About the kit list. This list is an illustration of the items you may need when undertaking a. DofE Expedition. This list is to be used as a GUIDE. Expedition kit list for Gold. YOUR INDIVIDUAL KIT LIST Walking boots – We recommend waterproof fabric boots if you are buying them just for DofE, as they. Your DofE Reward Card. DofE expeditions – an overview. The DofE Kit List. How to save money on expedition kit. Personal Kit. Walking boots. Walking socks.

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The following are some of our recommended meal ideas for Sleeping bag DofE Recommended Kit. Personal first aid kit DofE Recommended Kit. Hydration pack DofE Recommended Kit. To better enjoy your DofE Expedition – Bring filling, healthy, and most importantly, tasty meals. Tick remover location dependent – ask your Supervisor. The DofE Charity receives a royalty from all sales of DofE Recommended Kit items from any shop, which helps to support our work with young people.

Whistle DofE Recommended Kit. Thermal t-shirt optional DofE Recommended Kit.

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DofE KIT LIST – Kit you need to bring on a DofE Expedition (Personal Kit)

An inspired fusion of soft microfleece fabric with the impressive insulating properties. A lightweight and practical waterproof jacket which has been designed exclusively for Craghoppers’ DofE recommended range. Soft fleece fabric provides reliable warmth and comfort, and the grown-hood and pockets let you really snuggle in and cover up when out in cooler conditions. A fantastic DofE Gold Horseback Expedition – Your expedition will take you straight out into the hills and will offer a real sense of true adventure.

Craghoppers’ Vector Hooded Jacket is an insulating full-zip fleece hoody that’s warm, lightweight, and makes a great layering piece for cooler conditions. Small quantity of money optional. Insect repellent DofE Recommended Kit. Sleeping bag liner optional DofE Recommended Kit.

x Expedition Kit – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) Shopping

Knife, fork, spoon DofE Recommended Kit. Pre-packed expedition food DofE Recommended Kit. Emergency lightsticks DofE Recommended Kit. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. This is a key item for your applications and interviews moving forwards.

A personalised written reference is prepared by Blackpool Zoo and Sam Sykes. Waterproof overtrousers DofE Recommended Kit. This is a handy summary for everyone about to do their DofE qualifying expedition. Ball, playing cards etc. Compass DofE Recommended Kit. Camping stove s DofE Recommended Kit. Torch handheld or head torch and spare batteries DofE Recommended Kit.


DofE kit list

A stealth mid-layer that really packs a performance punch. Plastic bags for rubbish. Request a call back Organise a meeting Ask a question. Storm shelter DofE Recommended Kit. Water bottle DofE Recommended Kit. Expedition food including emergency rations DofE Recommended Kit.

Camping stove fuel in an appropriate and safe container DofE Recommended Kit. Sunblock if appropriate DofE Recommended Kit. Rucksack DofE Recommended Kit. Superb waterproof jacket that will help to keep you dry in the worst weather. Sleeping mat DofE Recommended Kit. View all our DofE Expedition Packages. Rucksack liner or 2 strong kiit bags DofE Recommended Kit.

This list is an illustration of the items you may need when undertaking a DofE expedition.

Keep your legs dry and comfortable whilst out in the worst weather – recommended by the DofE and featuring on the DofE Kit List. This remarkable jacket fuses impressive technical performance with pro-styling.

DofE Expedition Kit List

This Midas Vest is a fantastic choice for your next expedition, featuring powerful insulation made from lightweight synthetic fill similar to natural down. Water purifying tablets DofE Recommended Kit. Tent s DofE Recommended Kit. Waterproof bag DofE Recommended Kit.

Box of matches in waterproof container DofE Recommended Kit. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.