Difficult Daughters [Manju Kapur] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Set around the time of Partition and written with absorbing intelligence. I have taken up Manju Kapur’s debut novel Difficult Daughters () to delineate how the saga of the partition of a nation becomes the. The Criterion: An International Journal in English ISSN A Feminist Study of Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters Bijender Singh .

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This isn’t a love story as such because the professor comes across as such a curiously selfish and unpleasing individual kpur I found it hard to see how Virmati maintained her feelings for him. It’s hard to imagine it was ‘shocking’ when a woman wanted to further her education when compared today’s standards. Virmati is the eldest of eleven children, born to a respectable family in Amritsar.

Daughteds had already been infected with the Western balderdash or romantic love and partnership, so who could blame him for falling hard and deep for a young and bright Virmati. It is unclear if Virmati ever found true marital happiness.

Description of Indian households in that period really stand out. I dont think there could have been a better title – all sons are expected to be difficult, not dau I loved the writing style and characterization – no efforts to explain Indian food, culture – not even translations. On the whole, it I began the book with very high expectations. For more help see the Common Knowledge help page.

Virmati wants more than just being a wife. Her background is deliberately vague, but she meets Virmati’s family and friends to learn about her mother and I would have liked to find out how these characters from the main story had developed and aged.

Aug 04, Maulika Patel rated it liked it.

Difficult Daughters

Her daughter, who opens the novel in a flash-forward scene, is the most intriguing character and we only hear from her rarely daughterrs the book. Virmati, the narrator’s mother, was a women who was misfit for the society of her time.


In the end, she was with the man she loves, but at what cost? The story of this book describes the love story of a 24year old girl, Virmati and her struggle to own the man of her life. These complications made the novel far more interesting to me, but it’s not for someone who’s looking for a conventional love story.

In this research paper, the writer analyzes and focuses on the issues related to the upper middleclass Indian women and their mental dilemma on their plight. Hoping that we’ll get balance in the future–talking about individuals, talking about ideas, understanding the magnitude of families, of countries, of hurt.

Aug 22, eilasoles rated it it was amazing Shelves: Her mother is always worried about her marriage and she does not understand her mental turmoil. She rebels against her family to get her love. Choice is something many people take for granted. Set against the tumult of the Partition, Manju Kapur’s acclaimed first novel captures a life torn between family, desire, and love. A good read to understand how women become the vehicle for subjugation as well as empowerment of other women.

An amazing story which I really loved. No one is without shortcomings in the story, including Virmati, whose devotion to the professor readers may not be able to fully grasp. I would have never picked it up myself but I kapuur reserved it at the library because I liked the title. The book is like many other books written about an Indian family in the pre-independence era. I majnu enjoyed reading these different phases.

Jan 09, Joan Doane rated it really liked it. Initially, I empathised with the Professor — here is a man who went to study in Oxford, came back and had to marry an illiterate woman the family had chosen for him. She develops headache and has to undergo an operation. Virmati makes tentative moves into independence but in fact makes very few choices for herself and yearns for a conventional life with her lover. All the Indian references make me miss my family.


I loved the writing style and characterization – no efforts to explain Indian food, culture – not even translations. These children fight at home and the elder one commands orders on daughhers younger siblings. Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you’ll like this book.

All this fuss about an arrogant, full-of-himself, overbearing, ungrateful man?

Difficult Daughters – Manju Kapur by megan magalhaes on Prezi

The author brings together three generations of women in what today are two countries: She is impatient, rebellious daughhers intolerant of fuss. I also thought Kapur should have expanded a little more on the life of Virmati’s daughter, the narrator. Charismatic Harish is a respected professor and her family’s tenant.

Indian Writing in English: Jun 20, Aparna rated it really liked it. But if you live in a traditional society and decide to transgress its rules, you must be aware of the consequences. Two characters have been particularly taken for study Kapuri and her daughter, Virmati in the novel whose position usually bobs about in the society. Her husband was a progressive man, but made sure all the important strings were pulled by him.

Virmati’s love rival is the Professor’s wife, a barely literate woman chosen for him as a child. For me, there wasn’t much in this novel that delivered what its ‘Difficult Daughters’ title might promise. Some of this has continued even in the 21st century so it felt a little familiar.

That the Professor eventually marries Virmati, installs her in his home alongside his furious first wife and helps her towards further studies in Lahore, is small consolation to her scandalised family.