File types supported by DraftBoard Unlimited EDU. Our users primarily use DraftBoard Unlimited EDU to open these file types: VLM. Ltd. DraftBoard and DraftBoard Unlimited are trademarks of Concepts Technology Co. Ltd.. Other trademarks and product names are trademarks and registered. Draft Board Unlimited Crack > ef

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Altering geometry in progress with status boxes 16 1. Main Clicking the Arrow button while this radio button is marked moves the selected function from the Function list box to the Function palette and displays dgaftboard related icon in the palette.

Press and hold the mouse button at the starting point of the line. Specifying line patterns with the More command 1. Opposite-Point uses the diameter. draftbpard

The icons for the two Apple color systems can be hidden using the Fewer Options button. If the two points are on the vertical or horizontal axis, a straight line is drawn. Should it not work properly, you can highlight any dialog box entry and remove it by pressing the Remove button.

Precision Sets the number of decimal places in all data fields within DraftBoard in Edit Objects, the Status line, and all Dialog boxes. Selection Use this dialog box to set the color or blinking which shows that an eraftboard is selected. Localized control of complex curves allows you to make drafboard modifications without adversely drwftboard the shape. Clear Using this commands clears the palette and moves all commands from the Palette to the Functions list box.

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G] This command on the Layout menu controls the display of the grid. If you want to create patterns with Dashes or elements larger than 50 mm, change the value in the Visible Length entry box to an appropriate number; the Pattern Unlimitev will scale the pattern element accordingly.

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Select menu commands in the order you want the new macro to execute. Edit This button displays the Line Editor, that allows you to edit unlimmited new pattern.

The default number of sides is 6. You can use the Construction pen style, but any pen style is acceptable.

DraftBoard Unlimited : Reference Guide |

To see the new control point sas well as the existing control points, you must first select the spline and then choose Show Points from the Layout menu or use the Edit Objects dialog box to specify display points.

Specifying the construction line offset with the mouse Note: If you draw lines between opposite vertex points on the ellipse, then the intersection of the two lines will be the center of the ellipse. Remove Dots Before you can use this command you must add it to the Utilities draftblard using the Add Command command in the same menu. Select the Color command from the Pen menu.

If the second wall is on the wrong side of the construction line, press the Shift key to flip it. All selected objects will be drawn in the new pen style, as will all future lines until you end the current DraftBoard session or select a new pen style.

One complete element of the line pattern appears in the Pattern Window.

Tangente Once a line is tangent to the circle, it can be dragged to the tangent point on the other circle, with the tangency maintained at both ends. First Click 2 Second Click Third Click The status line allows you to specify the X, Y coordinates of the endpoints of the arc and the angle of the tangent line.

This appendix lists all with DraftBoard Unlimited available hatch patterns and describes as how you can define your own hatch patterns and add them as. As long the mouse button is pressed all icons contained in the palette are displayed. Choose Edit Objects from the Edit menu. Do you really want to revert?


Click the Add to Custom Colors button. The function icon drfatboard always copied as well to the subpalette since it is as well draftboare first icon of a possible subpalette. For construction lines in a different angle you must use the Construction command in the Layout menu.

Sraftboard a new value will change the length of the selected Dash. Therefore check regularly your Preference File. Holding down the Shift and Ctrl key Macintosh: It helps Windows select the right program to open the file. Save Preferences If you have set the characteristics you like, such as units, pen style and dimension format, you can make those settings the default setting. The dY box is highlighted.

Rename the new line pattern in the Rename field with a clear name. The desired point must be within the hit radius of the pointer.

DraftBoard Unlimited EDU

Palette The two radio buttons Main for Main palette and Sub for subpalettes allow to configure a function palette draftboarv is handled like the Standard Function Palette of DraftBoard. The angle A box is now highlighted. Your first click The hot spot moves to the other side of the smart pointer to indicate the next step.

Rectangle 3 Corners This tool draws a rectangle as a single object specified by the 3 corners of the rectangle you indicate. Drag the extent of the line.