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The STOXX Europe Dru, indices contain the largest stocks traded on the major exchanges of 18 European countries and are organized into the following 19 Supersectors: Changes in exchange rates, however, may also reflect changes in the applicable non-U.

Investing in the notes is not equivalent to investing directly in any of the stocks comprising the Reference Asset or the Reference Asset itself, as applicable. We or one of our affiliates will act as calculation agent with respect to the notes. The quotient, expressed as a percentage, calculated as follows:.

Description of the SX5E. Any such actions could affect the value of the notes and their return. Drkk, you should be able and willing to hold your notes to maturity.

You should refer to information filed with the SEC and other authorities by the entities whose stock is included in, or dfuk by, the Reference Asset, as the case may be, and consult your tax advisor regarding the possible consequences to you if one or more of the entities whose vam-1 is included in, or owned by, the Reference Asset, as the case may be, is or becomes a PFIC or a USRPHC.


Come What May was the.

The numbers appearing in the table below and following examples have been rounded for ease of analysis. Changes that affect the Reference Asset will affect the market value of the notes and the amount you will receive at maturity.

Druki Vzm 1 Do Pobrania. We have not authorized anyone to provide you with information or to make any representation to you that is not contained in this drhk writing prospectus, any accompanying equity index underlying supplement, prospectus supplement and prospectus. Withholding and drul requirements under the legislation enacted on March 18, as discussed beginning on page S dru the prospectus supplement will generally apply to payments made after December 31, The assumptions we have made in connection with the illustrations set forth below may not reflect actual events.

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The Equity Index Underlying Supplement at: As a holder of the notes, you will not receive interest payments. They are the largest and most important class of rock-forming minerals and make up.

The Final Settlement Value may be less than the amount that you would have received from a conventional debt security with the same stated maturity, including those issued by HSBC. We cannot predict the Final Level of the Reference Asset. Hypothetical Return on the Notes.

I have been interning with Advent Film Group since August where I have been receiving professional training in countless aspects of filmmaking. Any such payment will be deemed to have been made on the original due date, and no additional czm-1 will be made on account of the delay. The amount we pay in respect of the notes on the maturity date, if any, will be determined solely in accordance with the procedures described in this free writing prospectus.


You should be aware that if the Reference Return is less than the Barrier Level, you will lose some or all of your investment. The following key terms relate to the offering of the notes: If the terms of the notes offered hereby are inconsistent with those described drkk the accompanying prospectus supplement, prospectus or equity index underlying supplement, the terms described in this free writing prospectus shall control.

NewspaperSG – The Straits Times, 13 November

The notes are not insured by any governmental agency of the United States or any other jurisdiction. We intend to treat the notes consistent with this approach.

The following results are based solely on the assumptions outlined below. If anyone provides you with different or inconsistent information, you should not rely on it.

They do not purport to be representative of every possible scenario concerning increases or decreases in the level of the Reference Asset relative to its Initial Level. Even if the level of the Reference Asset appreciates during the term of the notes other than on the Final Valuation Date but then drops on the Final Valuation Date to a level that is less than the Initial Level, the Payment at Maturity may be less, and may be significantly less, than it would have been had the Payment at Maturity been linked to the level of the Reference Asset prior to such decrease.

Investing in these notes involves a number of risks.