.

Did you manuao all the videos dwi Trust me this the best advice you manal get.

Cheers to Roger Linn for stepping in and taking the reigns!!! DSI could have cared less. To help, the third post in this thread contains a PDF containing suggestions on how to set parameters in order to best optimize the voice-stealing for specific use cases.

Unfortunately we feel that legato glide modes on a drum machine are less important than many other priorities, and are sorry to tell you that these features will not be implemented in order for us to prioritize issues of more importance to Tempest users.