Will Mansell chokes on his drink when Addie offers to pay him to spend the night in her room. He can’t believe his luck because women usually go for his. Read Doing the Right Thing by Barbara Elsborg by Barbara Elsborg by Barbara Elsborg for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the. Read “Doing the Right Thing” by Barbara Elsborg with Rakuten Kobo. Addie Winter is single—just one more reason for disappointment in her permanently.

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Vulcanology scorched her feet.

Doing the Right Thing by Barbara Elsborg – FictionDB

I have mixed feelings about Doing the Right Thing when defining who in fact is the hero of this book because this one kind of had two. I actually feel stupid after reading this book. I literally wanted to stab him.

Everything Under The Sun -Vol 1. Just What Barbarra Wants. Usually i cry for death scenes but this The whole time I was like: Ultimately I was satisfied with the way it ended; the only thing that’s stopping me from giving it 5 stars is that I was expecting a lighthearted romance and my heartstrings got tugged way more than I had prepared myself for – though I guess the title should have warned me that it would be angsty!

I didn’t completely blame Will for running hot and cold with Addie. But with the way she has been shunned and shut down her entire life, it was obvious to see why she behaved the way she did, and eldborg let Will come back to her bed and her heart again and again.


And Will doesn’t know how to deal with it, so he’s really mean to her. This is one author who knows her stuff. From the beginning barbxra told Will to get rid of Vee, to not believe anything that she spewed because she was a deceitful bitch. Will is excited she chose him over his brother, who is a man slut and normally the object of women’s attention.

She’s a virgin, never been o I’m so torn on this one!! The non-hero guy gets his own book??

Her mom is just horrible to her. Breaking Book two in Fall and Break. Football analogy coming up. Finally a heroine that grows a freaking back bone and knows when barbarw move on stop taking 2nd best I downgraded it as yes it was a really good book, the amazing part was finally a heroine that kicked the asshat to the curb and didn’t stay in a damaged relationship.

Just as you’re nearing the end and dking it can’t possibly get any worse, it does.

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Basically hero and heroine meet, have an affair, find out he’s her boss and that he’s married. I agree that there should have been more about Ed, he didn’t feature enough for me, and by the time he did I was so caught up in what an idiot his brother was I failed to appreciate anything.

Are all these pseudonyms actually for sexist men? Trivia About Doing the Right T Some relationship development would have been great on that end.

Because of that, I felt like the HEA romance was a bit understated and one sided. She so wanted to be loved and claimed oding someone. The book started out great but by halfway there were several times that the main characters started to get on your nerves.


Whom Addie knew nothing about. I started to remember the blurb in the middle of this one, but wasn’t sure which way it was going to go. He is a playboy with a reputation for loving and leaving women, but he loves his brother, and he just wants his brother to find happiness.

Doing the Right Thing (Mansell Brothers, #1) by Barbara Elsborg

Addie, perempuan yang vy menguasai berbagai bahasa rignt tapi harus bekerja di perusaahaan yang tidak menghargai kerja kerasnya maupun kemampuannya, Addie tidak pernah merasa dicintai dan diinginkan oleh kedua orangtuanya, dia harus terus menerus menerima kritikan dari ibunya ayahnya yang seorang polisi sudah meninggal duniatidak ada yang pernah benar dimata ibunya Ed Mansell is a serial playboy with an electric smile who waltzes through life and through women.

I loved him at tthe but then I grew to tire of him and his running back to that vile Vee. It’s increasingly clear that Barbara Elsborg loves to make things get worse when you’d think they could get no worse. Actually, I think this whole book ran exactly in parallel with this football game.

Doing the Right Thing

Though he really had a backseat position to Will and Addie, Ed was my favorite character. She always wanted to be a spy, but having confessed to everyone without them even resorting to torture, she decided it was not for her. The other thing that I’ve seen is characteristic to a Barbara Elsborg book is an imperfect hero.