Full text of “Novation Drum Station Owner’s Manual”. See other formats 4 Classic TR V2 Another setup of this timeless classic. 5 ‘Hardcore’ TR Documents, presets, manuals Novation DrumStation – Audiofanzine. Novation Drum Station Manual Pdf MAC – Novation USB Driverdmg · Novation USB Driverexe Impulse – Getting Started · Impulse – Guide de.

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You have the recall of digital memories but with the life and warmth that only original analogue sounds have. Modifications not expressly approved by Novation may void your authority, granted by the FCC, to use the product. Turn anti-clockwise and the pitch will be lowered resulting in a ‘looser’ sound, clockwise and the pitch is raised, resulting in a ‘tighter’ sound.

Novation Drum Station Owner’s Manual : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Make sure that the input volume setting on your amplifier or mixer is initially set to zero. If these corrective measures do not produce satisfactory results, please contact the local retailer authorised to distribute this type of product.

See page 44 for factory pro- gram drumstatlon. This product, when installed as indicated in the instructions contained in this Manual, meets FCC requirements.

The Edit LED on the display will flash to show that you are no longer listening to the stored program. You can now use your master keyboard or sequencer to play the drum sounds of the currently selected program the D Station Rack is initially set at the factory to receive on MIDI channel Move any control in the Bass Drum section – auto-trigger plays the Bass Drum etc.

Plus I got ,anual PSU adapter and manual along with the unit. This control was not featured on the TR Selecting program sound 17 — press the ‘1’ and T buttons – display reads ’17’. Now, using the ‘Data Entry’ buttons manuao to ‘9’ only select the program number where you want to store the program. Now switch on your amplifier and adjust the volume accordingly.


Here is a pretty decent video of the Novation Drumstation in action.

Novation Drum Station Owner’s Manual

When assigned to the stereo outputs this knob allows you to set the relative level of the Congas, Maracas and Claves in the “mix”. Relocate either this product or the device that is being affected by the interference. A ‘Decay’ parameter not originally found on the TR is added giving you even more flexi- bility. You can basically stick it anywhere and and it will not take up much space.

This only applies to products distributed in Canada. As a result, there are different parameters for each drum sound, enabling you to make interesting variations within the sound category. Tune – Rotary This knob allows you to change the pitch of each of the sounds in this section. Certain sounds are only available on each Kit.

A long ring is often used for fills, whereas if a torn is used repeatedly in a pattern drusmtation may want to reduce its decay time. As the DrumStation uses samples for these sounds a Tune control has been added into this section to give the sounds greater dynamic scope.

Turn anti-clockwise and the pitch will be lowered resulting in a ‘larger’ cymbal, clockwise and the pitch is raised, as if a smaller cymbal has been struck. TR – On this sound it changes rrumstation duration of the noise element introduced by the ‘Snappy’ control. See the ‘Controller Map’ section on page The D Station will allow you to produce these sounds with stunning realism and ‘tweak’ their parameters using the original analogue synthesis techniques, unlike sampling or PCM playback which ‘freezes’ the sound and makes it extremely difficult to edit.

The program is now saved. Because the D Station Rack’s program numbers begin at ’00’, the next higher number drumstatkon always be used to call up the correct sound, i.

Novation Drumstation V2 a TR TR clone – Jim Atwood in Japan

For your reference, the controls of the original units and the D Station’s are as follows: Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. To re-produce the original pitch setting of the TR Bass drum always set this knob to the 12 o’clock position. Bass Drum Section become increasingly Tone – When the TR drumstatkon is selected this knob will affect the tonal character of the Bass drum by changing the frequency content of the sound.


Remember in most cases, problems that appear to be caused by equipment GUld6 malfunction can often be traced to human error. This setting can be saved with a program. The operating system of the ‘Data Entry’ keypad is different in this y mode all of the functions in the Utility mode are visually indicated in small text under the data entry buttons- see panel diagram on page 8. The TR and TR kits can be accessed simultaneously allowing any combination of drum sounds to be played manula a ‘Kit’.

Conga Select – Switch This switch selects which of the three Congas will be edited by the Level and Tune knobs when the ‘Select’ switch is set to ‘Congas’. The TR has one Cymbal sound.

For your reference, the j full set of sounds from the original units and the method used to re-create them in the D Station are listed below. If this product is found to be the source of interference, which can be determined by turning the unit “OFF” and “ON”, please try to eliminate the problem by using one of the following measures: All Programs If you want to overwrite all the existing programs, manal the ‘Write’ switch to the ‘Enable’ position and transmit the sysex dump from your computer.

The volume of a drum sound can be set individually using the level’ controls in each section.