Desmodromic valve drive was often justified by claims that springs could not close valves reliably. There was once a time when Desmodromic valve technology was cutting edge and a necessary competitive advantage for Ducati in racing. Ducatisti around the world know that the red bikes have desmo valves. Not all of them can tell you what that means, exactly. The Greek words.

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Desmodromic valve

Another disadvantage is the contact point between the cams and rocker arms. In a conventional four-stroke engine valves are opened by a cam and closed by return spring.

In contrast, desmodromic drive uses two cams per valve, each with separate rocker arm lever tappets. Something better than metal springs was needed, and Ducati, bywas ready to win the cc rpm race. The SuperSport is the road sporty bike that brings energy and sport desmodroimc everywhere, from weekend to everyday roads. Here you can find explanations of almost everything about your car and how it works. Integration of the jerk curve produces a smooth acceleration curve while the third integral gives an essentially ideal lift curve cam profile.

Why Harleys leak Lemmy.

The new Panigale V4 R embodies the maximum expression of Ducati values: Our style is the same as always. Relevant discussion may be found on Talk: As such, valve springs would often break. It also frees up frictional losses you see with typical valve spring design. First, and most catastrophic, the piston will collide with the valve and thus damage it permanently.

Air filter Blowoff valve Boost controller Butterfly valve Centrifugal-type supercharger Cold air intake Dump desmodrmoic Electronic throttle control Desmodromci induction Inlet manifold Intake Intercooler Manifold vacuum Naturally aspirated engine Ram-air intake Scroll-type supercharger Short ram air intake Supercharger Throttle Throttle body Turbocharger Twin-turbo Variable-geometry turbocharger Variable-length intake manifold Warm air intake.


These avoided resonance but were ungainly to locate inside cylinder heads. A “symphony” of performance. When steel refinement was improved in the s, manufacturers were able to remove most impurities from the spring metals and greatly increase their durability.

A special advantage of pneumatic springs is that they are highly progressive. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Motorcycles, Editor: Shop Helmets Shop All. Panigale V4 and it marks a des,odromic and important chapter in Ducati’s history.

Understanding the Operation of a Desmodromic Valve

However, because desmo valves can separate the mechanical events of opening and closing the valves onto different camshafts, adapting the existing phasing capability of something like the DVT system would enable variable duration rather easily.

Certainly Ford’s was the more lucrative offer, but Ducati offered something Ford could never offer. Automobile emissions control Catalytic converter Diesel particulate filter Exhaust manifold Glasspack Valvd.

In this way, any lost energy is negligible, the performance curves are more uniform and dependability is better. The exclusive Monster S sharpens that Monster sports performance to an even finer edge. The dream of riding a Ducati. Desmodromic valve drive was often justified by claims that springs could not close valves reliably at high speed and that the forces caused by suitably strong springs exceeded what cams could withstand.

New Monster New stealth version: Stiffer valve springs can help prevent valve float and valve bounce, but only at the expense of increased friction losses. Born in in Lugo di Romagna, Taglioni graduated as an engineer in Varying valve duration is much more difficult to achieve using conventionally closed valves. A conventional poppet valve relies on a valve spring, sandwiched between the head and a collar with keepers, to snap the valve shut.

Time to reconceive the heights of performance and technology and rewrite the rules of adventure. It’s only fair to share Panigale V4 S Corse. Hypermotard means maximum fun everywhere. While it can be more expensive to maintain desmodrmic traditional spring actuated valve systems, there are many aftermarket precision machined components which can extend the maintenance interval to that of the almost magical spring actuated systems in comparable engines.


Finally, I believe it is mostly for reasons of tradition, heritage, and marketing, that Ducati persist with their desmodromic system on their non MotoGP machines; as it provides very little real-world benefits in those guises.

In traditional sprung-valve actuation, as engine speed increases, the momentum of the valve will eventually overcome the spring’s desmodromiic to close it completely before the piston reaches TDC top dead centre.

Desmodromic valve actuation has been applied to top-of-the-range production Ducati motorcycles sincewith the introduction of the “widecase” Mark 3 single cylinders. The desmodromic valve system does not use springs to close the valve, it uses the cam and has a valve closing lobe.

Understanding the Operation of a Desmodromic Valve | The Short Sleeve and Tie Club

It will help your reputation score that, as it increases, allows access to various features of the site. Wikipedia Mercedes-Benz adopted the desmodromic setup in Formula One racing in the s.

Valve springs that do not resonate are progressivewound with varying pitch or varying diameter called beehive springs [15] from their shape. Enjoy range of Podcasts and Articles on Motorsport.

While the desmodromic system is not ideal in a practical world of mechanics, it still survives and performs without problem.

Engine metallurgy of old kind of sucked. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An early solution [ when? Before numerical computing methods were readily available, acceleration was only attainable by differentiating cam lift profiles desmldromic, once for velocity and again for acceleration. Retrieved from ” https: