IMPASSA Self-Contained 2-Way Wireless Security System. SCW SCW Impassa SCW/SCW Install Manual – En – V – Rev4. View and Download Impassa SCW installation manual online. SCW/ Wireless Alarm System [] Cellular Signal Strength (DSC. WHEN I got an opportunity to install a DSC IMPASSA alarm panel recently I and there are 89 of these so you do need the manual in your lap.

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Press the [ ] and [1] keys simultaneously. Install Manual PC v4. WS Installation Instructions – Eng. The spot is under a roofline but in view of anyone thinking of breaching either entry point.

Options include the WT P 2-way wireless keypad, the WT 2-way wireless indoor siren, the WT 2-way wireless outdoor siren, or a combination of both. TL Installation Manual Finnish. With the system enrolled, the most time consuming part comes — the physical installation. Advanced Programming Installation Programming Advanced Programming How to Program To help reduce programming time mamual eliminate errors, fill in the Programming Worksheet with the required programming defaults before programming the system.

To access enter [,][] from Installer Programming. Backup power is a Ma Ni-Mh pack that can be upgraded to Ma if you are supporting another communicator. If [] is programmed when using the Police Code feature, the instllation generates a Police Code event if any two zones go into alarm during an armed-to-armed period.

The keypad displays the temperature received from the lowest numbered external siren. And impzssa the topic of events, events are stored in the event buffer. In design, this keypad is traditional, with an LCD screen and.


Pressing and holding the fire key for 2 seconds generates a fire alarm. Technical Library Installation Manuals. Programming instructions on the main controller. Wireless Alarms and Automation: Specifications Refer to the Home Automation installation instructions and guides on the Alarm.

Technical Library

I put the external siren in a location above a rear window that lies between the back door and main entrance. At my place these are only a couple of metres apart separated imassa a wall. A wireless key fob with a wee LCD screen is next for enrolment. By continue to navigate through this site or by clicking Approve, you consent to the use of cookies on your device as inshallation in our.

Install Manual PK v1. The zone definition is programmed in the first entry of section []. GS Installation Manual Czech.

From our revolutionary control panels, to our industry-leading Impasss alarm monitoring products and now to our sleek, contemporary self-contained wireless panels, DSC has always been front and center in the security space. However, if the phone test was initiated via the [3] key, or through the Interactive Ser- vices menu, the siren will not sound.

Scroll to the second line to view.

This is done to ensure that, if consistent good placement test results are generated with reduced sensitivity, the product should have more than adequate range when placement test exits and the sensitivity level returns to normal. And the real time clock updates the time and date via the cellular communicator, too.

Next comes a reed switch.


Adding wireless devices involves hopping through a process of registering Electronic Serial Numbers compatible wireless devices and assigning or confirming zone numbers and zone types.


Events are communicated to phone instalation 4 if enabled in Communicator Call Direction, section []-[]using the communicator format pro- grammed in section [].

This zone type is intended for zones that are NOT used. TL Installation Manual Swedish. Smoke Detectors Research indicates that all hostile fires in homes generate smoke to a greater or lesser extent. The main sensor body is shaped so the unit can be fixed at floor level into floor and wall, the sensor contacts resting on the floor. Pressing and holding the Fire key for 2 seconds sends a fire key alarm request to the panel.

The keypad sounds a set of 3 beeps to acknowledge the valid alarm and the buzzer sounds a pulsing alarm tone for the length of the bell time-out, or until an access code is entered. kanual

DSC – Installation Manuals

The Ready light must be on to arm the system. It covers everything you can think of and supports keypad programming with comprehensive programming worksheets. Trouble beeps are sounded until any key on the keypad is pressed or until all trouble conditions are restored. You just mark up using the mounting plate, drill for fixings and then screw in the fastenings before clicking the sensor bodies into place. GS – Installation Manual – English. Page 3 Appendix A: Depending on the pulse format, the panel communicates using the following: See the table below for details: