Deerskin [Robin Mckinley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “A fierce and beautiful story of rage and compassion, betrayal and loyalty. Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. Heir to her late mother’s legendary beauty, Princess Deerskin – Kindle edition by Robin McKinley. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. Deerskin by Robin McKinley – book cover, description, publication history.

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I found Part One 84 pages very tiresome and tedious, with the language very ‘fairy-tale-like’, which is great in a short fairy tale but not so fun in a book. As such, I’m not going to argue with any review that says this whole book is a travesty when it comes to portraying the experiences of survivors of such.

If those things appeal to you, maybe you’ll love this book.

Eventually Lissar returns to society and helps Prince Ossin with his breeding dogs. Eeerskin doesn’t really add anything to the story. The first half of the book is really about the traumatic aftermath of a violent assault and rape by the heroine’s own father. On the rare occasions that Lissar gets to see her parents, or even interact with other children, she is always in the background, neglected and forgotten in the face of the stunning beauty and splendor of her parents.

Her descriptions of those scenes were amazing, as were all the descriptions – the phrases flowed from the page like rivers, but weren’t enough to save it, for me. And I loved the story, especially told in Mckinley’s pretty prose.

Deerskin by Robin McKinley

Over the years she has worked as an editor and transcriberresearch ,ckinleybookstore clerkteacher and counseloreditorial assistantbarn managerfree-lance editorand full-time writer. She becomes known by dwerskin people as Moonwoman, the gentle soul who works with animals. Additionally, the devotion people had towards her father, the victim- blaming that occurred and her guilt were all common experiences for people who have experienced CSA. Part Three was good, but not the rousing conclusion that Part Three merited.

They’re entirely the creation of McKinley to add to the fantasy feel I believe, and they are mentioned in passing in a few of her other books.


The obsessive king’s advisors are repulsed by his proposition to marry his own daughter, but rather than attempt to rescue the deersskin girl — they assume that Lissar must have cast a spell on her father to cause this insanity. While her mind buried the events of her past and she gradually came to know the truth, I was disappointed by the heavy guidance of a magic that dictated her actions.

Lissar’s dog Ash is the glue that holds her together through good times and bad. Deerxkin Submit to Film Festivals. For me, I struggled through it, but it’s largely what makes me ambivalent about the story.


I’m all for the occasional use of complex sentences, and I think modern fiction tends to stray too far away from them, but daaaaaaamn. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts.

Unable to tell him of her past, Lissar again flees into the mountains, returning the following year ready to denounce her father, regain her black-red rlbin, and marry Ossin. Then she runs away again. There is incest here, so if that’s a trigger then avoid this.

I think McKinley tackles the subject of rape very well. Even the final resolution, when Lissar finally faces her father again, seemed baffling to me because, again, she seems to be simply pulled into it by the mysterious magical force that has been guiding her steps ever since dereskin left her home, and it is not something that she consiously chooses to do. Lissar escapes with her devoted dog to an isolated cabin in the mountains, but for many months she’s delirious and barely functional.

Deerskin: Robin McKinley

She told the story very well, as she thought of it; unfortunately all the sentiments were contrived and false. Aug 13, S. If you are in that first category, I think it would be too jarring, too raw, too something. View all 7 comments.

McKinley follows Perrault’s pattern with the devastatingly brutal rape scene, but Deerskin is ultimately a story of hope and renewal, a love story between a woman deerskin her dog. But make no mistake, this is a difficult book to read.

These tales are related to “Cinderella” but are darker in nature for the princess flees her father who wants to marry her. Deerskin [Jun 1, ]. Lissar’s subsequent traumatised state hovered between realism and fairy tale.


Lissar’s mother falls ill and starts to lose her beauty.

It might be a spoiler, but no one should stumble upon that by accident so I’m leaving it out here for all to see. Deerskin reveals her gobin identity as the bridegroom’s daughter and calls her father to account for his actions, using the goddess’s powers to punish him for his crimes.

Deerskin (novel) – Wikipedia

What is wrong with you, Robin McKinley. When her father sees her, he insists that she must marry him, to fulfill his promise to her mother that he marry only a woman as beautiful Robin’s darkest fairytale retelling. Knowing only that she must flee, she manages to escape and she and Ash walk until they find a cabin in the mountains. Lissar tries to hide herself in her chambers, locking herself in, but on the third night her father enters the room through a forgotten door, and violently rapes Lissar and almost kills Ash.

His “Donkeyskin” is frequently excluded from anthologies or is sanitized by modern writers because of its horrific subject matter — incestuous rape. Barely alive, Lissar escapes with her dog Ash to find sanctuary in the mountains. The one that includes rape and incest in the text as important plot points and does not even imply them on the jacket copy as elements.

Furthermore, despite its darkness, I enjoyed this tale. Don’t have a Kindle? Must find Kissing the Witch then….

Kind of wished for a bit more time seeing the Ossen and Lissar interact and a bit more after the wrap up for ship reasons. This is a book of neglect, degradation, and healing. This story has what I guess I would call flowery roobin, whereas my creative writing teacher would call it “dead wood”. It’s difficult to know what to say about this book, and I can’t decide whether I enjoyed it or not. Holy cow does she stop it. I don’t know if it was because I knew exactly what was going to happen from the very start but what did I expect, this is a fairy tale retelling?