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Salta alla navigazione Strumenti personali. Laurea Magistrale in Giurisprudenza. Cerca nel sito solo nella sezione corrente. The course aims to provide an overview of the main lines of our “insolvency proceedings” system primarily represented by Rd 16 Marchn.

Diritto Fallimentare Lino. Guglielmucci: : Books

As part of the training you want to focus also on overcoming the crisis means that the system proposes for each subject operating on the market enterprise, small, medium and large, great, but also not subject entrepreneur, for example, the worker and firitto consumer. The training program will also draw on the insights and practical support, aimed at analyzing case law material and to discuss about issues most topical or legislative reforms gugpielmucci way or newly adopted.

In order to ensure an understanding of the implementation procedure of bankruptcy law and, more generally, the law of the crisis of the companies and of each economic entity, will be proposed case studies and typical acts of bankruptcy proceedings. Students will gain thereby the ability to recognize the activities of the management and planning of the overcoming of the crisis enterprises and gugliekmucci economic entities and to interpret the content.

32355 – Bankruptcy Law

All it accompanied by jurisprudential material that will be provided in class. Students will then also be able to refer to the case law databases, in addition to those regulations.


Additionally, some lectures will be dedicated to learning the technical and legal language of their national insolvency law, European and international. Finally, they will fallimenatre organized some cases of practical lessons-simulations, also with the help of technicians and experts in the field.

Prerequisites Students must possess a knowledge of the fundamental institutions of private law, in particular of private law governing property relationships obligations and contractsthe system of sources of Italian law and the Constitution, as well as commercial law. And ‘it recommended a knowledge of the principles of civil procedure law. Finally, you need to have sufficient logic capacity, the aptitude for guglielmuccii and learning.

Course programme The program consists of two parts: Gugliel,ucci PART ONE GENERAL, after a brief introduction on the insolvency system, its evolution and sources, the attention will be focused on what constitutes the archetype of procedures, ie bankruptcy, as a model insolvency proceedings the assimilation of its principles and whose operating rules then it allows an easy approach to other procedures, either in their roaming profiles, which in their specificity.

They will then analyze the negotiating tools for overcoming the crisis for, namely: It will then placed the focus on the instrument of the resolution of the crisis by over-indebtedness in its three types.

In PART TWO SPECIAL, they will be deepened some dkritto of the first part, in particular by taking as a point of view to the curator or other “manager” of the company’s crisis, in order to outline, albeit briefly, the main tasks and objectives of the consultants in case of company crisis.

Finally, a special module will be dedicated to the institute’s credit crisis, in the light of the legislation introduced by national and Community legislation, in force since January 1, Didactic methods As part of the lessons of the General section will guglielmucck the various institutions of the insolvency law, presenting the many regulatory interventions, the guidelines dkritto the law and application practice. The teaching method used tends to direct involvement of the students even at the stage of the explanation of the new topics, through stress on the reasoning and the proposition of simple practical cases.


As part of the special part lessons, insights will be carried out, even with the help of external experts and professionals in general, which have already expressed their willingness to accept interns, students and practitioners in the thesis.

Learning assessment procedures As part of the exam is tested knowledge and thorough understanding and critique of insolvency law. The rule exam is oral. Exceptionally it is allowed to take the exam in the following ways: Fiale, Diritto fallimentare, ed. Guglielmucci, Diritto guglielmhcci, Giappichelli, ult.

Carvosa e altriDiritto fallimentare.

Diritto fallimentare — Laurea Magistrale in Giurisprudenza

Sandulli, La crisi dell’impresa, Giappichelli, ult. For the exam you need to consult the latest available edition of one of the indicated manuals. During the course it will be made available to students at the slides used for the lectures, as well fallmentare additional materials such as judgments, acts of procedures, etc.

Any detailed text will be reported by the teacher at the specific request of the students concerned. Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza Coordinatrice di Corso falllimentare Studio: