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Estos enunciados provienen de fuentes externas y pueden ser poco precisos. ES dichoso condenado maldito pinche jodido.

Tenemos un viejo proverbio que dice: English cursed cursedly damnably doomed unredeemed unsaved. English all-fired anathemise anathemize bedamn beshrew bloody curse darn goddamn hoot imprecate maledict red cent shit shucks.

Diccionario Finlandes-Espanol / Espanol-Finlandes PDF Download – Iezekiel

English I am damned if I diccionario apologise, because this is a proper democratic discussion. English It is, unfortunately, damned hard, which is why the answer is so varied. English Remember the old saying: English I believe that the only phrase he knows in Italian is [it is raining — damned government].


English the reviewers damned the novel with faint praise. English Whatever the details, whichever way you look at it, it is a damned dangerous situation which we have to avoid. English I just hope that I will be invited to the opening ceremony because we worked damned hard to get it.

English If he does not, I am sure that he will be damned. English I’m fed up with this damned phone.

English he damned himself by his actions. English I’m damned if I’m doing any more!

damned – traducción de español – Diccionario inglés-español de

English it’s his damned turn today! English I’ll be damned if he didn’t hit her! Eespaol I got stuck with the damned thing. English this damned car. English A famous Irish politician, one of our own – James Dillon – once said: English Nor have I any doubt at all that the tortures of the damned which our officials had to go through to get the scheme launched would have been much easier to cope with had we had a facility like this. English dame damm dammed damming up of libido damn damn it dicconario