PC’s (Piano Conductor), Vocal Scores, (full) Orchestral Scores, Band The Drowsy Chaperone – Broadway Score [as req] (). Drowsy Chaperone Drowsy The Drowsy Chaperone Conductor’s Score. Report. Post on Nov Views. Category. Here we have a super arrangement of the Overture in Lisa Lambert’s ‘the Drowsy Chaperone’. It took quite some time to complete, so enjoy.

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The Drowsy Chaperone Conductor’s Score

Most of the music is coming from the record player. But the tempo of 25 is determined by how long that transition takes. No general not show specific requests — This means no “I’m looking for guitar parts to any show” type of posts. The more important discrepancies are in the script. Take through the end as fast as you comfortably can. This proved very convenient many times. He has to be able to sing, but only enough to just carry a tune at the end. The drum book certainly is that way, basically a bar of 4 with an chapedone eighth.

People failing to follow the rules scpre be placed on immediate probation, all posts will need approval until further notice, extreme cha;erone of the rules may result in an immediate ban without notice.

The Drowsy Chaperone Vocal/Piano Score

Measure rdowsy is miscued scre the piano score. Pretty good arrangements, overall. The choreographer used the Broadway recording and the missing measures in Accident are a problem. The Chaperone character is capable of many levels; be over the top, but a specific over the top, not a sloppy, indistinct one. I was happy to find, when working with my voice teacer and after MONTHS of singing along with the cast album prior to that, that the music matches keys! I suppose since both sets of words are in the materials you are sent from MTI, you can pick and choose what you like to say.


Okay, doing this show this spring. Then is in cut time, really.

The Drowsy Chaperone Vocal/Piano Score (Message Board)

There are no pirates. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I just had MD dropped in my lap 4 weeks before open because of a death in the immediate family.

This sub-reddit will not support the performance of unlicensed productions. When he came and spoke to our Villanova audience Bob Martin said that he considered the show a tragic monologue interspersed with some funny numbers.

The top note, which is clearly a chaperpne D, is marked concert Db in the part. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. At 24H, George says:. I think it got lounge-ier every night. Do you usually like this style of music? Accident Underscore Much of the scene this underscores was apparently cut. There is a mistake in Reed 1 in measure Sounds like a dance number. He runs back to his chair as the music segues from a mono recording to a live orchestra.

Chaperonw is a direct segue to the next number. Wedding Bells 2 The first chunk of this number really only exists to cover the costume change for the girls to get into their wedding gowns. Reed 1 has an error in measure ; I think that first note is marked as a concert G natural, not a concert G flat, as correctly indicated in the score.


This is one of those tap moments where the dancer sets the tempo for what follows.

It works very well, and always gets a terrific response from the audience. He needs to be able to tap. I rehearsed it that way, only playing the top notes of the right hand and the left hand. Triangle parts are in both books, so you never know where to cue them. Make sure you give a good cue for that.

Are you a beginner who started playing last month? If things had dragged at all, we fixed it there. My hat is off to you! Resources No matter where you are on your theatrical journey, our innovative production resources will enhance your show experience! State what you are looking chapeerone. Again, the chorus parts are wrong at Hello, I want to thank you for this wonderful post — I am using this as my bible going into our present high school production!

What have I done? Easily share your music lists with friends, students, and the world. A Couple of General Notes: Close X Learn about Smart Music.

Note that is a different figure than it was at It was torn down inand replaced with an enormous hotel. The piano part should be changed to match it.