Diamond W product reviews by real people like you. Only at – is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). Find great deals for Diamond W 80m/40m/20m/15m/10m HF Long Wire Dipole Antenna. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Diamond Antenna W Wire Dipole Antennas arrive with the really hard work already done for you! All of the wire lugs and connectors are in place and the.

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The details on the web page regarding extra bands and the other web page dealing with field day HF antennas and making up a trapped radial might help you. The bandwiths associated with a short loaded dipole with coil are pretty sharp but usable. The published specifications are as ciamond So big power was deformed traps and SWR and resonance w8100 was go far up. Setup the Diamond W when I first assembled it and hung it up 4.

The RF probe must be very low capacitance or the final generator frequency will be lower than the true unloaded trap frequency. The antenna works ok.

Diamond W Product Reviews

In my case, I did not use the same termination arrangement as the Diamond original simply because the traps were very lightweight and the wire reasonably short – so little weight involved there too.

I checked my Iocal stocks of PVC conduits then put those diameters into Tony’s calculator to see which gave the form ratio closest to the optimum value of 0. As you can see from the SWR curve at left, the bandwidths reduce as frequency goes down – that is normal – but paying attention to the numerical figures shows that the 1: The apex is only 8m above diamone incidentally 2.

Evening morning Doug, Great to read the information on your site about the modified dipole. Note that in the Diamond designs, the trap is not connected at the true end of each dipole element – due to the tuning tail.


I used it for about 6 months sporadicaly with a tuner. The vendor replaced it with a new one in a jiffy, so good service. Final result SWR 3. Ideally stainless steel hardware should be used but good nickel plated should last a while anyway.

Diamond W & WARC Band Mods

This is a parts list for the W Very short of space, the 3. What I discovered is that at around 27 or so feet the default length of most all the ‘stubs’ are too long. I am not going to tabulate the exact trap details here because you will probably have different coax, or a different PVC w810, and you can just as easily work out your own using the software, but the general format w010 calculated as follows: This article has intentionally not been a “hold my hand” style because everyone does things differently.

Adjusting is simple, a diamohd easer than a W3DZZ as each tune is not influencing the other bands. With this thinking I have the folowing question: You probably need to place diamnod insulating sleeve over the thread inside the former to ensure electrical isolation. Other designs see the wire lengths between the traps shortened to fine-tune, which in itself is a very messy and time consuming process.

I have taken a quick copy of the translated doamond and put it on my web site to make it easier for those of us who do not read the Dutch language. That would have meant another 3 wires out each side and even though they don’t need much separation and can be fabricated such that the higher bands ‘droop’ from the lowest band, they are a bit of a problem to tune.

I am sure many of the visitors to the web page will find your information helpful in either repairing or cloning the W I live in a high wind area and the antenna is on top of a building so I used 2,5 inch OD masts with 4mm wall thickness. As I had a reasonable supply of Belden RG miniature coax on hand, I created diaond traps using that cable.

Diamond W-8010

The expansion of the turns is not easy when you have drilled one hole for the coax to start from, and then another the correct distance along for the coax to ‘end’ through. It sounds like you could have had the insulation on the enamelled wire break down and you now diamodn shorted turns on the faulty traps.


I tried an 18 MHz djamond dipole, but it ruined the 20m tuning Here’s another hint for success: Want it or not it has some directionality and so it i sbetter in som edirections, although it has a wide angle coverage. Take care that the insulation on the wire cannot be damaged or the tuned length will vary as it makes contact then open-circuits again with swaying in the wind.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. From an incoming email: After all it appeared that the balun supplied with the antenna, was defect.

Diamond W8010 80m/40m/20m/15m/10m HF Long Wire Dipole Antenna

The wire lengths for the elements are as follows – but note that if your traps are significantly different to mine, some length variations will occur on 18 and 10 MHz: Test equipment used an Antenna Analyzer. At the moment it is in use with a SB feeding it, no problems with power, only one of the traps shows a little brown coloring.

I used to sell these from my w88010 and usually warned customers about using high power linears with them. You can also use a spectrum analyser in place of the diode probe – however it must be fed via a series resistor of 5K to 10K to reduce the loading on the trap.

They were not available in North america until recently. On 10, 15 and 40 metres, it is an extra wire attached at the relevant trap. It was a great performer on the higher bands but was lacking seriously on 40m and 80m.